Feelings during anxiety/panic disorder

My panic and anxiety problems started when i had vertigo several years ago, i still have periods of vertigo now which doesn't help with my situation at all. I am currently having CBT which was helping until a family situation which caused me a lot of stress and worry..now i am back to square one again.

I just wondered what symptoms other people have and if mine are normal?

Recently my legs constantly feel like jelly and feel as though they will give way when i stand/walk

I sway when standing and feel as though i may fall/feint

I feel spaced out and detached from my surroundings

Sometimes my head feels strange and light

Any little noise makes me jump especially when lying in bed

These feelings seem to be with me constantly so am wondering if this is normal for anxiety or if my vertigo has taken over again?


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32 Replies

  • Hi I feel light headed a lot especially when I am highly anxious.Then I will think about it and it gets worse.When you have anxiety my doctor told me your senses heighten.My hearing goes through the roof any noise seams amplified and I too jump at the slightest noise.This is when I know its anxiety and I just say to myself it will pass its only anxiety.If I am busy I dont notice the light headiness .I too am having CBT only on the 2nd session so praying it is going to work.If you are in doubt go to your GP to make sure......

  • Thanks for your reply, Its nice knowing we are not alone. I went to my GP a month ago and he prescribed me Citalopram to help with the anxiety but after taking 1 i couldn't handle the side effects so came off them. I used to be able to distract myself from the feelings and like you i wouldn't even notice them but lately i can't do anything to take my mind off it..its horrible. I felt the CBT was working until a couple of weeks ago when i had a family situation and now i am as bad as i was before. I just want to feel normal and lead a normal life :(

  • Hi I waS on Citalopram also and had to come off them after a week the side effects where too much for me also.And I know how you feel about wanting to feel normal again.I often sob to my partner saying I just want to be back to normal.I take Diazapam only when I need it and they are a god send at times however I dont want to be a pill popper but you need them at times.I find it hard to distract myself at times and just sit and constantly worry all the time,which sets of the anxiety its a vicious circle.Keep up with the CBT.I wish there was a quick fix to this .One thing I do find helps me is to Breathe in blue for calm and out for red sounds silly but it has worked for me at times.

  • Did your GP prescribe the Diazapam? Does it have side effects? I have brought some purecalm off the internet although haven't tried it yet. I am still having the CBT and praying that it will help me, don't know what else to do. Suffering Vertigo on top is the worst! I am constantly dizzy and off balance, having time off work is also becoming an issue.

  • Yes my doctor prescribed it for me.I have had no side effects from it at all you only get it short term but it calms you do instantly.I also do not know what else to do I have just started taking pyridoxine you buy them at the chemist supposed to be brilliant for anxiety.I will try anything that will help.I am also praying CBT will help although I have only has 2 sessions and have found it no help yet but Im trying to run before I can walk just want this to end x

  • Ive been taking vitamin B complex for a few months now and haven't noticed any difference. I am half way through a book that i find reassuring..its called Overcoming Health Anxiety by Rob Wilson & David Veale. I found my 1st CBT session the most successful. I know how u feel, its horrible

  • I will have to get the book and see if it helps me.It is awful but have found it reassuring that its quite common.I think its going to be a battle but Im determined to try and beat it as I hate this feeling.Any time you want to chat just message me I have found it helpful to talk to you x

  • Hi again I have also been told this book is supposed to be brilliant

    At Last a Life by Paul David

  • I feel the same and am willing to try whatever to lead a normal life again . I will look at that book. Thanks. Anytime you want a chat i am here x

  • Thank you and the same to you Im here if you need to chat x

  • Hi,

    I have just read your question and can relate to your feelings in so many ways,

    my anxiety symptoms are exactly the same as yours, I also when having an attack feel like my legs are going to give way. It makes me wonder if the symptons are so the same because of the connection with vertigo? or just one of those things!! For ages after I had vertigo I kept thinking it was returning but the dr. said it was anxiety. We all seem to have to live day by day wondering if "it" wil rear its ugly head. I really hope we all combat it one way or another very soon.

  • Thanks for your post..i have had anxiety for a while now but this leg feeling has only just started...i feel as though I've done a big workout in the gym constantly. Also i only have to do the slightest thing and my heart races and i get hot. Ive already taken 3 weeks off work and returned 2 weeks ago thinking i was on the way to recovery and now i am back to the beginning again!

