Any odd symptoms you all have with anxiety ? Let's share & give advice ?


I wanted to talk & interact that's all. I thought it'd be an eye-opener to see all of the issues we go through with only anxiety alone. I wanted know any "odd" issues you've had with anxiety , that's NOT the typical symptoms you'd see online. I mean the kind of issues Dr's find "odd" or ones that some dismiss as not being anything then later you'd find it was related to anxiety. Let's share. Ok for me I'll share . I sometimes get little aches in the lower part of my neck in the front . I'll get these sensations in my head ..twitching , burping habit . That's all I could think of. But I figure instead googling it , we could share things , maybe also if one of us knows the natural remedies, you could share. I'm currently having a panic attack while writing this ..grreatttt 😒


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  • Hi hippieebbbz09,  I think that's a good idea to share stories rather than Google.  For the most part what  you are feeling is more likely felt by others as anxiety related. Swallowing air and belching is common with anxiety as well as the weird sensations in my head.  A fullness, a spacy feeling are common.  Tight, tight back of neck when pushing oneself in doing what they can't because of the "what ifs".   The list goes on and on.  The natural remedies are far and few between but when adapted to the individual they do work.   I'm sorry you are having a panic attack, I hope it starts quieting down soon.  Take care...

  • That is a bad one I get belching etc. But the worst one I get is when I'm in public or get into a car or with people I get panicky and anxious I also throw up so I stay at home mostly. Get tired a lot 

  • I'm sorry macman, that does have to be the worst.  I hope someone is able to help you with that symptom.  I've never experienced that problem.  Take care.

  • people have anxiety is different ways i guess. Like mine is affected with my stomach. IBS and Anxiety doesn't mix well. 

  • macman,  years ago at the beginning of my anxiety I had spasms, from there it went to migraines/tension headaches and then more recently it became the butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach and lightheaded and feeling like I would pass out as well as blurry eyes.  So you see it does hit everyone differently as well as at different times of their anxiety.  I didn't however, ever have vomiting.  I hope you will be okay. 

  • thats not good. yeah anxiety does some weird stuff. it also stops me going out as i have social anxiety hence the bad stomach. ill be okay just stay at home a lot.

  • One last thing macman,  I am agoraphobic and for 6 years stayed in the house until more recently when I have been venturing out more each week.  Not there completely yet.  But I keep trying.  Goodnight, maybe tomorrow will be better.  :)

  • I hope you feel better now. I know, just writing about it can make you anxious. It has happened to me, but it will pass. I got all of the above before and just lately started feeling palpitations during naps, not while I sleep at night, only naps...go figure. I started taking Magnesium a week ago. So far, I haven't seen any big results yet, but I know that I don't feel as tired as I used to. Palpitations during the day (without napping) are almost unnoticeable. This is a good thread for everyone to share!

  • I have really bad headache tingling in hands feet chest tighten dry mouth bad thoughts sleepless nights irrated blurry vision Hard to believe is all juss anxiety I get so nervous is hard for everyday to function I also get very tired out nowere

  • That's like my symptoms in a nutshell :/ sucks doesn't it. I hope you get better 🙊 I hate the tingling sensation the most 

  • Yes i feel like iam going crazy 

  • I'm also tired of going to the clinic for every little thing . I have to break out of this annoying habit & I will. But anxiety could be that creepy sometimes & you want reassurance from a professional , that's totally understandable  . But with my issues I'd be in there daily . The clinic's bills are adding up & affecting my pockets too smh . Thanks for liking the thread guys :) . Anywho, like I said before feel free to come here & vent about things . Let's kick dr. google's a** . 

  • I had a burping habit for a long time, until I found that I was making myself burp whenever I felt bloating or discomfort in my chest. If you are doing the same, next time you start burping a lot, force yourself not too, and accept the chest discomfort, after doing this for a while the habit may go away like it did for me. My anxiety symptoms now are head twitches, occasional chills in my face and forearms, tightness in my neck, and a burning sensation in the lower part of my neck(heartburn). :) The book DARE by Barry Mcdonagh really helped me change the way I respond to these sensations and I am noticing them less everyday. 

