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Hi so my anxiety starting getting pretty bad in May. It started affecting how I function, I began having anxiety attacks, constipation, nausea, all of that. It got so bad that I went to the hospital multiple times but it was so busy that I would wait for 4 hours and still never get seen. Me and my mother made countless appointments to my primary care doctor and at first he told me I was just constipated and to take these specific things to clear me out. So I did. Well, the symptoms didn't stop, and I would start getting cramps so he said maybe I had a food allergy and it wasn't that either. So he took me to a GI. They did a stool sample and ran my blood multiple times. Everything came back perfect. I'm having an ultrasound I believe this Thursday. My therapist, multiple family members, and doctor think it's anxiety related. Well at first I didn't believe them, I didn't think anxiety could really mess up my stomach like it has been. But lately, seeing my therapist I'm starting to think that's what it is. She's trying to get me to see a psychiatrist because I may have generalized anxiety I believe and she says a low dose would help. I'm worried that there's not gonna be anything negative on the ultrasound and it will be anxiety and the only solution will be me but at the same time I'm not because with the help of my therapist and a low dosage I may stop having stomach problems. I'm just sick of anxiety taking over my life and sick of wondering if I'm gonna eat today.


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  • There's a saying "This too shall pass". It can help with letting go of the worry.

  • Well maybe better that than a serious physical problem

  • Hey There,

    Well anxiety can cause the unthinkable it can cause some things that will feel like, it can't and there's no way! Kind of feeling. Me myself I'm 22 but very educated when it comes psychological problems (anxiety) to be exact. It can be thousands of things but it only takes anxiety one trigger to make you think that or make you feel like your dying, or that it can be something that is going to kill you. Your brain is so powerful that it can imitate symptoms of any disease well almost anything. But you seen doctors and they cleared you so I'm going to say what I tell someone who has anxiety go live life is to short to worry go live follow your dreams go travel and be thankful for every second......

  • You are so right the brain is the most powerful part of the body i think its so hard to try and convince yourself its anxiety when your brain is telling u otherwise.

  • Well I started with the exact same symptoms as you. I've kept a food diary for months and found I felt worse the next day after (sometimes shortly after) eating sausages, beer, red wine, tomatoes, fish, eggs, which are high histamine foods. If you find your the same all I can say is don't ever take amitriptyline, they made me loads worse and it's taking me ages to recover. Also don't take antihistamine just realised right this minute they're giving me heart palpitations. (I only took half a tab)

  • I can relate to almost everything you have said. I began having horrible anxiety and stomach problems almost identical to what you are describing about 18 months ago. Since then I've had so many blood tests and I was sent for an endoscopy (when they put a little camera down your throat) I was diagnosed with a sliding hernia. I had an ultrasound and was diagnosed with a large calcified mass in my gall bladder and a liver condition.

    I had my gall bladder removed and I have been treated for my liver condition. 3 months of meds that made me feel even more anxious, depressed and ill.

    Now after the surgery, the hernia diagnosis and liver treatment I still have the same problems (constipation etc) and I still have terrible anxiety.

    I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety way before any of this began to happen. I'm now taking medication to ease the anxiety. It helps make it a bit less intolerable, but I'm still anxious and my stomach still isn't right.

    I've been diagnosed now with a severe anxiety disorder. I am seeing my psychiatrist in a fortnight.

    Please try not to worry too much. There are medications that can help control anxiety. Anxiety very often affects our stomach and guts. If you've ever had a terrifying shock, you will know how it affects your stomach in that horrible way. Many people who experience anxiety get various stomach symptoms. I think my gallstones and liver problem would have gone undiagnosed if it wasn't for my high anxiety levels and the fact that it was felt mostly in my stomach. I did often feel like I wasn't getting enough oxygen in my breathing too, but I recognised that as the being a feature of panic attacks.

    My heart really goes out to you. I can imagine the torment you are living with. This sounds very much like anxiety to me. I hope your doctors get to the bottom of this soon, and you find some relief.

    Wishing you all the best and a speedy resolution


  • This is what makes me angry, they kept saying your bloods are fine it's just anxiety off you go (like they keep doing to me) then eventually send you for further tests and you're not fine at all. I'm now going to push for the same tests as I've been having problems for 9 months.

  • Ask for your liver function to be tested, ask for an endoscopy and an ultrasound. You are very much within your rights to request these procedures.

  • Also my stomach feels the best after eating a chinese (anything with chicken and rice) also currys seem ok for me to eat. I also have nestle gluten free cornflakes for breakfast along with lacto free milk (don't think I'm lactose intolerant though) also started eating apples (even though I don't like them) and drinking peppermint tea which has helped a lot.

  • Can people can die from anxiety and depression

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