  • Hi there i have sufferered now with anxiety for 6 years since i had a massive panic attack for no reason my symptoms are light headedness seaming un -balanced sometimes when walking constant thick head as though you had ten pints night before can't stand sudden noise or lots of people if i'm talking to someone it feels as though the floor moves and i fell as though i'm going to fall. A sense of been one step removed from what is going on around you and lack of interest in all the things you like --head in a bubble-- Allen

  • hi ladies xxx ive also suffered with anxiety for over 10 years and my symptoms are all the same as yours , one thing i will add thow is everytime you accept a new sensisation and get used to it and deal with it , then this horrible anxiety gives you another that you havnt had before so have you worrying all over again, its part of its make up, it tricks us into thinking "oh no this is something new " it must be serious, but its not , its anxiety playing tricks and keeping a firm hold on you , the only thing i find helpful now it to allowing the thoughs to come and not fight them, i just sit down and tell myself "come on and give me your worst you have got and because i stop fighting it, it then eases off, CBT was also a god send to me an kept me anxiety free for over 2 years (it only returned after a long spell of stress ) so please be asured that it does get better in time ,,,,, my problem is i cant stop the thoughs and memorys of all my past anxietys and as soon as i hit hard times then it all comes tumbling back, but ive beat it before and ill beat it again ,, glad to have s place to come and talk with like minded people that totally understand what were going through xxxxx look forward to catching up and chatting with some of yous soon xxx

  • Hi everyone .. i had have anxiity for over 30 yrs .. was coping fine untll a few weeks ago tham bang its starts again ,some days are better than others now but all the time you are thinking when is the panic attack going to start it runs my life at the moment i cant go out far now .. but do make myself go for a short walk i live alone which i find hard to cope with now was fine for 4 yrs then moved away from my family not got many friends here where i live either i started doing a volentry work in a charity shop 2 days aweek when i moved here now i am lucky to go once a week but i will not give up on it .. i am now thinking about moving back near my family was a misake moving away ... l am waiting to have CBT there is a 8 week waiting list but hope it helps me so i can move on ... i take one day at a time sometimes go to bed a 6 pm as i am down feel tried with this to .I was put on Diazpam it made me feel really bad never will take them tablets again ..but thats just me there in no cure for this its up to us to help ourselves but when u have noone to turn to who helps you ... Paula

  • Hi Paula sorry to hear you feel alone just come on here Im always on and love chatting it helps.I had to wait a long time also for CBT but have had 2 sessions so far and I am hoping its going to help.Sorry to hear the Diazapam made you feel ill I take them and find them a god send only try to take one a day when needed just takes the edge off.I was on Citalopam first and I hated the side effects and had to come off them .I have currently started taking pyridoxine (herbal vitamin) and have got to say although I am still anxious I dont hide myself away to bed which I was doing.Any time you want to chat feel free take care Sharon x

  • Hi Sharon,

    I am interested to hear what side effects you had on Citalopram. I've been on it a year and sometimes I wonder how much it is helping me. I know I can directly attribute Tinnitus to it as the pitch changes when I change my doesage. I am also on Quetiapine and like you I take it when I need to.

  • Hi it made me more anxious in fact I couldnt settle all day and night.I had terrible dry mouth sensitive to every noise .I would sweat buckets all night and day and couldnt sleep at all I was exhausted.But everyone reacts differently to medication I take Diazapam and have no side effects at all but its only short term use

  • Hi Sharon , i am not feeling good today ,had a bad panic attack last night ended up going to bed at 7 .. i was ok all day cant understand it . now i am feeling down just want to go back to bed really but i know its not good bad thoughts in my head thinking no one cares my family don't help me they just think it will go away , i am on my own all day and night which i was happy with and coping so well i have been single for 4 years and was fine then this has hit me in the face really i thought i was getting along so well. but something happened in my flat one saturday morning i was sitting down having a cup of tea then all of a sudden a crow flew down my chimmy it shocked the life out of me i screamed ,but managed to set the crow free though a window ever since then i have been ill with this and hate living here now thinking it will happen again not sure if thats the cause of my panic attacks coming back again i just want to feel normal again and do the things i used to do , now i fee trapped in my own flat and very much alone ..paula

