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anxiety at its worse


im 17 . ive had anxiety for about 3 years now , about 2 years ago it was bad all the time and i had to be picked up from school almost every other day. but i was still able to go out places , now my anxiety is worse than its ever been . i cant leave the house and thinking about it makes me panic. i also seem to always think somethings wrong with me even though a few months ago i had blood tests done and they came back normal. i was on zoloft for a little while but that made my anxiety 10x worse and whenever it would ware off around 3 am i would have non stop panic attacks . i am anemic & i have endometriosis but i don't know if that plays into it my anxiety problem . if anyone has any suggestions on how to stop the anxiety attacks i would greatly appreciate it . (:

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Hi agoraphobic4, are you on anything since stopping Zoloft? If not, then you have other methods you can use to quiet down the anxiety attacks. Did you ever have talking therapy when you first got anxiety 3 years ago? Also was the cause of the anxiety ever addressed? These questions are important because you are also agoraphobic as I was. I'd be happy to talk with you more about some ideas in stopping the anxiety and moving forward with your agoraphobia. x

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i went to therapy but it never seemed to help and i was institutionalized in the beginning of the school year for a couple of days and was put on medication but i cant remember the name of it because i switched over to zoloft right after . the cause of the anxiety however hasn't been addressed and i never really thought there was a cause because it comes out of no where and its mostly over the fear that i'm going to have a severe panic attack . i haven't left the house all summer except once and i had to get picked up from a friends house because i had an anxiety attack. i try to go outside but every time i do i panic that something bad might happen. i also haven't been on medication since the zoloft.

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agoraphobic4, I had just finished writing you a long response and my computer crashed. It's been down this whole time. I apologize but I will get back to you first thing in the morning. I'm on from early morning til midnite. It's been a long day :) Please hang in there. I'm sure you will hear from others who are experiencing agoraphobia. You and I certainly aren't the only ones. I better quit here while I'm ahead. Will talk tomorrow... Goodnight! x


Not having suffered with agoraphobia, I am probably not the best person to offer advice about the condition. There are 2 points I think are important no matter what the condition.

#1 - I agree with Agora concerning the importance of therapy to address the root cause of your anxiety. You and your doctor should ideally find a mental health practitioner who has an interest in agoraphobia to get the best results for you as part of your treatment plan for your overall health.

#2 - I feel it's important for you to know the name of the medication that you tried. The reason is that if you choose to go back on medication you know what works or rather what didn't. You could be wasting valuable time if you went back on the same one.

If you can locate a support group in your neighbourhood to attend, this would be useful reason to leave the house. If you need support to attend, someone is usually happy to provide the transport and decrease your anxiety levels.

In the meantime, the forum is here 24/7 to help as much as we can :)

I carry a paper bag and breathe into it,I was shown how by a CPN. Best talk to your doctor tbh

Hello. Anxiety has hit you very early in your life. But it might be good that it did, because we live in a time where there are some very good pharmaceutical prescriptions which can help you, and we are learning much more about anxiety and what tends to cause it. Since you know what you are suffering from, you probably will not make bad choices about how to treat it. It sounds like you really want to find a way to live a somewhat normal life. So, to start with, I would like to suggest that you make an appointment to see a doctor and see if you would be a good candidate for the prescription named buspirone (the generic name), also sold as Buspar. It has helped me for almost twenty years, now. It is one of the best prescriptions for anxiety, in that it has very few bad side effects, other than you cannot eat grapefruit with it. Keep looking for whatever help you can find to fight this thing which wants to change you into a complete stay-at-home person, because we really NEED other people to be happy in this life. If you can find a group of people who share some of your same problems, then you will feel better about your own problems, and you may make some really nice friends, too. May God bless you with the strength and wisdom that you need to make the best decisions for your life now and for your future life. You CAN fight this, and you can find a way to make your way through life with this disorder, but you must contribute to your health and FIGHT FOR IT! You are going to be okay, but you need to help yourself, because you are your own best friend. Sending a hug to you. Please try to be strong, and take yourself in hand and don't ever give up on yourself. Also, please try to learn about a healthful foods and how you can treat your anemia through a healthy diet.

Hi, l think its more abt controlling it than getting rid of it. If you can learn to ignore and accept the feelings and thoughts then it gets less and less. Try watching Noah Elkrief on Youtube. He talks abt anxiety/depression and helps you reason your thoughts out so you are more in control. Dont forget to try meditation and Sympathetic Breathing (which you will also find on Youtube). Get out walking and exercising those will help too. Dont give up, it takes time to become Master of Your Emotions (Yoga). XX

I also agree with Agora1,

Please get good councelling , you are letting your mind convince you of false ideas, I do this with health anxiety , I have wasted a lot of time in worry, please take small steps into healing , start with sitting outside , then doing things outside in your yard , gardening maybe, then go for a small walk , take your cell phone and call a friend while you walk , just a few houses down , and go further and further. KEEP IN MIND, YOU ARE HEALTHY, nothing bad will happen , and try to think "SO WHAT , ITS ONLY A PSNIC ATTACK" I know it's hard to do , but let the panic happen and when you don't give in, it will go away. Prayers❤️

Something I try to do is when it's quiet I go into the communal garden even if it is late at night! I try to sit out as long as I can even if it's for a few minutes, Yes I still get clammy and uncomfortable but the fresh air is good for you and canfeel good because you have achieved something ! It may not seem like much to some but those little steps are big leaps for us, please don't push yourself too hard too quickly as it can be counter productive! All the best Dell

Hello, I used to have panic attacks all the time .

I got educated on anxiety and panic attacks I did the anxiety work book . It gave me facts about what anxiety is and where it comes from and panic attacks . I personally started having body anxiety since my best friend died that is how I dealt with it . And panic come froms something that was trama we put it away And it comes out like toxins threw panic . We deal with over whelming emotions that have been suppressed for a long time .. anxiety is to much Adeline in the brain at one time and our body goes into fight or fight mode . Most of us feel like we are gonna die but really it's the opposite . Our hearts race thinking we are gonna have a heart attack but really it's your brain telling your heart to beat faster to protect it cause our mind is telling us we are dieing . But we r not . Your heart slows down not speeds up when your dieing .. you need to understand these things think of when your panic and anxiety started and why it might have started deal with those things . And try to self positive talk yourself threw an anxiety attack let it come and let it pass breath threw it .Walking helps finding something to focus on helps as well it will go as fast as it comes if you don't fight it .. keep positive threw them tell yourself your alright and I'm here to tell you you are Alright . It's a scary thing but just know your body works over time when that happens because it's protecting itself from your own thoughts or negativity because trama in your life has not been dealt with it comes out as panic subconciously .. hang in there fight the fight . Maybe go out and get the work book ... Hope this helps ..

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