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I've been suffering for so long but today has been good. I started taking lorazepam, and it made me feel so good like DP/DR was lessened and I was calm and felt normal. however my anxiety is overpowering it, what if I'm just getting used to it? How could one tablet change me in a day? What if I'm already dead and this is my time to pass tonight after a good day ? I'm almost scared of feeling better because I forgot what it was like.

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I say this with much respect but you should take advise from your user name. GET REAL! You are stronger then your anxiety. Don't be afraid of the feelings you have because, remember, they are just that... feelings. Everyone lives with anxiety. For some they are just amplified to a certain higher for others.

I havent been on this forum for too long but the posts I have read and responded to have all surrounded around feeling strangely. Well if you continue to focus on it it will be the only thing you see. I know it is easier said than done but someone told me that I need to really focus on the positive vs the negatives. This goes for everything in life. Positive what if's are just as powerful if not more than negative what if's.

Right now you're saying you are afraid that you are feeling better because it might be the end.... The only one (in my belief and faith) that know when you are going to go is God. No one in the world knows when you are going to go or how. So why dwell on it.

If you feel good embrace it! Thank God for allowing you to feel this way and helping you.

In regard to your medication, I don't know how long you have been taking it but from the post I got the idea you have been taking it for just one day? If so, you might want to give it more time than just one day. Patience is a virtue and can not be stressed more when it comes to people like us.

At the end of the day what I am trying to say is you are a strong individual and you have the power to live a normal life. Many, many people have with this issue. You just need to learn how. A member here said it great in a post they wrote, "you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and eventually it will go away. Im having anxiety right now...LIKE RIGHT NOW, but I know it will go away. I recognize it, I say "HI! thank you for coming, and thank you for letting me know how I feel now. I'll take this information, process it, analyze it and deal with it.... then say Bye!" Sounds silly maybe I know but really your telling it who boss. It aint going to hurt you so.

I hope this helps and if you need someone to talk to more just reach out.

Pray. Breathe. Pray some more. and everything will be just fine

God Bless



Thankyou so much! Could you message me on here privately as Your positivity could really help right now


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