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Recent blood test results


Im a bit clueless on all of them, some dont come back with ranges, which i dont understand why, SHBG is very high apparantly, but again there is no number for me on the sheet i have been given with results , only (*) :/ loads of tests seem to have been done, not sure what ones are any use to me, but will list them all and see what you think

Adjusted calcium 2.34 (2.10-2.58)

Albumin 43 (35-50)

Alkaline phosphatase 74 (35-105)

Baso 0.02 (0.01-0.10)

Calcium 2.40 (2.10-2.58)

Creatinine - Mulpipl (50-90)

Eos 0.12 (0.02-0.50)

Ferritin 30 (10-150)

Folate 10.5 (3.9-26.8)

Free T3 4.6 (2.8-7.1)

Free t4 21.2 (9.0-26)

FSH 6. (no range given)

LH 12 ( no range given)

Lymphocytes 1.63 (1.00-3.00)

MCHC 337 (315-345)

Mono 0.60 (0.20-1.00)

Oestradiol 473 (no range given)

Potassium 5.0 (3.5-5.3)

Prolactin 201 (<501)

RBC 3.95 (4.10-5.10)

Sex hormone binding * not been told number just told high

Sodium 141 (133-146)

Testosterone 0.8 (<1.8)

TSH - not been given , only has * wrote :/

Urea 4.3 (2.5-7.8)

Vit b12 569 (191-663)

WBC Multipl (4.00-11.00)

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was told all levels are good and in range apart from SHBG but some look low, like the RBC is under range, ferritin is in range, but low?


dawnuk Ferritin is definitely too low, it needs to be half way through it's range, with a minimum of 70 for thyroid hormone to work properly. I think you should ask your GP for an iron panel to be done but prepare to be disappointed. You could supplement with Ferrous Fumarate (from Amazon) and take one tablet twice daily, take each tablet with 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption and help prevent constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from thyroid meds, other meds and supplements as iron affects their absorption.

B12 could be higher, it is adequate but recommended is 900-1000. Personally I would want to supplement with 1000mg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges.

Folate should be at least half way through it's range (15.35 with that range) so I'd be supplementing with a B Complex containing methylfolate. If supplementing B12 we need a B Complex to balance the B vits.

No Vit D???

FT3 looks a bit low for the FT4, but how do you feel?

in reply to SeasideSusie

tired, zero sex drive, bruise easy, can just nudge up something and i get a big bruise. hairloss and its thin, feel like a bag of nails to be fair lol

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Your hair problems are typical of low ferritin.

What thyroid meds are you taking?

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200mg levo a day x

in reply to dawnuk

On 200mcg Levo daily and with these results

Free T3 4.6 (2.8-7.1) - 41% through range (should be in upper quarter so this is low)

Free t4 21.2 (9.0-26

) - 71% through range (should be in upper third so this is fine)

And your FT4:FT3 ratio is 4.6 : 1 and good conversion takes place at 4:1 or lower

Then it would seem you're not converting well enough and the addition of T3 is worth a try but also important is to get all your vitamins and minerals optimal, plus start taking selenium, L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily, to help conversion.

You could do a Genova Diagnositics urine thyroid test to see how much is getting to the cells and how much T4 is converted to T3.

my t4 has dropped to 5? above tests was done 6 weeks ago and now t4 at 5,

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