Talking to someone without anxiety/panic disorder

I think one of the worst and most annoying things a person without these issues can do is undermine your symptoms and how you feel to try and make it seem like your anxiety is an inconvenience to them.

I really hate when someone asks what's wrong and I try to talk to them about it and they just try to make me feel like I'm crazy or that I'm just "tripping out and need to stop" or the classic "idk what to tell you man just go chill or something"

If only it were that easy :/ I really hate this.


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  • yeah i also feel like this, i guess people just don't understand the mental health illness.. i use to think about depressed people like how could you be depressed like how can you get to the point where you commit suicide ect. but now i really understand because i've been through it all. I mean God forbid it'll have to get so far they will experience it themself but i do agree people need to be more sensitive and take mental health illness seriously. This is why i feel so lonely because i have hardly any friends that i can talk to this problem i have about.. i actually remember i was on holiday with a friend and i was anxious about something and she told me not to freak out which i found very selfish and hurtful but then i realise she doesn't understand what I'm going through

  • Exactly ,

    People not understanding is an issue especially when it's people you'd expect to be there for you at that time.

    It's more than just "freaking out" or "being crazy" if we knew how to control it then we wouldn't have anxiety.

  • i just find it annoying that when people have an illness that you can see for example a injured leg ect they would have more sympathy like ''aww hope you get better soon'' like i don't want any sympathy but i'd prefer people to be less harsh about it and just be there for me :(

  • Same here,

    Having people laugh at you during an anxiety attack, or tell you to shut up and calm down or to just get over it is probably some of the worst reactions I've gotten.

    Especially being laughed at, because at the moment the danger is 10000 real to us.

  • yeah i remember i had a panic attack in public and i was outside hyperventilating and there was a girl next to me i was telling her I'm having a panic attack and she's like ''what are you panicking about though?'' at that moment i felt so silly stupid and embarrassed. its nice we can talk about our problems on this website because we all understand each other and know how we all feel.

  • Only fellow sufferers can truly understand your struggle, people just don't get where your coming from unless they've been there themselves, one of my friends once told me to "pull myself together" haha, I laughed in her face and replied " imagine your worst fear and saddest thought then times it by 10" thats just how bad anxiety/depression is for many people, and thats often on a good day xx

  • Yes ! It's like having a nightmare while you're awake. Is the best way I can describe it to people.

    Tonight was the first time it actually brought me near tears though because I realize how bad it has gotten.

    It makes me so sad sometimes because I remember being young and being happy with no worries just being sad here and there and being anxious over fun things but now it breaks me down so bad sometimes I don't know what to do. I'm so thankful for you guys because without this site I would have lost my mind

  • Sooooooooo true

  • I know what you mean ! when ppls tell me think i roll my eyes👀 time to time lol but we need to listen even it gets really hard to get it off ur mind ive been praying also i thank god for helping me tho and friends on here like u it helps me alot !, when i get mad in fusterated my anxiety comes super fast the few past days it was hecktic for me i would explode but no anxiety thank god i feel like my self lil by lil im just happy in so many wYs plus im eating alot more! its ever since i had my IUD put in me not sure but i ive been really bitchy to my honey idk y lol

  • I need to figure out what works for me because it isn't fun at all constantly or randomly after a period of feeling fine you get hit with this overwhelming sense of dread and "the end is near" feeling. The worst is when someone gets mad at you for having a panic attack and it just makes it worse

  • Have you tried watching some of the anxiety related youtube videos? Some of them are so helpful and can provide alot of advice and reassurance, David Daish and Barry McDonagh aswell as Dr Claire Weekes, all worth checking out, I've made my own little list on youtube of my favourites, I just go to them whenever I need that extra bit of reassuring words, try it :-) xxx

  • It is true ! my husband was never understanding i had to deal with this alone along with my kids thank hod for them understanding if i have one of my days they help me and make sure i listen too ocean relaxing music and drink my tea and there only 7 and 4 its amazing how there understanding and a 29 year old isnt lol but hes getting to the point now where hes understandimg hoestly because when had pneumonia and i did everything in power for him to feel comfortable soups meds 7up all the above and once he started feeling better i was so drained out 4 hours sleep each night i asked him to let me have a couple hours sleep in the morning nope he kept buggn i got so mad i blew up i told him that he should apprecaite and cut me some slack all thati did for him i didnt ask for nothing but a few hours of sleep that i can drop his ass like a hot tomalie and he tey to find some ome else to take care of him because its hard to find to have it all with a girl that does everything the new young generation dont do crap but party now he knows not to mess with me lol im saprise i didnt get anxiety tho

  • Yeah having someone in a relationship who triggers your anxiety to get worse by not being supportive can be a wreck

    Ultimately if they aren't meeting you halfway with effort then it isn't worth it in my opinion

  • Me too !!!!

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