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Hi all, I am under the observation of my lovely GP and have been on Thyroid-S for the past year. All my labs are in range and I have been REALLY well this past year. I'm just out of my NDT and trying to find a new source as I obtained my first supply through a fellow patient who didn't do well on it, so I bought her newly opened pack. I'm heading to Corfu on Monday and wondered if I could buy it there, does anyone know? If not, can anyone PM me a source? Thanks, H

Here are my labs:

Ft3: 2.1 pmol/L 3.10-6.80

25-OH vit D level-(MBA). 89 nmol/l (>50 sufficient.)

Vit b12 (mba) 702 ng/L (180.00-900.00)

Magnesium (SA) 0.82. (0.70-1.00)

Serum electrolytes (SA)

Sodium 141. (133.00-146.00)

Potassium 4.5 (3.50-5.30)

Creatinine 66 (45.00-84.00)

eGFRcreat 1.73 m*2 >90 (> 90:normal)

Calcium 2.4 (2.20-2.60)

Serum ferritin (MBA) 49 ug/l (15.00-445.00)

Total white cell count 8.5 10*9L (4.00-11.0010)

Red blood cell count 4.76 10*12L (3.80-5.3010)

Haemoglobin estimation 130 g/L (120-150)

Serum free T4 16.2 pmol/L (12.00-22.00)

TSH <0.02 mIU/L (0.27-4.20)

Drs note: results suggest over replacement. A reduction in FT4 should be considered providing the patient has not had thyroid cancer and requires suppressive therapy.

I have not had thyroid cancer and have been on 4 grains thyroid-S.

Iron: 19.49 (6.60-26.00)

TIBC: 59.39 (41.00-77.00)

Transferrin saturation: 32.82 (20.00-55.00)

Ferritin: 63.9 (13.00-150.00).

Thank you.

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Thyroid-S is from Thailand. There is no NDT available in Corfu. Levothyroxine is usually available OTC.

How long did you leave between last dose and thyroid blood test? TSH 0.02 is suppressed which is why the doctor suggested you are overmedicated but FT3 is considerably below range which indicates undermedication.

Ferritin is optimal halfway through range but your iron panel indicates iron levels are good.

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Hi! Thank you so much for getting back to me. There was a full 24hrs, probably just over, between last dose of NDT and bloods being taken. What would you suggest re: doseage? Is there a reason why bloods would read over medicated and under medicated at the same time? Should I try less NDT with additional T3 do you think? How do I get the Thyroid-S from Thailand? Do I just google it? Thank you so so much again for getting back to me so promptly. H



It's impossible to be over medicated and under medicated at the same time. Suppressed TSH does not indicate over medication as long as FT3 is not over range. Most people adequately dosed on T4+T3 or NDT will have low or suppressed TSH with FT3 between 5.0 - 6.8. I would add some T3 to your current dose. Try 6.25mcg intially to see how you tolerate it and then increase to 12.5mcg in divided doses morning and nighttime and retest 6-8 weeks after increasing to 12.5mcg.

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Oh thank you! Your reply has been soooo helpful. I've been trying to get to the bottom of things for so long now, I can't tell you what a relief it is to have "spoken" with you. Thank you so much. X

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Put a new post asking for pm's telling you where you can buy Thyroid s and t3 :) My previous source has gone so can't help I'm afraid, I've enough for over a year so not looking myself just yet.

Good luck




I have purchased Thai ndt from <website> (Canada). Thiroyd s - am on holiday so can't check the exact name. very well priced, delivery was initially quoted at up to 3 months but it arrived in around a month.

Have been using it for a few months and it perfect - also buying through <website> is safe.

Your t3 is too low and the t4 around mid range is ok. Maybe some t3 could give you a bit of a boost. I used t3 and ndt for a couple of years to bring my t3 levels up and now use just ndt.

Good luck

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