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Which mineral supplement?

I have my vitamins pretty much sorted but I was wondering about minerals. I was taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement but decided to stop it an concentrate on my vitamin B12, B vitamins generally, vitamin C and vitamin D. I also take high strength cod-liver oil which contains vitamin E and I presume it contains vitamin A as it is contraindicated in pregnancy. I also take Spatone when my iron isn't too great.

I was wondering about minerals though. I don't really know how much of each I need to take and I wondered if anyone knew of a multi-mineral supplement that contains everything I need. A good level of magnesium would be good, as would selenium.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Carolyn x

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Hi Carolyn

I would certainly suggest you by myhills mineral magic. Go to her website and check out the product. It lasts ages and so is cheap for the amount you get.




Thank you. I have actually been looking into this and it seems to be just what I am looking for :)

Carolyn x


Carolyn hi, its nice that I can share feed back for a change, Magnesium flakes are very good and some contain calcium. They are to put in the bath, I feel Magnesium citrate was not getting to the places I needed, I am yet to try Magnesium oil? not sure about selenium, was looking into this, as it seems to reduce antibodies.


merissa xx


Thank you. I had a lot of success with magnesium citrate but it would be nice to soak in the bath with magnesium, especially after a lot of exercise! I'll have to get some in for those days. I might even find it better than the tablets :)


bone broth is good for minerals, put the bones in the slow cooker with water and a spoon of cider vinegar. Add carrots, celery and onions, 2 of each, and boil away for several days. You can dip in to make soups and gravy and top up every day until the bones are really soft.

Coconut water is full of minerals, and you can drink it straight or use it to make porridge. Fruit and veg are good, and you could add an extra serving at mealtimes, especially greens.


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