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Drinking to solve it


New here.

I'm writing principally as I've started to become debilitated by anxiety over the past few years. I drink a lot more than is good for you, and it works perfectly while I'm on it, but it's recently got a little bit much.

I still function well, but that mask is starting to slip. I go to bed late drinking, and get up late, and I just about cover it up. Been doing that for a while, but it's wearing a bit thin now.

I've been to my Doc loads of times, but I only ever get Anxiety / Panic Attack print offs, which are absolutely uselelss to me.

I've had panic attacks since my first one aged 16 (remember it like it was yesterday).

Have had them regularly, ever since (25+ years).

I've had the 'just about to die' situations more than I can mention (well before I was drinking heavily). With friends, at the football, and more recently in work, which was the most embarrassing.

I want them to stop, dearly.

I've even been to the ER (A+E) a few times, thinking I was dying, only to be told they couldn't find anything wrong after all the checks. So what an incredible waste of time and money.

I'm now convinced it's Anxiety. And a severe form at that. The doctors don't seem to want to go down that road for whatever reason, but I really need something to calm me down.

Whilst drinking, I've taken some anti sickness meds (Cyclizine) from a previous condition, which bizarrely seem to ease my anxiety that comes from all the alcohol the next day.

I'm now thinking about sourcing some Valium, Xanax, diazepam etc, online?

Any ideas would be gratefully received - (except for any give up the booze suggestions)

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Hi JustAMan. Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. I hope you find the support and answers you are looking for from other men and women also having anxiety issues. Thank you for being honest and open about trying to drink your anxiety away. As you can see, it is not the answer. As you are also seeing is that anxiety can hit at a most inopportune time making us feel embarrassed as well as uncomfortable.

You've taken the first step by realizing the you are suffering from a severe form of anxiety. Acceptance is an important step in going forward and ridding yourself of the debilitating problem. Now the problem that you are going to come up against if you order benzo drugs on line are two fold. First you will not know if it is the quality of a prescribed drug and Secondly, you will not be able to mix Alcohol and Valium, Xanax or any other drug in the benzo family. To do so, you may end up in the ER for a drug/alcohol comatose situation with oxygen needed for suppressed breathing issues. I would know since I was a medical responder and the department was sent out on numerous calls regarding people mixing their drugs with alcohol.

I do feel your emotional pain in having with what has become a debilitating mental issue. Drinking til late and getting up late, I will agree isn't much of a life. We all need an escape from life once in a while but drinking is the wrong kind of escape. Drugs as helpful as they may be at times doesn't have to necessarily be the answer you are looking for. Starting with a good doctor or therapist who can address some of the stress you are dealing with can help guide you to learn different methods in dealing with anxiety.

Reading and learning all you can with regards to the mind/body connection and anxiety can also help get you back on the road to life once more. A book that has been proven successful is by Dr. Claire Weekes entitled "Hope & Help for your Nerves". Easily obtainable on Amazon or you can even view some of her videos for free on YouTube. It has become the bible for those of us who have had stubborn anxiety for a long time.

I wish you well "JustAMan", you are certainly not alone. We all care about each other on the forum and understand what it's like living in fear and symptoms everyday. We look forward to hearing from you and exchanging your ideas and viewpoints. We learn from each other. Take care. I wish you my best, Agora1


Thanks for this.

I've just ordered the Dr Claire Weekes book, along with another recommended on another forum called 'Stop Thinking Start Living' by Richard Carlson.

I'm now convinced that the answers (and problems) lie within me, so I'm hopeful that these books will put that thought firmly in my own mind.

It's amazing how powerful our minds really are, both positive and all too easily, negative.

I've been positive for most of my life, but have experienced panic attacks / health anxiety since I was young. It's incredibly powerful, and debilitating but up until recently, I've been able to head them off.

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JustAMan, there comes a time when we have had enough of anxiety controlling our lives. I think you are there. I think you are ready and that makes me happy. You've taken the first big step in moving forward by being convinced that the answers lie within you. Therapy and medication and alcohol are temporary respites. What you are looking for is permanent relief. I think you will be very surprised when reading Dr. Weekes book that you find yourself repeatedly page after page. Amazed that she would describe us to a "T".

You are on your way and we will follow you along that journey. You are never alone. Use the forum for continued support and understand and comfort on down days. Those will try to creep in, but stay positive, stay strong, stay safe.


At a loss to know what to suggest as you don't want to stop the alcohol. It's a drug and is going to affect most anything you take. of course you are self medicating with the drinking; it's going to get harder fast to hide it. Under your healthcare system,are you able to request to be evaluated by a neuropsychiatrist? The chemistry involved with these medications and alcohol seem to be better understood by these MDs in my part of the US, and sometimes I have seen people referred to one after going through a detox facility. I have a diagnosis of PTSD, which seems to be a diagnosis of last resort...in my case a huge collision, the anger, anxiety, depression, and nightmares(flashbacks) fit. But not until I was referred to a MD board certified in neurology and psychiatry did I start making progress. He always looks at the chemistry involved in the meds and my body and explains why he is rx a certain med or changing one.

Best wishes in your search for some answers.


Well said and great advice HearYou. Seeking the proper professional and guidance is the way to go. As you said, self medicating whether with drugs over the internet or alcohol can only lead to more self destruction.


JustAMan, I hope you have read the response from HearYou. This is what the forum is all about. Listening and hearing the personal experiences of others who understand. Who support you and advise you. The decision of course is always yours in the end, but please consider wisely what others will respond with. Pick and choose what may work for you since everyone is different but one thing for sure, alcohol is never the answer.

Take care, because we care. :)

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I was doing the same thing drinking everyday to numb the anxiety and binge drinking on the weekends the only time I could hate a public situation was drinking, but it only covered it for the mean time, the next day not only with the hangover but my anxiety was trippled so I would reach for more beer... Justa cycle.. I finally broke and I am now on meds for my anxiety I had to stop being selfish and do it for my family and my liver.. I miss drinking and the fun but I would rather just get better all together and for good not just for the night.. I hope you can talk to your doc about getting on some meds and take the step to be a healthy happy you.. good luck my friend.


Many thanks for all the kind messages and advice.

I will indeed look into the neuro psychiatrist route as I've never heard of this before. I shall update the thread as I progress.

Thanks to all again 👍


hi drinking might take away anxiety for a couple of hours but long tem you will sink into depression and your anxiety will get worse.then it gets harder to recover and you sink further each day.thats how it usually pans out loss of job friends family excluded from society.thats what was happening to me so I hope it doesn't happen to you.


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