All of these symptoms..... Anxiety??!!?

I have had health anxiety since i can remember. I think it got better around 20, i am 37 now, but then around 24 age having my daughter it got bad again. I am so tired of worrying everyday that i am going to die. Every little thing that isn't perfect with my body, i fear the worst. Right now here are my list of symptoms. ...

My head feels heavy at the base...must mean brain tumor.

I have a knot in my back around my bra line...must be a spinal tumor

I am getting muscle cramps. ...must be multiple sclerosis

My ears are plugged. ... that evil brain tumor again

I am always cold

My body shakes

Dizziness. ....that's the brain tumor too

And the worst is when i am lying in bed trying to fall asleep and i start thinking of all these symptoms. It throws me into a panic attack. I don't know what to do. Do you all feel this too? Are these all anxiety symptoms? Why do people get anxiety? I just want to be normal. I am taking passion flower at night and l theanine, magnesium, vitamin d,and a multi in morning. Anything else i can do to help myself naturally? ?? Please help, i am just so tired.


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  • I also suffer from health anxiety. I convince myself I have alllll the diseases. I feel every little sensation in my body and freak about it. I hate it.

  • Counselling and CBT can be a big help. Mindfulness activities and relaxation can help you live more in the moment. Find what works for you xx

  • Hi there, I have a suggestion - have you tried getting your thyroid checked? The GP can request a blood test to find out how it is working. I have always suffered from anxiety and a couple of years ago discovered that I have an under active thyroid. Some of the symptoms you have are common to an under active thyroid such as, feeling the cold and anxiety. My anxiety is much better since taking the levothyroxine. Worth investigating! PS other symptoms of hypothyroidism are; weight gain, brain fog, hair loss either scalp of both of both, eyebrow loss at the outside corners and constipation. Not everyone has all the symptoms, most people who have hypothyroidism get some e.g. you having anxiety and feeling the cold.

  • Should read hair loss either scalp or body of both! Damn predictive text lol!

  • I do not have any of those other symptoms, and I have always been cold. But I guess it could be worth a shot to just get that checked.

  • Let me know how you get on, I only had unexplainable weight gain, anxiety and slightly colder than others!

  • Or both!!

  • couldn't put it better....I'm experiencing all these things you are talking about & all started 8 years ago just after I gave birth to my daughter. I know it's like a a single day I might feel like 50 times that I m having a heartattack or that I definitely have multiple sclerosis ( although I have already checked it out and of course the results were negative)...but hey I m still alive & relatively healthy & so you are!!! So try to relax... I know how hard it is to find peace of mind & even when you do... you might experience body symptoms out of the blue...what it really helps me is 1.talking about it---2.trying to have some fun putting it more attention to myself like shopping or having a massage---3. exercising & good diet--4. making plans for the future (things that I really want to do) and focusing on them---5.and the most important of all...trying to believe that nothing will happen to you without your conscious or uncoscious consent...meaning that we actually have control over our destiny even whenever a pain triggers your death anxiety...just say " hey I want to live up to my 90s ...this is what I really want and this is what's gonna happen so back off and let me enjoy it"...!

  • I know it is all in my mind too, because if for some reason I am not concentrated on my health, I am fine! Ugh, it is a stupid cycle that I hate. I am going to try exercise, see if that helps. Distraction would be key, but at night lying in bed is when it really gets to me. That is when my muscles cramp up or I can feel my heart beat and it just spirals from there. ;) Oh I am envious of people who do not worry at all!

  • Music and meditation helps me. My wife got cancer almost a year ago and it sent me into a tailspin. Extreme weight loss which caused my hair to thin (as if my anxiety wasn't already enough) I'm beginning to get stabilized and it's in large part due to staying distracted. I still have days where it creeps back but it's much better. Maybe because my wife is doing well now, too.

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