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Why the pain fiest

Hi again everyone

I have one question

If we feel physical pain first. Where does the word anxiety come in to it.

I actually have symptoms first. Sometimes alongside hot flushes which I put down to menopause it comes and goes many many times during day.

I have stomach and side pin shoulder pain chest pain. , all first then followed my dread. So the pains are reel but why do I get them then if I've had the all clear

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dear tyber62, the word anxiety comes into play because feeling physical pain becomes the trigger that all is not well. There's a difference between physical pain and physical symptoms. Physical pain comes from assorted real problems such as a pinched nerve, stressed and tight muscles, headaches etc . The physical symptoms of anxiety come from our fear of what we are experiencing. Anxiety will cause the real physical pain to exacerbate as our thoughts come into play. It's hard to make sense of it except for the fact that it is a continuous cycle that needs to be broken. Where you diagnosed with anxiety? x

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Hi yes I was its a nightmare. Thanks for the reply. I still don't understand when I am just driving or sitting in a restraint I get chest pain. Side pain that the doc reckons is IBS ? Then I can't breath. Then I start to worry and convince myself I'm dying.

Shall I go to A and E etc....

After a while it subsides . I may get a few palpitations and lightheadiness and or the feelings return . I don't go around worrying all day so why triggers this feeling . I have had numerous ecg. And Heart tests etc all clear

I don't want mess as the ones they prescribe make things far worse to begin with.

I just need an end to this


Menopause can cause many many symptoms, been there and got the tshirt


You are so right I can pin point the start of all this to when I had a parcial just hysterectomy


Female hormones disrupt everything in the body. Men dont know how well off they are


Ha I wouldn't want man flu


You would.....its just a sniffle lol


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