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How do ppl deal with anxiety at work??

So ive been slowly but surely getting along with my anxiety it used to be so bad that i couldnt leave my room n i would have intrusive thoughts i was soooo depressed but now i feel energized and im able to go out just a little bit but heres my problem when i go into public i can last 20 min when i suddenly start feeling dizzy and feel im going to pass out then i get the urge to just head back home and as soon as im home the feeling is gone so im planning to go back to work but im not sure how to handle this feelings at work with out feeling like i have to rush home any suggestions?? Or how do u guys handle???

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I have anxiety that's kept me home bound for a while. I get something similar when I go out, more like a panic attack. Once this happened on a bus and the driver stopped to call a doctor but I managed to jump off and hide. I used to stress so much about it happening that I just added to my own stress all over again! I think your attitude is really good, looking ahead realistically.

What I've done since is learnt to go out for longer and longer in small doses, although some days I go back in pretty fast. I am not sure about work yet and may do translating from home, but I am definitely a lot more confident than I was and I'm sure you can get past your symptoms or at the very least learn to delay them a bit more each time and then feel better and better.

Good luck :)

Maybe try and find exactly the more specific triggers outside? Mine is related to social anxiety so its mainly just people (fun...) but at least I am more aware of it and can cross busy pavements and avoid crowds for a while if need be etc


Thank u i think my trigger is being in public and something related to my health might happen n i wouldnt know how to run out or no one will know whats wrong with me or wouldnt know how to react ... Ive had major health issues one being a pulmonary embolism at work wich i tought it was a panic attack and also i had a heart ablation for my fast heart rate so being in public just gets me so nervous because what if something happens ... Ive done much better than beffore im able to go to a restaurant and sit there for about n hour but i just think work is 6-8 hrs i dont know how i will handle


Do you have to go to work at the moment? I mean are you ready? Have you had any meeting with your managers re how returning might work? Is it possible to have short breaks at work where you could go for a walk or just stretch your legs? I think keeping hydrated and breathing deeply when appropriate works for me. But you need to think about some strategies that will work for you. Also id you have the option could you just do 3 days or work from home? I had to resign from my post due to ill health and now work just 3 days. This enables me to do a reasonable job while i am there.



Im a store manager at a mcdonalds i started at the bottom as a cashier n now i run the store i know every position by heart at first i had thought of just going as a regular floor manager to a store but i know im going to end up doing the work of a gm so i decided to just go back as gm i had taken time off because of my health but now that i suffer anxiety i feel that being the store manager i can take the breaks when needed without having to ask n i always have a floor manager there just incase someone calls out im just terriefied of going back and something happening to my health or that i start feeling dizzie everytime i feel bad i just wanna run home i mean the owner has been really genorous and agread to acomadate me like not going to meetings till im comfortable n working less hours and less day hes been great with acomodatimg me since last year that i got sick he told me to take months off n i did he said i could take up to a year and my job n position would be there waiting for me i just feel the longer i stay home the more my anxiety n depression will aggravate


It seems you have a back up in case it gets the best f you. That alone can reduce the stress level greatly. My "backup" left for another job and that is what triggered my stress and turned it into anxiety. I wish you the best.


Thank you ive been working for about 4 days already n so fAr is been ok i mean ive been able to work 5-6 hrs rather then 8 hrs before i start feeling i have to run out and well the only symptom so far is the dizzyness i mean as soon as i stop moving around or i stop to take a break i start feeling off balance like im going to fall so i try not to take breaks i just hope everything keeps going as is


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