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Medichecks and the way forward

Hello So I've had a Medichecks ultra vit and these are my results


Thyroid Function



6.63 mIU/L (0.27 -4.20)

FREE THYROXINE 12.7 pmol/L (12.00 -22.00)

FREE T3 5.21 pmol/L (3.10 -6.80)





ACTIVE B12 131.000 pmol/L (25.10 -65.00)

FOLATE (SERUM) 5.46 ug/L (2.91 -50.00)



21.3 nmol/L

(50.00 -200.00)

Interpretation of results:

Deficient <25


Inflammation Marker





5.28 mg/l (0.00-5.00)

Iron Status



218 ug/L ( 13.00 -150.00)

So in summary I am not on any medication age 58 and still perimenopausal. I can see that I am hypothyroid but don't have any antibodies. I need to supplement with Vit D / K2 (would like to try the spray at high dose?) My GP has refused any medication until TSH reaches >10. A little ray of hope is that I have to see a cardiologist soon who within the NHS is monitoring my heart (aortic stenosis but very mild) I will mention these and other results (high chol, trigly).

Has anyone gained a referral to another consultant within the NHS?

The CRP and ferritin elevation might be my liver as previous ALT was high - I guess I need a diet ( BMI is about 36) as this might be the cause of inflammation and high ferritin? If all else fails I guess I can see a private endo Thanks for reading

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You have tpo antibodies plus your TSH is 6.63

If you have hypothyroid symptoms you should be treated irrespdctive

Your T4 is low

Your body is on final compensation with a t3 of 5

Which will not last


I can't really do any more about my situation apart to ask for help. The TPO antibodies seem well within range. I don't know from what you are saying the implications are if I don't get thyroid supplementation and I am trying.


In range is not the issue

You have positive TPO antibodies

Your TSH is over 5 and if you have hypothyroid symptoms you are supposed to be treated

If you search for the latest article /research by Dr Midgeley (its on forum) he explains that just before the thyroid gives up it has a last burst of t3 which is why your freet4 is low but your free T3 is 5.0

If your not treated a myriad of symptoms will soon hit you hard


Her TPO is in range at 13.9, not over range. Am I missing something?

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Antibodies go up and down so they are not that vital ...the fact remains her TSH,freet4 and her hypothyroid symptoms are what matters


Your thyroid does look to be struggling, which would not be helping with your weight. It would be great to get on some thyroid meds, but how?

Try asking the cardiologist about it. Take your results with you and a bullet list of your symptoms. Sometimes one consultant will refer you to another one, rather than going through your GP (where it sounds like you'll have to wait until you're in a poor state with a TSH of 10 before they treat you.)

I would cut out all sugar, alcohol and most processed carbs and eat veg of every colour, nuts and good fats (coconut oil, avocado, fish oil, olive oil), garlic, onions and protein, to help heal your liver. But this is a debated area...

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Your Total T4 is at rock bottom and TSH above range

Folate is low and vitamin D is terrible

Improving vitamin D, aim to bring level up to around 100nmol or at least 80nmol ensuring you also take magnesium and vitamin K2 Mk7(to keep calcium going to bones) important too


A good vitamin B complex with folate in might also help

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



Only start one supplement at a time and wait at least 10-14 days to asses, before adding another

Ferritin may be high due to being hypothyroid

I would get vitamin D and folate improved and then retest in 8-10 weeks. If thyroid still like this, see a recommended thyroid specialist from Thyroid UK list


OK a good start with Vit D and K2 so would I start on about 5,000 iu Vit D and what dose of K2 with this ? Thanks


You can buy vitamin D mouth spray with vitamin K2 Mk7 or buy separate. Personally I buy separate. Just changed to try new brand of vitamin K2 Mk7 - Healthy origins.

You should not take vitamin K if taking blood thinners- eg warfarin

Lots on here find the Vitamin D mouth spray good as it avoids poor gut function of being hypo.

Most popular option is to try 3000iu daily and retest in 2-3 months. You might want to check with cardiologist about all three; magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 Mk7

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