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How do you cope with driving anxiety?

I get i to an agoraphobic state of mind the moment I get behind the wheel of my car and have to leave town (my comfort zone) I hate highways due to the fear of being trapped and the one time I had a terrible panic attack in traffic on the LIE was PETRIFIED and ever since then I avoid highways or expressways due to fear of being TRAPPED and even if I stay in the lane with the exit that doesnt help still gives me the fear i recently tackled this fear head on and had so much anxiety but kept driving and kept telling myself BREATHE your not gonna pass out nothing bad can happen i got through it but i still avoid it i was so proud but i said NEVER AGAIN will i do that.. I have a moble diffuser for my car and put on calming lavender or anxiety essential oils and listen to calming music but it doesnt seem to work the best as the symptoms grow stronger even if I let it "ride out" i have been dealing with this for a very long time i would say 5 years now.. im just so scared to go fight this fear head on maybe because I fear putting not only mysef in danger but everyone else around me.. i act on fear when behind a vehciles and that could be very dangerous especially if Im busting a u turn to try and go back to a familair location when Im in a familiar location im not anxious i could be havingn a fullblown attack but the minute I see a familiar location the panic stops immediately its so bizarree.. ill panic in an unfamiliar zone and then out of nowhere im back in a "safe zone" and its all gone like what the heck..

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Driving anxiety is something that I suspect is very common but nobody ever mentions it. I experience it mildly specially at roundabouts I'm unfamiliar with despite my trusty satnav. But I really do think it's a case of regaining confidence and the old saying "do what you fear and the death of fear is assured" is the solution.


I'm the same. Not so bad on my good days. I'm terrified of left hand turning lanes when there is a red light. I feel trapped so won't use them. I completely understand. I use to take 14 hr drives to the beach! I actually loved to drive before. It's all related to my generalized anxiety. It's truly awful. I did an online driving anxiety program once and I was actually doing great! Then it all came back.

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What was thdo program?!?!


I used to get the same way. Music helps me or having my anxiety dog with me helps a lot. Talking to yourself about things, singing to music, calling someone you can talk to about random things. Etc :)


Id love an anxiety dog lmao is it a real one?


Investigate The DARE Response by Barry McDonagh. I have had excruciating driving anxiety since July last year and while I am 100 % with driving with a passenger, i have tremendous difficulty driving alone and the number of extra kilometres I will drive to avoid certain traffic lights or roads with no shoulder is ridiculous. Since doing DARE I am now driving anywhere amd everywhere on my own. Can say that it is a guaranteed solution to recovery. The premise is from Dr Claire Weekes and there are loads of support options with extra programs and facebook forums. Buy the book and get all the free audio and app. Best money I ever spent to say au revoir to anxiety.


Is the app free? Or payed? Is it on apple?


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