Brugada syndrome or panic attacks?

Brugada syndrome or panic attacks?

Recently I just learned about brugada syndrome which is an abnormality in the heart that causes it to beat irregularly. This can lead to sudden death most likely while at rest or while asleep. With this being said it makes me question whether or not I have this or if it's just panic attacks. The reason I question this is because I get more than one so called "panic attack". Sometimes they will come out of nowhere and I won't be thinking about anything stressful. My heart just feels like it's beating out of rythmn and feels like it's going to come through my chest. My chest gets tight and it aches. Other times while I'm having an attack I get light headed, panicky, hot, negative thoughts, fear of dying, and the feeling I'm going to pass out. Along with this my heart does get Racey but nothing like it does when it feels like it's beating out of rythmn. Anyone experience this? It's like having more than one type of panic attack or maybe it's a health issue I should be concerned about? Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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  • Health anxiety is the commonest cause for these symptoms at your age, but you should see your doctor to get an ECG, which will exclude it. It is very rare!

  • I have had these symptoms out of nowhere and was recently diagnosed with anemia. I urge you to go to your doctor and have your iron, ferritin, and saturation % checked immediately, and if they are low, get on an iron supplement asap. Anemia can cause your heart to beat that way, and also causes panic attacks. I know, because I've gone through it for the past 8 weeks.

  • I need to get my iron check asap

  • Let us know what you find out. This is common among women, and panic attacks normally come back to a deficiency in your body, usually iron, B12, and/or Vitamin D.

  • I have had blood work and my iron came back low so I am now taking iron every day. Thanks!

  • Good news! I hope your panic stops. It took me a while to feel better, and I still get anxious sometimes even on the iron, but it's nothing like it was. Take care of yourself!

  • Thank you! My psychiatrist actually put me on a bunch of vitamins and supplements such as the iron, fish oil, vitamin D, a multi vitamin, vitamin C, and zinc. My copper levels were a little elevated and she said that can cause symptoms of anxiety also. You take care of yourself also!

  • Could Ben having PVCS and PACS, only real way to tell is to wear a holter monitor. But I have experienced them before and they're benign and somewhat common. Just people with anxiety sense them more and it freaks us out. I had a whole cardio work up though about 2 months ago.

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