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Anxiety or Virus?

I have been dealing with my symptoms for about a month now.


Spacey feeling in head (along with head pressure at times forehead, behind nose, top of head, and temples)

light headed - Felt like I was going to pass out a few times

Vision seems to be a little blurry

very fatigued

loss of appetite

dry mouth

fluid in ears: I tried working out last night and my ears kept feeling full and I have to open my mouth real wide to clear them.

I feel like I can't hold a thought or concentrate as well although I am able to complete duties at work (Accountant) : I have also tested my mind with memory apps etcetera and have scored in my normal range.

My arms seem to be a little off when I grab things - a woozy feeling

My eyes seem tired and sore.

Overall I just feel weird and not myself

Stomach feels upset at times

I wake up when a very nervous feeling like this will never go away.

When I hold my phone up for a while while using it ,each of my arms go numb and then once I move them again they go back to normal. I am not sure if this means anything but it just seemed odd.

All of this started on Saturday December 14th - all of a sudden I woke up and felt really woozy and had an anxiety attack because of it. Has been going on every since

Medical Advice that I have received:

Medical Researcher (friend of mine),MD, said it was anxiety

Medical Researcher (friend of mine's husband),MD, said it was anxiety

General Physician, Internist, said it was anxiety (prescribed Xanax) - Did not really take this since I don't want this to be solution to problem.

Online Neurologist 1 (asked Question) most likely anxiety - said take xanax to help

Online Neurologist 2 (asked Question) most likely anxiety - said stay away from xanax and other Benzos

ENT, MD, said it was probably a viral infection

General Physician 2, Internist, said I had fluid build up in my ears prescribed me Amoxicillin Clavulanate (Did nothing)

Chiropractor - said it was probably stress and I did 2 sessions of Acupuncture - I guess helped a little

Oral Surgeon - had an extraction in November thought this may be the culprit - did a Pano x-ray on sinus and said everything looks clear. Said it may also be viral or stress

Went to a Massage therapist for massage for stress release in head and neck - she said probably stress

Tests performed:

General Blood Tests - Normal

Office Neurological Exam (3 times) All normal

CT Scan of Brain w/o Contrast - Normal

MRI of Brain with and w/o contrast - Normal

Panoramic X-Ray - Normal

Multiple BP Checks Normal (laid down and then stood up to check for BP drop - normal)

I also had a EKG test last year in March 2013 for chest pain that turned out to be nothing and that was normal

I am just hoping that this will go away soon and the not knowing what it is part is really worrying me.

Thanks for everyone's help!!!!

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Well you have given so much detail in your post which does help when replying :-)

Other than the on line diagnoses that you have had which I would always recommend seeing your own GP you seem to have been thoroughly checked out health wise & I am sure the GP'S & neurologists can not all be wrong even though when we have anxiety our minds will tell us all the what if's & maybe's which then we feel the physical symptoms even more

I do think after reading your post you are suffering with anxiety & seeing your GP & discussing which way forward maybe medication or counselling would be a good idea

Keep talking on here as other members see your post I am sure you will get more advise

Let is no how you go on





Hi there:)

That's quite a list... But from what you've listed,it does sound like anxiety and stress.

I agree with whywhy I would get checked by your gp and discuss where to go next . A lot of us including myself are doing CBT. You could discuss doing that?

I can recommend a website called Headspace. It's worth a look:) Hope you find it helpful xx


I am really freaking out this morning. I was doing more research and saw that tumors of the brain can be occasionally missed on CT Scan without contrast (which is the one that I had) I mean I have had these symptoms for about a month and they keep saying sinuses - but my sinuses seem very clear. My memory seems to be not as strong and my vision seems to be off (More blurry). I have head pressure over the nose, forehead, temples, and top of head. My head feels very heavy. When I walk I sometimes get very lightheaded and feel as though I will pass out. I saw my doc again last night and he gave me MORE sinus antibiotics. The Amoxicillian that I took the first time did nothing for me. I think I am going to schedule a MRI since they seem to be more accurate. I am just exhausted with this feeling.



First please stop researching & goggling

It sounds that you may have Health Anxiety & I know how this feels as I suffer myself but if we keep researching we will focus on the worst possible scenario , run with it , think we have it & our anxiety will go of the scale making the symptom's we are feeling even worse !

I was told when I felt the urge to Google to come on here instead & every since I have done & it helps a lot more than Google ever did , give it a try :-)

You have seen your GP , they must be confident or they would have you in for a scan themselves it would be more than their job was worth otherwise !

