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Sickness with anxiety

Hi all I've been suffering with anxiety for a few years on and off and its manifested in quite a few different ways. However recently it's vomiting when I'm driving. I'm not one for being travel sick and it only seems to happen when I'm traveling to work on a morning. I can't seem to focus on anything else other than getting myself worked up about being sick. Then the inevitable happens. Daft thing soon as I reach my destination it stops and goes away. While I'm driving it's weird I can't get myself to naturally burp its like the anxiety stops me and I just end up being sick. Don't know if there are any others who have had any similar thing happen to them that helps.

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My anxiety is awful while I'm driving specifically on the motorway or doing long journeys. I loose all concentration and my body feels as if it's going to shut down. It gets even worse at work. I seem to have a panic attack and then a intense headache follows after which remains for the whole day. I have no idea why this is happening. Any thoughts...


I have the same issue. Driving and work make it worse but it is with me all the time. I am starting citralopam tonite along with continued Busphar and I am hoping for some relief. For me the trigger in the car is being alone and at work it tends to get bad in the afternoons ( probably due to being tired and meds wearing off). Hope the best for both of us, we will defeat this. Keep in contact and I will let u know how meds go. Are you on any meds?


I'm not on any meds. I've always seemed to just get over my anxiety but I feel like this time something needs to be done. Are you prescribed meds from the doctor? How are you feeling at work right now? I'm going to try and exercise. My mum thinks my trigger is alcohol misuse.. I work with my fiancé and he doesn't seem to understand anything that is happening to me. He's being really unsupportive which is making me feel worse


That's too bad your fiancé is not supporting you, you need all the support u can get right now. Can u get some support from your coworkers? This has helped me through the day but I really can't seem to work longer than four in the afternoon which I had no problems with before. I am seeing a psychiatrist for the first time in my life and she did prescribe me meds yesterday, I have also been on Busphar for month now ( helping little but not much). I am starting citalopram tonite, will let u guys know how it goes. I hope we both feel better soon.


I'm really embarrassed to tell my colleagues, I'm worried they will judge me and think I'm weird. How did you tell your co workers? Let us know how the psychiatrist goes. Try guided mediation for anxiety on YouTube, that seems to calm me down before bed. I really hope you feel better soon x


Hi, Im quite open with my colleagues about my years of anxiety suffering, and got quite a shock of how many others have similar symptoms. They were actually surprised I suffered, in fact I was the last person they thought. I now get colleagues approaching me to compare there thoughts and feelings. Mind you I do have a very supportive team to work with. I would let your colleagues know, probably start with someone you trust and more close to at work. Your certainly not weird this stupid thing called anxiety and panic just makes simple things in life very difficult for us. I hope you get round to telling your colleagues I think this will really help.

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