Going to the DR for anxiety

I have had anxiety for as long as i can remember. At least 18 years. It caused me to drop out of school, lose jobs, it has ruined every relationship i have been in. I feel like it is ruining my life. I get so anxious that i cant eat or sleep and constantly worry about everything. I dont like to get attached to someone because i know i will ruin it because of my overwhelming anxiety. I have finally decided to see a doctor about it getting a prescription for something. I considered counselling, but i feel like that would not work for me. I dont want to talk to someone about it, i just want it gone or at least manageable. I have read and watched videos on the different medicines that people have tried, Xanax, Zoloft etc. I dont know which would be best for me. I cant wait 4 weeks for something to start working, i need something that works fast so when i have an attack i can get immediate relief. Ive never gone to a doctor about it, or anything else aside from a physical. What questions do they ask? Does any PCP/GP have the ability to prescribe medication for anxiety?


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  • Hi JJAz556, To answer some of your questions and concerns. Yes your PCP/GP could certainly prescribe medication for anxiety. I personally feel that would be more for short term relief. When anxiety becomes chronic it is best to see a psychiatrist or psychologist who can evaluate you and prescribe what they feel would work the best for you. Since medication is not an answer but just a relief while you work on getting some answer, therapy goes hand in hand with the meds. Not wanting to talk with someone and just wishing it away is not going to work. It will go on another 18 years. Getting prescribed something that works fast when you have an attack is a way to become dependent or even addicted to the benzo medications. It sounds like anxiety has taken over your life long enough and you need find some answers that will put you back in control. Wishing you well.

  • Finally going to see your doctor is a step in the right direction, it's obvious you can't do this alone, we sometimes have to accept that we need help, your doctor will decide what's the best course of action for you, if that involves medication or therapy then so be it, you've nothing to lose by trying whatever the doctor recommends, there's no quick fix to this though and you have to accept that your illness may take time to be resolved, don't expect too much too soon if you want a full recovery, take advice from the doctor, accept your symptoms and allow time to pass, you've already taken the first step in the right direction :-)

  • Your family doctor is able to prescribe medication. If you have been living with anxiety for such a long period of time why not try medication in spite of the time needed to be effective.

  • Recently it has gotten worse. Just a lot has happened that has made it worse to the point its hard to even function. All of my local doctors are booked until next year, but i did get an appointment with a Physician Assistant on Wednesday. However i dont even know if they can write prescriptions or not so i dont know if i made the right choice. I thought maybe if i could get medication for now, it would help with the anxiety of maybe seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist.

  • Well i went to the doctor, i feel like it was just a waste of time. The guy acted like he couldnt have cared less. Prescribed me Wellbutrin, which reading about not only is not designed for anxiety, can actually INCREASE anxiety. Also prescribed me something to help me sleep which i may or may not take. I feel like nothing was accomplished and im back at square one...

  • Yes, PvP doctors can prescribe it's up to your doctor

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