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Health anxiety taking over

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Hi guys, I'm new to this site, I've always been panicky about becoming ill as long as I can remember but got used to the fact I was always being 'over the top', just recently it's getting worse again, I've recently got married and felt great, but just been on my honeymoon and the fact I was 12 hours away in Mauritius seemed to worry me something chronic, like would would happen if I got ill, I was really down for a couple of days while I was there worrying that my something terrible was wrong with me and it ruined my honeymoon a little bit, I've now just got home and my husband has gone off to work and I'm sat at home worrying that I've got DVT because of the long haul flight, i realise I'm completely shattered from all the travelling but I can't get it off my mind.  Does anyone else wake up in the night and have sheer panic at something that seems stupid when they think about it a few days later? I can completely convince myself of symptoms that are probably not even there at times!! It's horrible, it takes over my life and is all I can think of at times, I never go to the doctor incase they tell me something terrible is wrong, and clearly there never has been, but I'm considering going now and seeing if they can help because this anxiety is becoming a problem now. Thanks everyone!! 

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I like your user name Derbyshire are you from that neck of the woods , you don't have to answer that of course :-)

You sound very much like you have Health Anxiety and yes I can relate even though I am not half as bad as what I was years ago and I think the best thing you could do is speak to your Doctor as you say you have recognized this is getting to much and there is support out there that your Doctor can refer you for but we do have to ask :-)

I hope talking with others on here reassures you a little you are not alone with how you feel as I remember it could feel such a lonely place when I was at my worse some years ago as there was no one you could talk to but now even though I wish no one suffered it can be a comfort knowing we are not alone :-)

Take Care x  

HI there, I think we can all relate to your symptoms on here. A trip to see your doctor may be a good idea though just to reassure you or maybe good to get a low dose med just to help chill you out a bit.

I hope you feel better soon and congratulations on your recent wedding. I've heard Mauritius is so lovely! 😆 x

Thanks yes it is beautiful, thank goodness my anxiety didn't completely take over it all week! I'd rather not take medication as I am now trying to get pregnant, maybe there is something natural that could help me. :) 

I no this feeling all too well, as many of us here do. When I'm abit calmer I do think about how silly I probably was and I think I'm not going to react like that again, but then when I get that symptom/thought or feeling it happens all over again!

Go to your doctor, and maybe you would benefit from some counseling x

I'm sure Holland and Barratt or somewhere would be able to recommend something for you! x

I too can relate to how u r feeling and also I don't want to go to Drs incase he tells me something horrible is wrong with me so I just suffer till the symptoms subside. However, a few weeks ago I had to go to Drs as my anxiety levels reacheda level that I could not deal with and got prescribed Citalopram & diazepam to calm me down and try and get me back on tract. I am now on wk 3 of Citalopram I still had my anxious moments but I think things are improving. I posted the other day saying that my anxiety always seemed worse in the morning and got better as the day progressed. Hope you get the help and support you need to feel better.

Hi, I can relate 100%!  I suffer from health anxiety. It's recently gotten so bad that I need reassurance all day. Even when my doctors tell me, I'm okay. I am fearful they are missing something or I should get a second opinion. It has consumed my life for about 3 weeks now. I recently started on a new medication for depression/anxiety. It's my first time being treated and I am hoping it works.  I found it comforting to read about health anxiety online. 

Deep vein Thrombosis x

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