Do you use Natural resources/medication/vitamins to deal with anxiety? i do...let's share!

i took primrose oil for a while and now i'm trying siberian ginseng, which is said to help control stress levels, help with fatigue and even mild depression...just started it a week ago, it may be for other reasons but the fact is that i'm feeling better this week. let's wait and see the long term results!...

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  • Hi anne,

    That sounds good, I used to take siberian ginseng back in the 1980's, its great when exercising I found.

    how was your anxiety affecting you before taking this? as I'm very interested.

    wishing you well


  • Hi

    I used to take evening primrose oil but I didn't find it helped anything, I have recently started yoga and running, not at the same time though ha ha. Just as exercise is known to release endorphins and make you feel better and although its not a miracle cure I find it does work and the yoga helps to relax my body and mind. I have also just recently started drinking Valerian root tea and St Johns worts tea but the Valerian tea tastes and smells foul I find it hard to drink so haven't really given it a chance, I can manage the St Johns worts tea just, so I will see how it goes.

    I will look up Siberian ginseng though and maybe give that a try. Xx

  • Don't use St John's Wort though if you're on anti-depressants as they can't be taken together.

    A good quality multivitamin can also help as B vitamin deficiency can be a big part of depression and anxiety.

    Valerian tea is good for sleeping - as is lemon balm. You can get it from although not cheap - worth it though IMO.

  • Hi

    I don't take anti depressants, have just started drinking the St Johns wort tea, so hope it will help a bit.

    I will get some vitamin b and give it a go as I have heard that it can help.

    Will also check out the website you mentioned.

    Thank you for your advice. Xx

  • Hi ane I take a fish oil capsule every day and also take vitamin B complex twice a day which combines all b vitamins in one tablet and i am a big believer that these combined with the Citalophram i am taking have greatly helped me through a really bad bout of depression, but it's taken time so i wouldn't say it's an instant cure!

    take care

    Ruby xx

  • In my opinion, the reason people take anti-depressants is because they work. They can have rotten side-effects. NOBODY wants to them but if you need a crutch for a short-term the can help.

  • I really want to try new stuff, but I tend to hesitate cos I fear thing I found that really isn't that expensive is the twinnings honey/camomile tea, tastes nice good to have before a relaxation session...I really want to try yoga, also thinking of trying to go swimming - difficult going out sometimes though, but at least its not bad everyday now - and bad days are less and less...until I reach pms time, then I have to start all over - anybody got a working remedy for that one?

  • I too am weary about reactions specially medications after I had a very bad reaction to efflexor which I was given about twelve years ago..and ended up at hospital. So ever since then I will mot take any kind of tablets. I drink chamomile tea and ginger and lemon tea they are nice I have also tried chinese herbs but they were vile and used to smell the house out lol...i also listen to relaxation cds and they do help x

  • I have been depressed and anxious for 2 years and have just started to take a high fish oil calledEPA and at the moment feel a bit better so we will see the feedback for it is excellent, but still have shaking but not crying now so time will tell Take Carexxxx

  • I just looked up this EPA fish oil after reading this comment and it sounds really good, I am just going to order some and see how it goes.

    Thanks. Xx

  • I'm on meds and would like to get off but i'm still not feeling well what should i do trying to find a holistic doctor but having a hard time

  • I'm afraid to take supplements because of the meds i'm taking. I do take VitaminD and Calcium Vitamin C is supposed to be good too VitaminB and magnesium I take magnesium calm it a powder you mix with water.

  • I take lexapro 20mg , 1000mg of fish oil, multivitamin , and probiotics. I also walk every morning mostly before work. I have increased my vegetable intake and I only eat chicken, fish and ground turkey. All organic meat no

    Hormones or steroids.

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