Sinus infections are nasty , I suffer with them to & get dreadful headaches & pains & it is not uncommon that antibiotics need to be taken for more than a week , when I have had a bad infection I have had to have them for a month before before it has helped

These dreadful thoughts if you can see them as its your anxiety & accept this & that it is causing you to feel this way , the fear will start to subside along with many of the symptoms

Obviously if you feel after all the tests & doctors that you need to go again & have another scan by all means but when this one comes back that everything is ok , you need to ask for support with your anxiety & keep talking on here to members because we do understand & know how you feel

Let us know how you get on :-)



Crazy I have 100% what you said to the T. My doctors said that it's anxiety: Prozac, citra(something never got it from pharmacy they warned I can become addicted to those) and atavAn are what they gave me, and it does not work!! Going nuts here.

I've been dealing with a leg pain which causes me to associate these symptoms with having a dvt, it's all health anxiety. I was stress free for a couple of weeks and all of it went away now I'm stressing it's all back :(.


Yeah. . Can't seem to shake mine.. it deFinitely helps to know you are feeling same symptoms with normal test results. .. the new antibiotics that I am on make me nauseous and it is hard to eat abd sleep which adds to the anxiety. ..I am on levofloxacin ..I am on the 4thday of 7 because my GP thinks it is sinus. .. but I doubt it. ..


Actually don't be so quick to dismiss sinus infection, it could possibly be. You could be having post nasal drip, instead of the typical symptoms people associate sinus infection with.

That right there can do things to your ears which can cause vertigo.

Sinuses are sometimes stubborn that meds just don't work.

It causes head pressure, ear discomfort.

Don't know if it happens to you but I get head rushes with all this and not from when I stand but also it also happens to lay down.

If it's not the mind does have a powerful affect on the body and mimics scary things. Don't goggle anything you can put your dizzy with head problems and it will give you the worst things a imaginable (tumors, stroke, etc) when u can simply be dehydrated, not enough sleep, sinus.

Yes when my mind completely slips or I get the brain fog I get scared but I take a deep breath relax and it comes back right now your body is on alert and it will play games with you.


Thanks for your replies...I am just so nervous because it has been a month now and it has not let up. I mean I get the head pressure and that is why he gave me the sinus antibiotics. But head pressure can be attributed to just the anxiety as well as the light headed feeling. The antibiotics that I am on now can have some serious effects on the body and I am feeling a few of them. I just hope that I am not taking them for no reason. I am sure my sleep is not very good at all. I may go back and have him give me some more Alprazolam for the anxiety. I did not take them very often when I had them and was splitting the .25 mg pills in half so it probably was not doing much. Were your symptoms just attributed to anxiety or was there something else...i.e sinus?


yes anxiety, and stress. By 4 GP and 3 emergency doctors. 3 times in the emergency my anxiety attacks were just to much for my body.

And one doctor did tell me I had sinus problem, I believe I did 4 rounds of antibiotics till it cleared. That's why I tell you don't just brush it off that doctor was the one that told me it can be stubborn in some for it to get better. :) when these symptoms came this time around I went back to this doctor she ran her tests and said she found nothing and that it's anxiety that can mimic


Oh and when I did those four rounds of antibiotics I lost weight around 15 lbs in a course of 1 1/2 month, the nausea was really bad.

and whatever symptoms you may have because of the meds tell your doctor. They might give you something else.


Wow... sounds very familiar. Your appetite obviously came back after the antibiotic dosages correct? What about the vision? I feel like my vision is very off lately. And I feel a lot of forehead discomfort and I feel tired behind the eyes as well. Thanks for your responses


Yes everything back to normal except every once in while I get pressure in the nose and forehead area. Causes my vision to blur a bit and my eyelids to twitch.


Man this is exactly what I get - this is bothering me so much (along with the lightheaded feeling) that I am going crazy over the brain tumor idea. I have had a CT scan W/O contrast but I would like to get an MRI with contrast to rule everything out.


If it calms you. Then go for it, but I thinks they'll convince you not to so that you don't expose yourself to a lot of radiation.

If you do find out anything new please would you let me know? I forgot to mention this Im happy to reply. that's why we are here for to help and support each other, people who understand what we are going through :)

You really blew my mind can't believe you have those exact same things.


OK I scheduled the MRI this afternoon. I am pretty anxious about it. Hopefully I can get the results by tomorrow. And if God willing the results are negative. I will have to then concentrate all of my energy on the anxiety. Thanks for all of your responses and help.


