general anxiety disorder

I am 18 years old and about 4 days ago I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. I have been feeling like a fever developed or what's so ever. Then all these problems started happening to me like head pressure and I already been to the doctor and he said that my head pressure was mostly due to my anxiety and stress. But now I feel like I develop fevers and sometimes I feel like they come and go. so can somebody explain if anxiety can cause a fever

Ever since my anxiety has gone bad these fevers come up

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  • Hi Geometro, I will try to explain what you are feeling. It is not a fever but a hot flash due to the stress response in your body. When we are afraid different things happen to us. We have a change in our perspiration, heart rate, respiration and our metabolism. These cause our bodies to get hyper-stimulated and cause hot flashes that feel like instantaneous fever. It comes and goes and is usually corrected by relaxing and calming down. It is not dangerous. Using relaxation and deep breathing will help your head pressure as well. Hope this helps...

  • thank you soo much for replying to me. I feel like I am losing control of my anxiety. Now I feel these hot flashes are happening every 5 min. I am always worried about something or stressed. But should I see a doctor I or therapist to make sure that what I'm expirancing is a hot flash.

  • Geometro, you have to try to calm down which I know is very difficult when stressed out to the max. Drink something cool and start taking those deep breathes. When you have these hot flushes from anxiety there is a certain strong odor to the perspiration, Not to worry about that either. You have to try and not fight the "fight or flight" response. It only makes it last longer. Of course you can see your doctor or therapist but you need some control right now. Maybe there are others who have found ways to bring down that heat feeling. Just remember, it is not dangerous. Keep us informed how you are doing from time to time. Take it easy....

  • Geometro, I feel so bad that you are struggling right now. I've been through it many times and know what you are feeling. As I am writing this I am slowly breathing in, holding it for a few seconds and slowly breathing out. I do this throughout the day and evening to keep some control over the anxiety. The sweating is annoying, I understand. You could try a cool towel on your forehead as well as the back of your neck. While doing this do your deep breathing. With each exhale say the word "release", getting rid of your bottled up stress. Let us know when this symptom goes away even for a while. You will be okay....

  • Hi Geometro, just checking in and seeing how you are doing today.

    Any better or still the same.

  • well now I have been trying exercise more to help my anxiety. Yesterday I went on a long bike with my dad and I felt that it helped me a lot. The fever or hot flash went away. I guess I feel a little better.

    I have another question is it normal to look pale from anxiety.

  • Geometro, I think we all have our days that we look more pale. I think trying exercise will perk up the color in your cheeks. It also helps with the endorphin levels going up which will give you a good kind of high. I was thinking of you this morning when I had a rush of heat hit me while I was pacing back and forth waiting for my car to be towed. :) Hang in there, you are doing well.

  • thanks and now I also feel like my anxiety has affected my stomach like at first I was constipated yesterday and now I feel like my anxiety changed the way I breathe and whenever I breathe through my mouth I feel this cool sensation going down my throat. Is that normal

    I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions it's just that I want to know more about anxiety.

  • Geometro, you could never ask enough questions about something that impacts your life daily. The more you learn about the disorder, the easier it will be to turn the negative thoughts around. The stomach can very well be affected by anxiety as well as a change in the way we breathe. The cool sensation you feel is just that, "a sensation". It's not harmful. Remember that anxiety does affect all parts of our body. It's our thoughts we have to change and with that will come relief of bodily symptoms. :)

  • I had this sensation a couple of weeks ago. I woke a couple of times thought the night feeling like I was getting sick or something. But then it went away. I was strange.

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