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Perfect results

Urea and Electrolytes

Sodium 141 mmol/L 133-146

Potassium 4.9 mmol/L 3.5-5.3

Urea 4.3 mmol/L 2.5-7.8


Calcium 2.42 mmol/L 2.10-2.58

Adjusted Calcium 2.18 mmol/L 2.10-2.58

Albumin 52 g/L (H) 35-50

Alkaline phosphatase 62 U/L 35-105

Full Blood Count

WBC 6.95x10^9/l 4.00-11.00

Rbc 4.56x10^12/l 4.10-5.10

Hb 143g/L 120-150

Hct 0.429 l/l 0.369-0.460

MCV 94.1 FL 80.0-100.0

MCH 31.4PG 27.0-32.0

MCHC 333 G/l 315-345

Pit 227x10^9/L 140-400

Neut 4.70x10^9/l 2.00-7.00

Lymp 1.64x109/l 1.00-3.00

Mono 0.50x10^9/l 0.20-1.00

Eos 0.08x10^9/l 0.02-0.50

Baso 0.03x10^9/l 0.01-0.10


TSH 0.79 mU/L 0.27-4.20

Free T4 23.8 pmol/L 9.0-26.0

Free T3 4.8 pmol/L 2.8-7.1

eGFR 60 mL/min/1.73m2

Creatinine 61 umol/L 50-90

parathyroid HORMONE (PTH)

PTH (intact) 2.7 pmol/L 1.1-4.2

Calcium 2.42 mmol/L 2.10-2.58

Albumin 52g/L 35-50

Adjusted Calcium 2.18 mmol/L 2.10-2.58


WBC 6.95x 10^9/1 4.00-11.00

Hb 143g/L 120-150

Hct 0.429 l/l 0.360-0.460

MCV 94.1 fl 80.0-100.0

Pit 227x10^9/l 140-400

Neut 4.70x10^9/l 2.00-7.00

Tissue Transglutinase (TTQ)

igA Abs 2.1 KU/L <5.0

VITAMIN D 48 nmol/L (L) >50

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Apart from Vit D at 48nmol/L. The Vit D Council recommends a level of 100-150nmol/L. Your result would be classed as in the Insufficient category.


I have had some concerns over liver/kidney function as eyes tend to go very yellowish and my skin seems to have a lot more darker pigmentation and sometimes a yellow tinge than normal. I have enough sun exposure do you think i should take a supplement.



Not everyone can make enough Vit D naturally from the sun. Marz lives in Crete and has to take a Vit D supplement.

Personally, with your level, I would supplement to get it up to the recommended level.


I grab some on Thursday. Didn't realise vit D affected some many things, I'm shocked. Gp or Endo didn't pick up on it. So thanks for noticing.



If you have Hashi's then using a D3 spray gives better absorption. If not then a D3 softgel such as Doctor's Best would be good as it contains extra virgin olive oil to aid absorption of the D3.

There are important cofactors needed when taking D3 as recommended by the Vit D Council -

D3 aids absorption of calcium from food and K2-MK7 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it is needed and away from arteries and soft tissues where it can be deposited and cause problems.

D3 and K2 are fat soluble so should be taken with the fattiest meal of the day, D3 four hours away from thyroid meds.

Magnesium helps D3 to work and comes in different forms, check to see which would suit you best and as it's calming it's best taken in the evening, four hours away from thyroid meds

Check out the other cofactors too.

I would be looking at taking 5000iu daily (or 6000iu if the oral spray as it comes in 3000iu strength - BetterYou) for 6-8 weeks, then reduce to 2,500iu or 3,000iu daily for 4 weeks then retest. Once you've reached the recommended level you'll need to find a maintenance dose by trial and error, you may need more during the winter months than the rest of the year, it may be 1000iu or 2000iu daily, maybe more.


Another really informative link, i didn't know there was so many different types to choose from. Ive saved that link on my favourites thank you. I didn't manage to get to the health store today but hopefully will get there tomorrow.


There’s no folate or B12 test

Or thyroid antibodies tested

Do you have Hashimotos- diagnosed by high thyroid antibodies


... or Ferritin :-)


I think that's the Hb result.


Oh 😊


Yes i have Hashimotos, i think they only check once to confirm that it is Hashimotos. I don't think they have ever checked B12.


So as you have Hashimoto's are you on strictly gluten free diet?

According to Izabella Wentz the Thyroid Pharmacist approx 5% with Hashimoto's are coeliac, but over 80% find gluten free diet helps significantly. Either due to direct gluten intolerance (no test available) or due to leaky gut and gluten causing molecular mimicry (see Amy Myers link)

Changing to a strictly gluten free diet may help reduce symptoms, help gut heal and slowly lower TPO antibodies

Ideally ask GP for coeliac blood test first


I don't have coeliac already tested for that. I am taking some lactulose which helps restore gut health. On occasions when i cannot get hold of gluten free stuff i have a little bread in the form of panni from time to time.


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