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So about 6 months ago I started experiencing different symptoms like shortness of breath flushed cheeks feeling panicked negative thoughts etc . I would always get a new symptom and worry about it so I would search the symptoms and worry more . I went to the doctor to get blood test but this was 3 months ago and they said everything was fine . I've been trying to not think about it and hope it goes away but the one symptom that still remains is the low energy and feeling like your gonna faint . This feeling is everyday sometimes it's not as bad and other times it can get worse . It's affecting me from going to work too . Also I don't like my job at the moment so I feel sad to go to work , I don't know if the job is making it worse or not . My boyfriend tells me not to worry and that I'm just thinking too much but he's not the one feeling like this . I tried these vitamins sunshine improve your mood with a bit of st jons wort and they seem to help just a bit but j was wondering what else can I try,!' I'm scared to take medication for it and I'm trying acupuncture now . I only went twice so far . I need to get rid of this anxiety but I want to find out what's causing it . I think it's because i suppress emotions too . any advice would be appreciated . I just want to feel okay but I know it takes time .


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  • Those Sunshine supplements are more for depression than anxiety...although you never know for sure how they will help you! They certainly won't hurt you! Ella, have you thought about visiting with a counselor/therapist.... I have a feeling it WOULD help you... You sound like a very open and honest person and this is all in your favor when talking with a professional!! So good for you! Please, do consider this... it doesn't have to be an ongoing thing.... at least have enough sessions to 'get it all out' and get some advice or direction.

    Talking with friends and or loved ones is good and they can give you support (hopefully)... but they can NOT help like a counselor who is coming from an objective viewpoint...

    Best wishes to you, Ella!


  • Hi Betty thank you , do you any supplements that's are good for anxiety ? I have been talking with my boyfriend and family about it , my family was going through a stressful time when I first got some symptoms . I did have a few sessions with a girl who is studying to be a psychologist. It's just a feeling that I have of feeling faint and weak , and negative thoughts make it worse . Also my job is triggering it now because I don't like it very much .

  • Magnesium tablets and Vitamin D are good for anxiety.

  • Hi Ella, really sympathise with you here I also am going through similar with the faint feeling and it really does get you down as it impounds on everything you try to do, one thing that is helping me at the moment is another lady here mentioned a book called The DARE response it is a book for anxiety by Barry McDonagh, I have it on my kindle and it is helping me a lot :) It has not stopped the faint feeling but it is helping me to understand it a lot more and by realising it is stress doing it and allowing it to be instead of adding more fear it doesn't escalate and I am able to keep the feelings within normal range so they don't get so bad.. still horrible to have but then I need to work on my own self more by saying what I feel to others and not holding stuff in which I do all the time..have a look at the book it is well worth it and does help xx

  • How long have u been going through it

  • Thank you for your reply :) yes the faint feeling is stopping me from doing things I like to do because it definitely scares you. And feeling low on energy doesn't motivate me to do things . I will give that a book a try thanks :-) I feel the same way as u do , I always bottle up things inside and don't say what I feel and suppress emotions .

  • Ella I have suffered with anxiety and depression all my life, had a nervous breakdown when I was 24 and it lasted 2 years.. throughout life as you know we get illnesses which cause feelings of faintness and it's then anxiety kicks in again and it produces adrenaline which then makes the faint feeling worse and on and on.. it is a vicious cycle, good luck with this x

  • Thank you I am reading the book it definelty makes sense and helps to understand the anxiety cycle . i am also trying acupuncture and herbal supplement. It tells you to allow the anxiety to be present in however it manifests and to accept it n not get upset or frustrated but at first that's hard to do because of al the symptoms that u get . So it would take practice to have the so what attitude and to fully embrace the anxiety and to stop the cycle .

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