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Hi my friends, i don't know if this will be of help to some of you, my doc came into see me yesterday, she had printed out information from a website called " Moodjuice" it was 33 pages long. This site helps people with all types of Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression, and other health problems, it gives you questions and answers as how to help yourself through all types of illness, maybe some of you will have already been on this site. IT has been a great read for me, maybe it can help some of you, thought you all wouldn't mind me sharing this with you. Take care Hugs to you all xx

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Hi and Thankyou,

I'll stick to what I know and where I feel safe for the time being. I may try it when I'm feeling not so desolate and detached from my reality.

I hope others find it helpful though, the more info the better prepared for battle we become.

Love Cookie xxx


Tha sanmure,

I'm off to check it out right now :-)

Hugs to you too



Hi Cookie, its a long battle you are right, and we are all here to help each other when we can, i have had a lot of support and thought it would be nice to give some help back to everyone, guess we can only take one day at a time, sometimes i feel like a recluse, but at the moment its just tiny steps each day, just keep hoping theres a light at the end of the tunnel Take care Cookie Hugs San xx


Hi again, it's always good to give back. I wish I was my old self again. I know and believe I will get there it just an uphill struggle at the moment. I've had a lot, I mean a lot to deal with this year and we are only half way through. God help me xxx


Hi B, just take your time when you go on the webpage, as it came from my GP i knew it would be ok for me to tell everyone about it, take care Hugs San xx


Hi Whatnext, theres a lot to read, but give it a try its helping me understand things, we all need as much help and support we can get xx


Hi Cookie, never give up, ive been like this off and on for 7yrs, its only in the last month i have asked for help from my GP, guess i decided i couldnt go on like this, ive been through a lot myself, but in the last year ive got worse. So far the Mirzt has been ok taking Diazepam as well, feel like ive been to an all night party every morning, staggering around the house for an hour when i get up, banging into doors and falling over anything that gets in my way on the floor, ( wish i was young again} could cope with it then. Your never alone on this site Cookie everyone of your friends are always here for you anytime. We will get there stay positive please i know its hard. Hugs San xxx


Dear sanmure, it's wonderful that you've finally reached out for help after such a long time of suffering. Please keep yourself safe and continue taking the medication your Doctor has perscribed. I really hope you find peace and work through your issues.


Hi sanmure

Thank you for the information, I am always very interested in this sort of thing so thanks for sharing, :-)

I will take a look too. Xx


Hi loubie, i hope the site has some information that can help you, let me know how you get on. Hugs San xx


Hi agora, thankyou for your very kind words, i am very hopefull that i can turn my life around some day, the meds are fine, they just make me a bit stupid sometimes, but i will cope, its a small price to pay for the chance to find my true self again and move on with my life since my husband passed away age 56yrs, take care hugs San x

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