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People on this forum seem very knowledgable, and I was hoping someone might be able to advise me on which vitamins and minerals are important to supplement to keep well (I had half my thyroid removed and then was diagnosed with hashimoto's) am on 75 mg levothyroxine. I am vegan, and avoid gluten. I currently take vit d3, b12, omega 3 and am just about to add vit k2. Other than a general multi vitamin, is there anything else I should take? Any help appreciated, thank you.

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Hi Midnightblue,

I too suffer from Hashimotos and after a lengthy battle to regain my health I now feel I have the right concoction of vitamins and minerals. I took advice from a Neuropath and he put me on Solgar V2000, Solgar Zinc Picilonate, Solgar Chromium Picilonate, a 20 billion probiotic ( which I get from healthspan) vitamin D3 super strength ( I was defficiant) a balanced omega 3,6 and 9 (Healthspan) I was also advised to take wheatgerm oil, supergreens and kelp. However after research I found too much iodine, unless defficiant which in the western world few are, is antagonistic for Hashimotos disease. After stopping the kelp and supergreens I felt greatly improved. I also take selenium which is essential for the thyroid but in the form of 6 Brazil nuts a day. Other usful things are coconut oil and Q10. i=In addition to this I take Vitamin C in the form of a powder to assist my adrenals. Also I take Nutri Thyroid. I know the list sounds exhaustive and you may well rattle! But my health really has improved due to all this. However its best to not take the supplements all together and if you can I advise an appointmnet with a Nueropath as they can do a full health profile for you and find the right mix for your body.

Hope this helps a bit.

KInd Regards

Libby :)


I would add magnesium. As you may know, it is difficult to absorb which makes it an excellent laxative. The adrenals need magnesium, more when under stress, and it is very easy to become deficient. A good type is magnesium glycinate. It is beneficial for your muscles including your heart.


Thank you both very much for your replies. I will add those to my list. I like the solgar brand too as is usually vegan and gluten free (a further complication when trying to choose vitamins! ). Libby, what is the coconut oil for? Thanks x


This is a link and take supplements 4 hours apart from levo.


A very useful link, thank you.


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