  • Hi Paula sorry to hear your not doing very well today.I was like that yesterday but through this site I got through it.The bird thing would have freaked me out also as I have a fear of birds.The thing Ive found with anxiety you can feel great one minute then bang freaked out the next.I tried Camomile tea yesterday for the first time and it really calmed me down.Your not alone if your panicking write a blog on here it helps stay strong.Sharon xx

  • thank you Sharon i will try the tea too .. Paula xx

  • Hi Sharon , i am taking lorazepam 1mg which does help short term , but i am now taking them 3 times aday in stead of 2 .. today has been really bad i have been crying all afternoon as i can't handle the panic all the time ,on a good day i am fine ..but dont get many of them .l have been told i am on the waiting list for CBT so it might be weeks before i start i am going to get that book which the others have mentioned and read that just live in hope this nightmare wil end soon .thank you Sharon for your help .Paula

  • Hi Paula if you need the meds take them,I have many a day where I cry let it out though dont bottle it up.I was on the waiting list for CBT for a while and got frustrated with the waiting so I called them every week to see where I was and I soon got an appointment.There is a fab website for CBT getselfhelp.co.uk it has loads of tips and advice try it.Stay strong and keep talking this alone is therapy to me x

  • Hi Sharon , i have just startet to look the selfhelp site its very good , i will be reading it all and have found it helpful this morning even so thank you again ..Paula

  • Hi Paula no problem at all I have printed off several of the exercices etc.We all need to share what works and what will help xx

  • also keep phoning the people you are getting CBT with and see where you are on the list

  • Hi Sharon , i am on a waiting list for CBT now ,i have been told it will be at least 6/8 weeks but at least i am on the list .. this morning was bad just been crying the whole morning feeling down bad thoughts am i going crazy will i end up in a mental hospital ,is this going to last forever ,i phoned my son and cryed so much he was going to come and get me as he thought i would be better with him and his wife and 2 children but i said no i could not leave the house for long i would just be uneasy all the time ,and i don't want my grandchilden to see me like this either ,maybe i should have gone but then i would get used to having someone around when i feel panicky so best i stay here alone it was so kind of my son to offer .. i have calmed down now can't eat only drink water i just excist day to day at the moment i did go for a short walk twice was ok .. once i am in this flat it makes me feel uneasy i find its best to go to bed if i feel really bad but stayed up today which was good i not going to give in to panic all the time i need to get strong but feel so drained inside and in my head .. l just pray tomorrow will be better than today ... paula

  • Hi Paula,so sorry to hear you are having a bad day.First thing you got to put in your head is your no going crazy its just anxiety you have had it before and it will pass.I used to go to bed also but I try not to as I feel like Im giving into the anxiety.You must try to eat something even a bit of toast or fruit as you have to have your body strong to beat this bugger.Tomorrows another day love stay strong you will get through it xxxx

  • Hi Sharon ,thank you for you reply , the day did get better for me after awhile i even stayed up until 9.pm... its sunday now funny i got up at 9am this morning feeling fine for now hope it stays this way going to try and go for a walk later on just for a hour i need to start getting my life back in order one way or another .. xx

  • Hi Paula pleased to hear your day got better and well done for staying up till 9pm.I managed to stay up till 10pm/I was up early this morning and feeling ok still have the odd feelings but Im trying my best to ignore them.I agree with you about getting life back into order I need to also,just taking baby steps each day and praying it will get better take care xxx

  • Hi Sharon , i have just been out to get some shopping i was shaking but i made there and back so that was good not been out since saturday ,i am now getting help with CBT online untill i see someone at the doctors so things are looking up for me at last .. still can't eat much though think thats why i feel weak now ...

  • Hi Sharon its not been a good week for me i have spent 3 days of it in bed ..just didnt want to face the world can't go out much but do try just to the local shops for a quick shops then back home but its out for half a hour .. i have phoned mind up about staying in bed she told if you stay in bed 4 days aweek its not good .. i dont think i am so depressed just panic keeps me in bed i feel better hiding away in there .but lifes passing me by got doctors on monday am just dreading each day now i don't know what to do anymore or who to turn to ..Sharon

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