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My recent blood test results

tsh 3.54 (0.5-5.5)

free T4 23.7

sodium and potassium levels

sodium 137 (133-146)

Potassium 3.8 (3.5 -5.3)

creatinine 63 (52-88)

my tsh seems rather high considering my free t4 is 23.7 last tsh reading was 2.8 tsh im on 125/50 levo

dr tested these because i said i thought my adrenals might be low, i crave salty food all the and seems low in range for potassium and sodium dont know what creatinine means- the score i mean ?

I also get really bad pms pdd about two weeks into start of my cycle that gets progressively worse until i start period, then i have couple of weeks feeling balanced then unstable again with hot and coild sweats, severe anxiety, feeling cloud of depression, and keyed up with severe palpitations first thing in morning. i thought it was thyroid related but not sure think bad pms as i have plotted same time of month for last three months on calendar. im also on low dose combined pill and stops me feeling more flaky.

i have started taking magnesium, calcium and zinc high vit c as it helps thyroid and pms plus b12 sublingual tablet.

any suggestions would be helpful

about blood test results and what they mean.

any answers or suggestions would be helpful

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Your GP should have increased your dose of levo. It looks as if he is yet 'another' who is happy the patient's levels are 'normal'. We feel much better if our TSH is 1 or even lower.

Ask for an increase in levo. If he queries this say that Dr Toft of the BTA recommends a low TSH and if he would like a copy of his article which was in Pulse online you can provide him with one. Your TSH shouldn't rise when you are taking hormones - a rise in TSH indicates you need more hormones.


Hi shaws, I asked for printout of blood results I posted above as I had written them down over phone, but wasn't sure whether they were read properly over phone. The free t4 is 23.7 which is over high ref limited of (12.0-22.0). Yet my tsh is not going down its gone up to 3.54 tsh my free t3 was 4.6 last blood test. Does this suggest I need over 150mg of levo or its not converting so well and I should try t3 or ndt?


Did you leave a gap of 24 hours approx between your last dose of levo and the test?

Your TSH is too high for someone on 150mcg of T4, so it would seem in my

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Well I was on 125mg and did leave 24 hr gap, I dropped back to 125mg because of palpitations but am now on 150mg Levo again and taking Korean ginseng and b vitamin complex, plus calcium, zinc and magnesium complex to see if that helps plus b 12 sublingual some days as well. Shaws do you think t3 only might be better for me? I'm starting to wonder...


Being mindful I'm not medically qualified, it would appear you're not converting T4. I would be tempted to trial T3 only. I am assuming you don't feel well on your present dose.

Maybe first try T4/T3.


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