Recovery mode from Generalized Anxiety Disorder


I am new to this site! Like any person who has GAD, they google their worry , this morning I was getting anxious and the chronic worry started so I decided to look for a support group!

For the past 2 weeks I've been dealing with the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety... Although doing a lot of cognitive work (because I am unsure about Medicine) i still find my self in a worry to where I panic . I feel disconnected from reality and my physical has just took a major dump! So I'm here looking for support, I'm here to get some reassurance that I am not alone and I can over come this !! I'm here to make friends and maybe as I'm at my weak moment I can be insipired by others who are putting in the work as well!

I know I will over come this , but I need some awesome back up from a community who goes through the same as me!

Please comment and give suggestions anyone not taking medicine ? Anyone took both medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy ?

I need some advice :)


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  • Hello

    So what things do you actually do to help yourself with this?

  • I journal , I allow my self to become aware of the worry and let it pass through and accept it, as a thought not as reality.... belly breathing ....

  • Hi I don't take any medication for my anxciety I take a day at a time I feel more anxsous at night if my partner is away so I destruct my self with things like playing on the PS4 reading or listening to my favorite music I still struggle with getting out of the house but I just do what I can every day always here for a chat I get loads of anxciety sysmptons from sweating to racing thoughts or the fear of beeing alone happy to chat 😊 I found this group really helpful 🙂

  • Hi, I was given beta blockers yeasterday and they've worked wonders although made me a bit more dizzy and nauseous

    I'm going to collect a smaller mg dosage today to try and stop these side effects but the anxiety has been much better, I don't feel like my nerve ending are shooting out of my body

    Like you, I'm not going out , but so wish that I could

  • I got my peak last April 28, 2o17, and yesterday, I went to psych, I just found out I got GAD. I got medications, far, little by little I feel relax, only the hot flashes is my concern.

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