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My symptoms of physical issues, I'm convinced, are not caused by anxiety. My symptoms are anxiety by whatever is messing me up.

Morning lightheadedness, weakness, tiredness and reoccuring nausea and feelings of central illness (apathy, doom & anxiety).

During moderate activities I will eventually run out of (Juice) and start getting very weak, shakey and lightheaded all at the same time.

Blood sugar tested multiple times; normal and A1c 5.1. Blood pressure perfect, Stress EKG done perfect, oxygen levels always at 98%. Temperatures between 96 and 98.

Anti-Nuclear, clear.

Stool cultures for bacteria, clear.

EBV, HIV, Cytomeglavirus, Lyme (3 different tests and times); clear.

CT Scans of Head, Abdomen found no result. Chest X-rays normal.

Vitamin D, B12, TSH and magnesium within limits.


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  • I get these physical symptoms and many more throughout the day. You're not alone, I would try to relax and take your mind off them and don't focus on them. 😊

  • How come it's happening to me now, at 32 years old? I've never been like this before I got a stomach virus.

  • Anxiety comes and goes randomly and/or when you go through a very stressful/traumatic experience in your life

  • Hello

    Just reading your post and this reply you made and I think the answer is maybe in your reply

    You had a stomach virus , maybe this attacked your system and was the worse thing it had to cope with so far and unknowingly or maybe you did realize it shook you up and made you anxious and along with your body needing time to get rid of the virus your anxiety now has kept a hold of you and you are struggling to let go

    I think so many of us can pin point where are anxiety started , in a lot of cases something triggered it of but now it is about letting it know we have had enough and working on the anxiety till it knows it no longer has that grip anymore :-) x

    Take Care x

  • Hi Dave06351, it happens at any age, at any time. As CDanielle98 said, whenever "you go through a very stressful/traumatic experience in your life".

    It's turned into Health Anxiety for you now. You fear the doctors may be missing something. You doubt their words of reassurance, you doubt the test results.

    The problem is no longer physical but emotional. I think working on yourself thru a therapist possibly will help you get over this over analyzed fear of your health. Coming on the forum will give you reassurance that you aren't alone in feeling like this. You are not losing it. Your life will come all together once again as soon as the negative thoughts and beliefs are deleted.

    Glad to see you reaching out. :)

  • I have a scheduled appointment on halloween. I just don't understand how one day can be bad out of weeks of near normalcy.

  • Dave, our minds are powerful in what they can do to us. Our minds don't forget a traumatic experience that easily. You may think you are going forward but until that thought has been released, it can continue with physical symptoms.

    I'm glad you have an appointment scheduled on Halloween. Let us know an update of what you are told. We are always here to support each other. Wishing you a better day :)

  • Do you think you could get tested for Babesia? It’s a co infection of lymes which you can get without having lymes... and it startes with flu like symptoms

  • I get the exact same thing , it's horrible I try to keep myself busy but I do get worn out quickly and feel like I need a nap all the time.. the dizzy woozy feeling is the worst because it just makes my anxiety worse I take a lot if pepto bismol

  • I hate that. I used to be a powerhouse of motivation and action; now, I barely get anything done around the house.

  • I get alot done around the house takes me all day but I'm a stay at home mom so not much else to do.. but getting out of the house is torture! :(

  • You're tellin me. Last month we had a cruise planned leaving out of New York with our baby girl. I was absolutely terrified from the night of packing until we unpacked and settled in our stateroom. I thought I had damaged my abdominal muscles and chest muscles about a week prior to the trip.

  • I know how that is I swear I make myself physically sick the whole time it's supossed to be fun or relaxing but the whole time I'm on edge and exhausted

  • Do you get any support from your family about this?

  • They all know but they just kinda let me be I don't get invited anywhere really because they know how hard it is.. my fiance pushes me to get out but kinda gets frustrated when I'm miserable or have a panic attack

  • I have all these symptoms, and have done to varying degrees for the last 40 years (yes - 40)! But - I have had years of complete remission too!☺

    Just as Agora wisely says, it's times of stressful change and upheaval when anxiety likes to rear it's ugly head, and its almost certainly what has happened as a result of you being so poorly from your virus.

    Keep reaching out here - we'll support you to get back to a better place but for now, just accept that these feelings cannot harm you. They really are anxiety and no more. Just take a look around at how many of us have the same symptoms! No matter what, just remember - you're going to be ok (really)!!!

  • Have you been tested for heavy metals!? My son had similar symptoms and ended up having heavy metal toxicity. He is now finally healing after almost 2 years of searching for answers and having implemented a specific diet to detox his body.

  • Heavy metals - with the levels of air pollution from cars and factories in some areas that makes a lot of sense.

  • I have a very similar situation but the other way around. My Doctors keep looking for a physical illness to explain my anxiety symptoms. I've recently been diagnosed with early stage COPD to explain my episodes of breathlessness and I believe this is a symptom of anxiety. So I've had some lung function tests done at hospital on Monday. Talking with the nurse during the tests she said that my results were the best she'd seen on the day and my lung function was good for my age. So I'll be discussing the results with my Doctor next week and saying 'told you so' again. I absolutely share your symptoms about going out in the world from your other posts, it's always a constant struggle to get myself out the door and once I'm outside, well it feels like walking through a battlefield.

  • I got this symptoms and very bad stomach pain and nausea i done colonoscopy ultrasound and blood tests and Its very hard for me to believe that anxiety it's the reason.I was very happy before my anxiety started I am also 32 and it's very hard one moment I feel ok next in panic.

  • Your magnesium will be within limits because your blood magnesium level is about 1%. You could be and probably are low.

  • This is all anxiety symptoms but continue to get tests to rule anything out. You should read Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Justin Fletcher. Would also recommend counselling, meditation and anything that relaxes you x

  • I am also like you but with a lot more symptoms on & off over the years i was 16 when it started i am now 68 but still hear you will cope tyr to think positive.

  • Knowledge is power... yoy are going through common anxiety disorder patterns. Yoy should read up on it. The more you understand how your minds works and what it's making your body do... the better you will feel. They are absolutely correct about the trigger. Something happened that triggered you're anxiety. I lost my job which caused mine to begin. I would wiry about how I would pay my bills and get by. It's been 5 years since that but it just never went away. The vicious cycle just won't give up. I'm here for you... if yoy need someone too talk to. There is no better feeling then talking to someone who can relate.

  • Hi Dahl, sorry to read your predicament.Do u have family or someone you can share your thoughts with? I also have COPD and gave up cigarettes .Unfortunately this did not help as I have Grade 3 which is severe.I can only say that life is precious and you can find joy in life through things that u took for granted before.

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