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Help with Interpretation of Results

Hi everyone,

Thanks to some members recommmending having private blood tests, I have received the following results (below). Can anyone recommend what these thyroid results mean? I already take 200mg levothyroxine a day and if anything, since my dose has been increased, it has made me more tired.

B12 - 223 pg/ml (range 197-771)

Ferritin - 12 ug/L (range 13-150)

C Reactive Protein - 5.2 mg/L (range <5)

Total Thyroxine T4 - 84 nmol/L (range 59-154)

TSH - 8.41 mIU/L (range 0.27-4.2)

Free Thyroxine - 12.1 pmol/L (range 12-22)

Free T3 - 3.3 pmol/L (range 3.1-6.8)

Vitamin D - 37 nmol/L (range 50-200)

Thyroglobulin Antibodies - 323.7 IU/mL (range 0-115)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies - 135.7 IU/mL (range 0-34)

Reverse T3 - 20 ng/Dl (range 10-24)

These results totally contradict the results I had from my doctor 2 weeks ago as he said my TSH levels were too high and showed I was slightly hyper and my B12, vit D and iron were all absolutely fine.

Thank you so much for any help - it would be great fully received

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Umm... I think your doctor is slightly confused. Your TSH levels are too high, but show you are hypO. If you were hypER, then your TSH would be very low, like 0.01 or something. Your Frees are also at the very bottom of their ranges, so you are very hypo.

You also have Hashi's and all your nutrients are much too low. Your doctor should be investigating why your ferritin is below range.


Thank you so much for your reply - I felt like my doctor had confused things when I saw these results but I'm not sure if more levothyroxine would fix this or whether there is also an issue with conversion


It's a little too soon to know about conversion, because they are both so low. But probably not. However, there is a problem with absorption. On 200 mcg levo, your results should not look like that.

How do you take your levo? Do you take it on an empty stomach, and leave at least an hour before eating or drinking anything other than water? Are you taking any other supplements or medication with it? Do you have acid reflux?


I take my Levo in one go first thing in the morning, usually leaving several hours before food but always at least 1 hour before. I also don't take any other tablets before lunchtime leaving a 4-6 hour period at least before taking any other tablets although these are usually taken at dinner time anyway. I don't have any acid reflux.


Then there has to be some other reason why you aren't absorbing your levo - because you aren't absorbing it to have a TSH so high and Frees so low. Your B12 and ferritin are also low - ferritin below range! - so, you aren't absorbing them, either.

I would say that that is what your doctor should be investigating next, but he doesn't sound as if he's capable. I think you need to see a gastroenterologist.


My b12 and FERRITIN where pretty similar when my GP said they were fine.. Garr... Might be an idea to post those results on the Pernicious anaemia forum on healthunlocked. I just supplemented with 5000ug b12 and multi b to balance for two months and now take 2000ug b 12 and multi b daily. 3x ferrous fUMMERATE 210 mg daily for 3 months then 2 for a month which got up nicely and now maintenance dose one daily, each taken with 1000 vitamin c. Your d is woefully low also, vitamin d3 spray 3000iu and k2 to send calcium to bones not arteries is what I take but many advise higher dose initially. Get these things sorted should help but you are very under medicated :O , frees at the bottom and high TSH you need an increase in LEVO even this not wise one can see that. Conversion not an issue as both frees bouncing along ln the bottom

Lol greygoose being very polite about your GP being 'Slightly' confused haha

More wise ones will no doubt be along to give expert opinions

Good luck

Linda x


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