10 months into Anxiety

Hi, I came across this forum and thought I share my experience since I see a lot of people going through what I am going through. I have severe anxiety, which partners with Chronic Worry and it is taking over my life. I worry that something is seriously wrong with me, like I have come horrible disease and the time is ticking before I blow up. I've been to the hospital tons of times and they tell me it's GAD but it's so hard to accept it when I have so many physical symptoms. I have shortness of breath, stomach issues, dizziness, muscle twitching, balance issues, headaches, chills, tingling in my hands and feet. It's horrible. I've never had anxiety as a kid, it just came about as I turned 30 when I had a panic attack.

It's like my brain will not process that I'm not in danger. I keep myself busy, I do a lot of acitivities, I exercise, eat good but can't stop worrying that it's not anxiety. However, seeing everyone's stories sound so similar to mine that it is giving me a breath of fresh air. I do not want to take meds because I want to conquer this on my own... with prayer, and every tool that's not medication. Can anyone give me advice.


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  • Breathe when you start feeling your FIRST symptom come about just breathe in through your nose to 3 then exhale to 4 this will calmyour body down also take magnesium everyone on this site is recommending it i just started myself yesterday

  • Great! Thank you!!

  • You say you have so many physical symptoms. May I suggest that you have no physical symptoms, no symptoms of physical illness whatsoever, all your symptoms are symptoms of anxiety caused by your over sensitised nervous system. So although the symptoms are very real to you and certainly cause great discomfort, they are fake symptoms caused by blips and glitches in your over sensitive nervous system.

    The proof of what I suggest to you is that none of your 'illnesses' ever show up on a scan, an x-ray or a blood test. Nor a gastroscope or any other test that doctors can devise. They can't show up because they are not physical illnesses, they are the result of your overworked nervous system playing tricks on you, they are fakes, they are frauds, they are not for real.

    So how did your nervous system become so sensitised? You must have gone through a period of stress, worry, diasappointment or over-work or possibly all of these. Your nerves could stand it no more. So how do you recover from your bad feelings? You can, you know, lalakeyss. The trouble is that you react to the symptoms of anxiety with fear and fear is what fuels your your sensitised nerves. They need less fear not more. So instead of reacting with fear and further stress when the nervous symptoms strike all you have to do is ACCEPT the bad feelings calmly and with the minimum of fear that you can. After all, you now know that the symptoms you suffer are just tricks your nervous system is playing on you. It's as simple as that, accept the fraudulent symptoms of anxiety disorder, accept them utterly, and go on accepting them.

    Acceptance is no quick fix, you took a long time getting your nervous system into this state so it's going to take a little while to recover. So you must practice Acceptance with persistance and let time pass. But in the fullness of time your nerves will cease to be sensitive because you are no longer bombarding them with fear. They will become normal once again. And so will you. And you will have the reassurance of knowing that if anxiety disorder ever returned, well, you'd know how to deal with it because you'd done so before.

    All healing comes from God but He works through ordinary people to direct us towards recovery. One such was a woman called Claire Weekes, an Australian doctor now passed to the realm of spirit, who more than 50 years ago wrote a book to promote her discovery of how Acceptance can heal us from anxiety. The book is called 'Self help for your nerves' or if you are an American it was published there under the title 'Hope and help for your nerves', both books still available from Amazon. If you look at the hundreds if reader reviews you will note that over 90% rate the book as Very Good or Excellent and give testimony to how Claire Weekes' teachings gave them back their lives.

    Need I say more?

  • Hi. Jeff1943 has given you some good information there.

    I would just like to add, if I may, that your anxiety stems from what you think and focus on. Your body and mind have learnt to behave this way because that is what you have believed you felt and so focused on.

    At some point you experienced something that made you worry slightly about your health, this was amplified by your subconscious and your body went into fight or flight mode and seeing as there was nothing for you to fight against or run away from you ended up in a state of panic and anxiety because of the adrenaline that was coursing through your body but not being utilised.

    You need to retrain your subconscious to not focus on becoming anxious every time you believe you sense or feel something that you think is a sign of something more serious...because it's not.

    How? Distract your mind, counting purposeful breaths 1 to 10, 1 being both an in and an out, saying your phone number backwards while counting your breathing. This will create a distraction for your mind so that you don't focus on the physical aspects of the effect of the adrenaline and your body will begin to calm...after awhile, with practice, you will have a command over this and it will lessen and lessen until finally...it's gone now.

    You can do this.

  • This is amazing advice. You are absolutely right. It's like, my mind and my body won't realign. I try to distract my myself and breath, think positive thought, everything under the sun really... but my mind is so powerful that it beats me. I will overcome this, I am very strong and determined... so I truly thank you and everyone else on this forum for advice. It's calming to hear that I am not the only one who battles this.🙃

  • Your mind and body are aligned which is why you're suffering. You have created this story of misalignment to justify your anxiety. If you remain telling yourself this story, your mind and body will give you what you're asking for...the feeling of misalignment!

    Do not think anything other than counting your breath slowly for a count of 10 and tell yourself this "(breathe in) I am being silly, there is nothing wrong with me, (breath Out) I can deal with this, I'm so silly to think these things, c'mon now, calm down...1" and repeat and repeat until you calm down. Your mind may wander back to trying to convince you that something is wrong...ignore it, push the thought away...tell yourself you're being silly...battle with your subconscious, don't let your subconscious convince you of something that is quite obviously not true. It is hard at first but it will get easier and easier with every breath and every time you do it.

    I look forward to the message you send me when you've conquered this.

  • TruthSi72, I truly believe in what you say. It's what brought me to where I am right now. Thanks for your input. :)

  • I have those feelings all the time it's horrible aI do take small dose of Prozac and xanax it does help some it keeps me from going to the ER all the time I just can't get it together .

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