  • I get terrible tension headaches almost feels like a pressure sensation in the head and sharp pains throughout my head which can feel very odd at the best of times 

    I'm blaming anxiety as I have had lots of tests done and my next step is a neuro if anyone else has these symptoms feel free to send me a message 

  • I get very sore stiff muscles like 24/7. Left side dull chest pain like sudden sharp pains. Lately its more intence burning pain in my left shoulder blade and then moves to my right shoulder blade. I also get very panicky when my arms start feeling heavy and pain. Sometimes i feel very out of it and confused.

    God is the great healer He wants us to be healed we must trust and believe in His faithfullness.

    I hate it when i get pain in my jaw its like it just suddenly decides to just tence up and then just stop paining again.....i have even had burning sensations on my toes...i get allot of cramps in my feet aswell. Pain

  • I feel like I'm walking on cotton wool or I'm on a boat! It's the worst feeling out of everything I've ever had!! 

  • I sympathise with macman. I get so anxious and panicky that  I don't feel like going out but I do try and make myself otherwise I feel I let myself down. The other symptom I feel is guilt because I hate letting people down but sometimes have to if I am having a very bad day.

  • I do the same thing and also hate letting people down. I hate it that people probably think I'm just an a-hole that never wants to do anything with anyone, but my anxiety has kept me from doing so much especially with close friends and family that I'm really losing touch with. It's stupid because I'm aware of the problem just can't seem to solve it yet.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I know sometimes I should bite the bullet but I find it so difficult. I know people say try and breathe deeply but when you feel so anxious, its easier said than done! Are you taking any meds? Its so hard. My doc says to try and distract myself when I feel anxious or down. She says just try and do a simple task which may make the panicky feelings diminish. I do have days when I feel a bit more confident but they are few and far between.

  • I've been to a lot of different therapy lately and every one tells you about deep breathing or belly breathing or whatever. It does work for me sometimes until i get to a certain point and just can't concentrate enough. Distraction has worked for me a lot over the years, but lately I'm in this depression that makes it hard to stay interested in anything. I'm in my 6th week taking paroxetine 20 mg and i don't think it has helped at all, i'm just more spaced out and lathargic and would probably have an anxiety attack every day if I didn't take clonazepam too. It's really hard to find help with this stuff where I live, but I am seeing a new doc next week actually and hope to change meds. I took escitalopram for a few years in the past, but i was constantly drinking back then and never really knew what effect i got from it so i might try again now that i'm sober. I read your post about Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine, how is that working out for you? I was wondering if an snri might be what i should try next. do you feel that if gives you more energy?

  • I totally get where you are coming from re: not being motivated. I sometimes find it a struggle. When I feel like that, I try to do is some sort of very simple task i.e. sweeping the garden etc which helps to take my mind off things. I've been taking Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine for a while now but just after Christmas I really started struggling again with dep/anx. My psych has added Lamotrigine. Its for people who suffer from seizures but is now also being used for anxiety. Its a sort of mood stabiliser. You have to start really slowly on it and I am still not up to the full dosage yet so difficult to say if its working. The mirtazapine really helps me sleep well which is good. You could try Venlafaxine if SSRI's aren't helping. I was taking Paroxetine for years and it really worked well for me but about a couple years ago it didn't work anymore. I am going through the menopause so with fluctuating hormones doesn't help either. It may be worth sticking with the Paroxetine for a bit longer and see about upping the dose. Then if you have no joy you could try an SNRI. I do get tired more easily but its difficult to know which tablet is causing it, but most of the time my energy levels aren't too bad!I just loathe this anxiety so much because it gets in the way of so many things that I used to enjoy. I hope this info has helped you a little.

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