Unreal feeling?

I recently had my second child via c section 11 weeks ago. Everything went perfect! I do suffer from bad anxiety. I was prescribed clonazepam .5 when I left the hospital. I took them only for a month after she was born. I don't want to continue taking them from the horror stories of benzos. So I haven't taken anymore in about a month. Within that time we had a scare because her infant screening came back positive for cystic fibrosis. We had to wait two weeks for her to have a sweat test done to confirm it or rule it out. I worried myself sick for two straight weeks. Thank God everything came back normal and she is just a carrier of the gene. She's 110% healthy! Well right as that was happening my high school best friend passed away. I know I went through a lot these past two months and my anxiety was super high! A couple of days after she passed I remember out of nowhere feeling dizzy and unreal. Just not myself. I thought I was dying! I was completely fine and then bam! It's been this way for a little over a month and it's 24/7. I've had symptoms like dizzy, unreal feeling, feel like days and time are flying by everyday, muscle twitches, muscle weakness, pressure on the left side of my head. I've had a Ct scan done because I was convinced I had a brain tumor or something. It came back normal. Since then, the pressure has went away. My blood work was normal. I've had an abdominal X-ray and it was normal. I know it's health anxiety because I don't like anything that deals with death so I think my friend passing may have triggered it. My doctor, counselor, family and nurse practitioner have all said it's my anxiety. I was put on sertraline 50 mg and I've been on it almost 3 weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar physical anxiety symptoms and how did they go away? I've kept myself busy and calm and all of the physical symptoms are gone except the unreal feeling. I'm hoping my medicine will kick in and work. My nurse practitioner says give it about another week and if no changes she would up my dosage. I feel physically great but the unreal feeling has got to go! Any advice would be appreciated!

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  • Also my memory is terrible. I know that's a cause from anxiety. I can remember things but it's like it's harder to remember.

  • It's amazing how we can all relate up here. I always had anxiety on and off mainly at night time, it started a little more after something strange happened with a friend (long story) but during the month of January I lost 2 close friends and that's when I started to feel unreal, like I couldn't see myself in the future and the more I thought about it the more I panicked and felt scared like it was about to end and also my memory is a little off like I can't remember small things for example if I turned the light off in a room. The therapist said I had PTSD.

  • I would be completely back to normal if it weren't for the unreal feeling! It's almost like a dizzy feeling sometimes. I do obviously have health anxiety because I was like WHAT IS THIS?! lol I had no clue anxiety had so many symptoms and I've had anxiety all along. I'm hoping my medicine will kick in more and it will get better maybe in a week.

  • Lol same here. If I didn't have the "unreal" feeling I wouldn't go in to panic or thinking the what ifs lol. I feel good, even happier but then that feeling comes and bam back to square one lol. I think with time it'll pass.

  • Exactly. I hope it passes because it gets aggravating!

  • This happens to me everytime lets say everyday for some reason like my vision seem to be unreal when i look at stuff woah is this a dream or something like its really crazy feeling like you are not here in reality im not drinking meds for they did give me something called paxil but i havent drink them because im afriad of those types meds but i have really bad healthy anxiety to its like i try to fight everything at once and end if the day body feel sore my head feels dizzy but hope fully one all this go away been like this for about 4 months.

  • I'm so sorry you're going through it too! It's a scary weird feeling! And yes maybe one day they will find a cure for anxiety permanently! :) I have been feeling better the past few days but the unreal weird dizzy feeling is still lingering. Hopefully my medicine will calm things down. I'm being patient! If you don't want to take meds I've heard magnesium supplements work wonders for anxiety!

  • i will try thay do you know magnesium what specificly?

  • Magnesium citrate is one I've heard works good!

  • oh alright i think i might try it what is it good for again?

  • It's suppose to be great for helping anxiety :)

  • Yeah ill try it

  • Great! I hope it helps! I'm waiting on my sertraline to take full effect. I haven't got to try the magnesium yet!

  • Regarding magnesium, one of my anxiety symptoms is having what feels like skipped heartbeats- if you feel alot of these too, keep some magnesium supplements on hand and take one when u start feeling these "skipped beats"-- it truly works wonders- sometimes i have to take two but they always go away after that- its worth a try🙂

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  • Sure

  • Yes! Me for 6 weeks now... I was also put on Zoloft and it's been 5 weeks on Zoloft and I still feel the same.

  • I've been on the sertraline for 3 weeks. The nurse practitioner told me to wait until 4 weeks and if I didn't feel a little difference or better we would up my dosage. I'm only on 50 mg at the moment.

  • I started at 25 and then, 50,75, and for 2 days now I been at 100. They told me if this doesn't work in 2 weeks then I need to change the medication.

  • Ya sometimes that's the case and you have to find the right medicine. It's aggravating.

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