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Anyone help with results please

When I get tested at Lancaster my T4 is always around 27 / 28 but these results from a different hospital and my t4 is in the normal range. I am not on any medications for thyroid at the moment as one hospital says it is high when tested there and another hospital says it is normal when tested at their facility.

free t4 13.5 (10-18.7)

t3 1.7 (0.02 - 6.00)

sodium 141 (133-146)

potassium 4.2 (3.5-5.3)

urea 2.9 (2.5-7.8)

creatinine 58 (40-95)

calcium 2.43 (2.20-2.60)

ast 21 (7.40)

total protein 69 (50-80)

albumin 44 (35-50)

bilrirubin 8 (3-20)

alkaline phosphatase 61 (30-100)

adjusted calcium 2.37 (2.20 - 2.60)

cortisol 357

tsh 1.93 (0.3-5.0)

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The lab ref ranges are needed for Lancaster as lab ref ranges vary. 27/28 is top of the range for some areas.

When were the tests done?


Range for lancaster is 8 to 18 results are:

December - 27

January - 27.2

March 27.6

June 28.1

July 28.2

Range for Blackpool hospital 10-18.7 results are:

April 10.9

August 13.5



I'm assuming you didn't take thyroid meds prior to the Lancaster blood draws? Was lab error at either hospital investigated? I can't think of any other reason for such disparity. What were your TSH and FT3 (if done) results for the same periods?


Not taken any meds for thyroid yet (luckily)

Blackpool consultant is writing to Lancaster lab as he must think it is an error.

Lancaster is already under special measures, it is described as 'inadequate.'

I know that Lancaster changed the way in which the lab refs were taken before i had my results because someone on reception mentioned it to be at the time as they couldn't understand the new format. Does it sound plausible that the change in lab refs has resulted in wrong results?

I haven't got results with me at moment so can't update fully but my FT3 has always come back in normal range. The only result which was outside of normal range was T4.


Littlemissthyroid, I don't know whether changing the ref ranges means that the results are wrong or someone has misinterpreted them.

Your Blackpool consultant is on to it anyway and if your FT3 has always been in range I wouldn't take any notice of the Lancaster FT4 results.


Thank you. You know I have been worried all year. I thought I must be really ill with an overactive thyroid and a heart rate of 45.

Thanks for the reassurance!


Just to update. All of the tests i had done at Lancaster were unreliable. There has never been anything wrong with my thyroid. I worried all year for nothing! I wonder how many other people this is happening too?


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