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General Anxiety Disorder

Hello, I am new here and in need of some support from others who suffer CONSTANTLY with anxiety. I worry about not having something concrete to worry about. I worry over things that will never occur but my mis-wired brain grabs hold of anything that is going to go wrong in my life.

I feel helpless. I am on no psych meds due to severe allergic reactions to Bipolar 1 meds of Abilify and Seraqual (sp). I believe my Dr. has the wrong diagnosis. I am NOT bipolar, I have severe general anxiety disorder.

Is there anyone out there who has attempted to try Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)? How has it worked for you? Everything I research claim this is THE BEST therapy out there. So I have begun a CBT workbook on my own. I need to do something to help myself and try to eliminate the drugs that plague me with so many terrible side effects.

I have trouble sleeping and I can't re-fill my Restoril until June 1.

Any advice, support, suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am tired of fighting this disease alone.

thank you, Pat

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I have tried CBT for about two months. It's was ok. I won't say it was great but I didn't do it long enough either to know if I could have had good benefit from it. But I did enjoy just being able to speak out about what was going on in my head and let all out. But the only thing I didn't get was I was expecting for the he therapist to be more responsive to my drama and have more of a fix and answers to why I was going the heh rough things. Instead it was more like I did more of the talking and she just listened. Which like I said wasn't a terrible thing but I wanted more. But definitely give it a try. I don't think it will be any worse. My GAD is constantly on me too. Mines grabbed a hold of me last year July and just like you I was doing better around December so I thought it was gonna end but it popped right back up again and I'm trying to remember what it all will make you feel like so no don't get bad as I did when it first came on me. But I get how you feel.

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Thank you for your insight and kind reply. It really sounds weird, but it helps me to know that I am not the only person out there suffering with wave upon wave of anxiety for no reason at all. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I have only been seriously working on this CBT workbook for a week. It is taking me time because when the anxiety gets too bad, I can't function or concentrate. I must admit it seems to be getting better working the book. I force myself to believe I am doing something good for myself, moving forward in a positive direction. I don't want to go back to those terrible medications with horrific side effects. THIS HAS GOT TO WORK. Minute by minute I will try to refocus my thought processes.

Best wishes to you and thank you again for taking the time to respond. It has helped me.


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