I hope you find some piece of mind today after your scan results, I spent a lot of time the other day via PM trying to reasure you but it seems you are determined to find you have a serious illness, you are going to make yourself feel even sicker if you don,t take your Doctors advice. Hope you don,t get what you seem to be looking for in your results, sometimes we get what we wish for. Others on here are trying to help you but you have to help yourself.

Good luck for today, i,m sure you,ll be fine.


I realize that I may seem to be going crazy over this - but I do not feel like myself and when it comes to your head there could be a million things wrong. I know anxiety is powerful, but I hadn't had any history of anything like this, just one day out of the blue I woke up with extreme lightheadedness and head pressure. So naturally I was very concerned. Lately I have not been eating and lost some weight so I feel even more sickly along with the normal symptoms. I have seen many doctors, but they can't tell me whats wrong (from just looking at me). I think that is why many of us on here keep opting for tests just to make sure that there ISN'T anything wrong. I spoke to an Internist the other day online and he said that if it were him that he would get the MRI since it is better than CT Scan. So that is exactly what I did. and lets hope I DON'T get what I wish for. And I am not determined to find a serious illness - I am determined however to find out what is wrong with my while ruling out all of those serious illnesses at the same time. Thank you for your comments the other day. And if these results come back normal - hopefully I can go on with my life.


Just as an update: I got the results for my MRI Non/Contrast and Contrast. Everything was completely normal. So that is a huge relief since the MRI can tell you many different aspects regarding your brain which can help with a diagnosis.. I now think that I will schedule an appointment with a mental health care professional such as a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. I think I would really benefit from it. Thank you again to everyone who has posted on this thread as well as my two others. It has been a long month going from doctor to doctor. But at least now I can be 99% sure that it is nothing life threatening.



That is excellent news & hopefully will go along way in putting your mind at rest that nothing serious is wrong

I know it can be really hard to believe anxiety can mimic certain symptoms but it can & does It is a great idea to see a psychologist or psychiatrist & start to deal with your anxiety & I hope you will let us no how you get on :-)



I just wanted to ask one more question regarding this. All weekend I have had an even worse appetite, I mean I have to force stuff down my throat. I feel like I am losing too much weight and am looking unhealthy. Is this common with anxiety. I mean to have absolutely no appetite. I know it is common to not want to eat here and there but I never want to. I am really worried about this and that it may make me really sick.




Dont worry about asking questions , ask as many as you want , we may not always have the answer but we are good at listening :-)

Yes feeling like you don't want to eat & having to force yourself to do so is very common with anxiety , lots pf people have also dropped a lot of weight because of it to

When you feel churned up & your stomach feels in knots the last thing a lot of us feel like doing is eating !

Also when we feel so bad no matter how well we may look when ever we look through the mirror because inside we feel like we do we will always feel we look ill even though to others they may not think the same when they are looking at us

Try not to stress to much over eating as the more you do the more anxious you will feel & that will put you of

Maybe till you get your appetite back choose things you like the most & eat little & often

I find when I have been like this & I know maybe you shouldn't but watching the TV so I am distracted & not focusing to much on the food I am eating has helped me

We have had members struggle with eating & it has helped them coming on here & posting what they have managed to eat that day , you could give it a go & see if it helps :-)



I know exactly how you feel, I've been dealing with similar kinds of symptoms for about a month and have seen chiro, MD, therapist etc. with similar diagnosis, all say its anxiety.

Then I started reading about nutritional supplements and nutritional things I can do. I'm going to try the "Ultra Simple Diet" here shortly. If you're going to google, search for Dr. Mark Hyman and look at some of his recommendations. Start some supplements, probiotics, Magnesium (but look at his site for the kind of magnesium), I'll find the link if you need it.

I have started Ginger, Magnesium, Bcomplex, Lemon Balm Tea, Probiotics and have been able to get the anxiety under control, I started on Lexapro and then stopped after a few days because it made me feel so much worse.

I'm now dealing with something that I'm thinking is IBS (maybe from anxiety) so I'll be changing what I eat. I know the meds do a lot of great things for people, but if you're trying to avoid them, its worth looking at what you're eating before going that route.


Thanks for your reply. The LAST thing that I want to do is start taking Anti-Depressants. I know they can be great for some, but I just don't think they are for me. I am pretty holistic and would rather supplement as you are doing to get relief. Did your symptoms come out of no where? And has your appetite seen improvement while on the supplements? Thanks


My appetite is not great at the moment, the supplements AND eating healthy foods are helping, when I eat pizza or icecream I feel terrible. I am terrified to eat because I get such a reaction now. I had a near panic attack at the grocery store tonight after dinner because I was so worried I'd feel bad after eat.

