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Trying to quit drinking

I've decided to quit drinking but it's not easy. After being awake for 16 hours during the day not even my Zoloft, Buspar, and Xanax combination helps out-though 2-4 beers do. I've had anxiety long enough (20 years) to know drinking isn't the answer. I have no family or real friends to help me quit because of my social and general anxiety disorder. I tried AA but after 10 minutes my anxiety got to be so bad being around that many people I had to leave. By that many, I mean about 8 people. Anybody have any suggestions??

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My suggestion is to try AA again, and again, and again. A beer by any other name is a drug. You're combining rx drugs with legal drugs (alcohol) . Or try NA.

NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE is comfortable at their first meetings at AA, and want to just run out of the meetings. 90 meetings in 90 days is a mantra, because if you go that frequently, it becomes a habit.

If you continue your rx meds and the alcohol you may find yourself in a situation where you may be ordered by court to attend.

Yes, it's hard to stop any addiction, I mean hard, but since you have had anxiety issues for 20 years, you must have found ways to do other things.....Your mum doesn't shop for your groceries, does she? That was meant to be a joke. Sorta.

Time to put on your big boy clothes and deal with this.

I volunteer for several home groups involved with drug abstinence, and that includes alcohol. Believe me, you are not the only one there with anxiety issues. (Why do you think they were using alcohol and other drugs?) You can do this, it won't be easy, but you can. Keep us posted, ok?


jandinaz, since you know that drinking isn't the answer, as PTSDforyears said, neither is mixing your legal drugs with alcohol. My fear is that you may go into the Emergency Room and not come out. You are playing with some serious consequences. Please get the help that you need.

We all care on this forum.


I also feel compelled to reply. I myself am not an alcoholic, however my 38 year old is and it got so bad his wife took an audio tape on her phone when he threatened her. It became so bad she had him arrested and he was imprisoned for 7 weeks. He to is on anti depressants Sertraline and they do not mix with beer, wine or any alcohol. The moral of this story is PTFDforyears says you have to continue with AA unless you have the funding for rehab. My on has been referred by the court to Turning Point, he knows to that he has to stop drinking. Life is not easy, my son has lost his home, it's for sale, his dog who was his best friend, his wife (but that is his choice) and we are trying to help him. Please do as we all suggest, make yourself go out and volunteer for something. We all need people, here on this forum there are people reaching out to you. Drink will only ruin your life, look to those who have overcome and be positive any time you need help let us know, we are routing for you 😊😊xx

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I know what you're going though, here if you ever want to chat. Just startinh drinking again because of my anxiety after almost 8 years of sobriety. Gonna find AA groups or something positive in the community to do. Im determined kick this bad habits a** again and all because of my severe anxiety. I know how you feel though


Thank you. You seem to be the only one that understands. I don't consider myself alcoholic cause I don't need to just helps with the anxiety. I'm just looking for a substitute from beers. When I go visit my Mom, I don't even think of having a beer. Unfortunately, when I'm home alone I don't have other escapes. My anxiety has limited me to not wanting people around and having a couple of beers works.


I dont consider myself an alcoholic aswell but started dated and when I need someone new Im so nervous and full of anxiety I drink to cope but I dont want alcholic in my life just a goodman LOL, all jokes aside I know we will overcome this. As they say this to shall pass. You're not alone.


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