Hey lovelies,

So I went too the doctors the other day too have a blood test, everything is perfect. Liver, kidney, iron and white blood cells perfect. No were near diabetic etc. However I keep feeling lightheaded all the time! Every single second of the day (unless I'm asleep of course) I feel lightheaded. I get that weird feeling that you feel you aren't there but you are? If that makes any sense.

And sometimes if I feel reeeeally lightheaded I can become feeling really weak and get cold sweats. I never actually faint which is good but I have too lie down for a little while. That has happened about 5 times over the past 3 months.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think it's got something too do with my anxiety ?


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  • I've been lightheaded a lot lately like you never faint. But I feel ill not like a common cold ill but a feeling I can't pin point. But it sucks and I feel absolutely horribly exhausted.

  • Yeah exactly the same with me. Like it gives me a headache and I have too have a lie down because it makes me so exhausted. I feel lightheaded every single day! At least I'm not the only one feeling like it tho

  • Feel like that all day every day

  • Yeah exactly the same with me!! I don't understand it why do we get it all the time!

  • I've been asking myself these questions for the past two years. It takes the joy out of everything. I'm in the process of moving & feel exhausted but I have to pull it together because it has to get done 😔 I'm going to start vitamins again drink tons of water eliminate junk food as much as I love it I don't think it helps our cause. And eliminate any caffeine I love my hot tea in the morning. It's worth a try I guess.

  • Been feeling like that after a huge panic attack about a month ago.

    Meds have helped with panic but can't seem to get over the zoned out lightheaded feeling yet.

    Last time it lasted about 3 months and one day woke up with it all gone.

    This is the second time

  • Me to had it 3 years ago had tests done (nothing) then just disappeared but it's come back last couple of months , hate it !

  • Yeah it's absolutely horrible! Wish we didn't have too go through this! But you got over it before, and I'm sure we can both get over it again!

  • Any tips on how it went away?

  • Ellie, light headedness, feeling weak and having cold sweats are classic symptoms of anxiety disorder and there's hardly any one on this forum who hasn't experienced one or more of them. Somewhere in the past we have jangled our nerves with too much stress and tension and our nervous system starts to complain by becoming over sensitive.

    Trouble is we prolong this process by continuing to bombard our nerves with more fear and anxiety every time we feel light headed or have a cold sweat or whatever so the nervous illness goes on and on.

    Instead of adding more fear to your nerves every time you feel bad you should do the opposite. Stop fighting, stop obsessively testing yourself and just accept the bad feelings for a while. Make your body relax and go limp when the symptoms come and Accept them. Why not? They're not real symptoms caused by organic illness, you doctors and tests have told you that, they're fake and phoney. Why continue to make yourself ill by worrying about symptoms that don't really exist?

    So the key word for recovery is Acceptance, it won't cure you instantly but if you practice acceptance for long enough your nerves will cease to be sensitised and there is nobody in the world who can't be fured in this way.

  • Yes you are very true. I'm glad everything I'm feeling is a normal symptom of anxiety!

    You are right I do need too try too accept it. It's quite hard too do that as at the time I'm freaking out! But like you said over time I will be better at accepting my feelings.

    Thank you so much for your advice. Very kind of you X

  • I do find it hard to accept anxiety ! I just think all my symptoms I focus on an think about them all day letting them scare me to the point that it takes over my life , but thinking back to when they first started it was when I hurt my back the light-headedness went away I had something else to focus on , then it was my chest and throat then sholder pain it seems to go round in circles that's all I my brain knows can't think of anything else anxiety has brainwashed me !! 😣

  • Hiya! Yeah I'm the same. I always concentrate on the feelings I am having a worry what I'm feeling is going too get worse. However the other day I got really travel sick in the car, and my anxiety just went completely because I was worried I was going too be sick! it made me realise that because I was constantly focusing on the thoughts and feelings of anxiety, it was actually just making it so must worse. So trying too concentrate on something else is very hard too do, but if you can do it, it does help! Hope you are okay Hun xxxx

  • I know what you mean it can be something you do in a rush an think I didn't feel lightheaded then but then you've thought about it straight away and its back 😭 , hope your ok xx

  • Its often to do with you hyperventilation or just good old anxiety.

  • I get falling sensation like the floor is falling beneath me or I'm in a falling elevator a lot my head feels spaced out too it's my worst symptom by far been struggling four years doctors chalk it up to anxiety and panic disorder

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