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Help with results please?

I have been taking NDT since last August and am on 3 1/2 grains. These are the latest results from Blue Horizon, which I am disappointed with. The Free T3 is over but I don't feel overstimulated. Lingering intermittent symptoms of UAT - fatigue, joint pain, swollen ankles ( recent symptom). I thought the Free t4 would be lower, as I am taking NDT. Reverse T3 is high. Do I need to change the ratio of T4:T3 and reduce the NDT and try introducing some T3. I tried T3 last year, not very successfully, but took too much at once - 12.5 gms twice a day.

Antibodies have gone up since last tested whilst I have been on a strict Auto-Immune protocol diet.

My Ferritin is, once again high having been (187 44-186) in September.

I'll have my B12 dose currently 5000 mcgs per day

Feel like eating a large piece of cake.

B12 1553 (197-771)

Folate serum >20 (>2.9)

Ferritin 398 (13-150)

TSH 0.01 (.27-4.2)

Free T4 21.8 (12-22)

Free T3 7.7 (3.1-6.8)

Vit D 100 (50-200)

TGA 205.4 (0-115)

TPO 90.9 (0-34)

Reverse T3 33 (10-24)

I have copied these results to my functional doctor as well.


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Are you supplementing iron? If you MUST stop immediately. Your ferritin is too high and a high ferritin level can give you some of the problem signs and symptoms you have including fatigue and joint pain.

If you aren't supplementing iron unfortunately you need to go and talk to one of your doctors asap as you could have another problem.

Be aware they will tell you to stop supplementing vitamin B12 as well.

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Hi Blue Bug, I started taking a multi mineral supplement 6 days before this test. It contains 3.5 mg of iron. I'll stop taking them anyway. Why would I need to stop supplementing B12, which is very low if I don't supplement?


Hey Scazzoh :)

Don't stop the B12 - B12 is impossible to measure accurately once you're supplementing. We thyroidies are rubbish at playing keepy uppy with B12 if we don't supplement this despite a high score see here what happened to me 😲 when I stopped my usual 1000mcg a day fix Polaris 😘 sorted me out

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Thanks for the tip. I'll keep taking it.

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When some doctors specifically GPs see a vitamin B12 level well above the range they freak out. So you will be advised by the GP to stop taking the vitamin B12 supplement.

Yes we do know on here that once you start supplementing with vitamin B12 a serum vitamin B12 test is useless as it just shows you are supplementing but unfortunately many doctors don't.

Oh and the 3.5mg of iron won't explain why your ferritin level is so high. I have to take tablets with 65-70mg of iron in them regularly to keep my ferritin level up, and apparently you only absorb around 20% of it.

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PS, my C reactive protein is normal 3.1 <5.


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