That being said, I do feel like the supplements are starting to help me feel calmer than I was before. I just think it takes a few days to really start to work. I think its worth trying before meds if you're trying to avoid those. Definitely read Dr. Hyman's book or check his site for more info.


So I wanted to continue posting to this since I have seen many postings list many symptoms but its hard to find solutions to symptoms. So I will continue posting here regarding every step that I take in beating this or finding the cause. So the main symptoms at this point are the head pressure (behind nose, eyes, and forehead) Sometimes it moves to my right eye more (dominant eye) I have extreme loss of appetite and have lost weight (have to force food down) And my vision is off , seems like I have a light or "Aura" in my eyes like someone took a photo flash of my eyes. I am seeing an Ophthalmologist (eye MD) for this on Saturday January 25th. I am also concentrating on the anxiety help as well. - I am making an appointment with a local Psychologist for sometime next week. I have also discussed my symptoms with an online psychologist and he gave me some helpful insight regarding muscle tension etcetera. He said it sounds like moderate anxiety symptoms. I will post how I am getting along during this. IF anyone has the eye symptoms please let me know! Thanks!


So I went to an Opthalmalogist and did every test that they had. Which includes a test that can see problems of the brain including tumors. I asked if any chance of that still and he said " if you had one you would be in the medical books it would be so rare based on your testing," he then discussed other possibilities. We went over my blood work and he said you are in range for everything , but you should be tested for hyperthyroidism. And he said definitely see neuro. He mentioned the possibility of auto immune diseases. .but said its rare based on medical makeup. .He then said I am at a loss. seem very healthy. So I went home "with my cool dilated eyes sunglasses they hand out" and I discussed with my brother. He has had very bad panic attack and anxiety disorder for years. He gave me creatine monohydrate, b vitamins, and magessium.. He said to take these and workout everyday. So that is what i am doing. I will give update on this. well as of my neurologist visit. If I find anything else that works I will post. ..thanks


Wow, you've had a lot of tests. It is so frustrating when docs say it is anxiety because it can seem like a cop out. I have been told it is stress or anxiety so often these last two years. I mean, I am an anxious person, but I don't think I could imagine a deviated septum which it seems I have....

I think also it can be hard to get docs to take you seriously if you are holding down a job. I have hardly missed a day of work despite severe lack of sleep at times and embarrassing panic attacks in meetings etc, even with clients awful, and my GP basically left me to get on wth it even though I feel my job is at risk cos the quality of my work has suffered.

Your symptoms sound familiar. I get light headedness, upset stomach, total lack of concentration...and I believe these are panic attacks, plus lack of sleep. When I get dome sleep I feel much more normal. I get the arm thing too! Usually at three am when I am awake and reading my phone to try to calm down....think in my case it is just pins and needles.

I can recommend counselling/therapy for anxiety. I was a total skeptic and only went because my work health plan paid for the first six sessions, but by session seven I wanted to carry on. I still get my weird nose symptoms but even when this leads to a panic attack I no linger think I am going to die, and therapy has done that for me. I just read etc until the feeling passes.

Sorry - such a long post.

Also - it could be both anxiety, panic attacks - and some bug you picked up because of being run down by anxiety. I get more colds etc when I have no sleep. So look after yourself and I encourage you to seek support for anxiety, it is so common and there is a lot they can do.



I know this post is a year old, I hope you're feeling better by now. I'm having a similar experience. Some headaches and dizziness, followed by strange feelings in my face, and the feeling that my vision is going wonky. And then full scale anxiety kicked in with panic attacks et al. It's hard to pick apart what is real. My doctor didn't really listen about the symptoms and just concentrated on the anxiety.

I called a health-line looking for a second opinion, and they sent an ambulance round because odd face feelings can be serious, but that did not help the anxiety, and was a complete overreaction seeing as I'd had the symptoms a week.

Anyway, in the hospital I saw a neurologist, who did tests, asked questions. Blood tests showed a high white blood cell count, and she said it indicated a virus.

I'm still getting strange feelings, headaches, dizziness. And I'm trying to control the anxiety response, because I know that it makes it 10x worse.


Sounds a little bit like anxiety-induced CFS but I'm no doctor :D


It's crazy how all these symptoms follow on for me. All the same except for the eye twitching. I have also accepted that I'm not doing; but, my anxiety has evolved into fatigue whenever I have muscle pains or joint pains. I understand that muscle pains aren't going to kill me; but, the anxiety makes the pain feel much more disturbing.

Right now I'm chasing my vitamin levels and trying to concentrate on perfecting those levels. It's the most constructive thing I can do right now.


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