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Am I menopausal? So tired yet wide awake during the night, and early morning. Recent itching skin.high B12 high vit D, Help please

hi I'm supplementing daily with

5000 jarrows b12

ferrous fumarate420mg

125mg thyroxine

30mg T3

5000 vit D

3000 vit c



3000 fish oil

Vit B complex

Serum progesterone 21.6 nmol/L

Serum FSH 8.5IU/L (1.7-21.5)

Serum lutenising hormone 6.6IU/L

Serum oestradiol-17B 210 pmol/L

Vit D 132nmol/L High( >50nmol/L <30nmol/L)

Serum iron 9umol/L (10-30) Low

Transferritin 1.90g/L(2.0-3.6) Low

Ferritin 95ug/L

(pre menopause 13-150)

(Post menopause 13-300)

Transferritin saturation 19%

B12 >2000ng/L (197-771) High

Folate 14.1ng/L (4.6-18.7)

Free thyroxine 12.6pmol/L (12-22)

TSH <0.01 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)

Free T3 4.3 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

I've noticed a low in form and energy since I had the mirena coil removed in February.

I'm not sleepin as well and have wondered if I'm menopausal.

I've an appointment tomorrow and wondered should I have it refitted?

My libido is 👎🏼

Thank you for any advice you can offer 👌🏼

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Hi Sun,

What does your GP say about your health, re the mirena? If you were used to the additional hormones, you might ask for something else, less invasive, to try first, then see how that makes you feel.

I don't understand blood test results, so I hope someone else can chip in with analysing yours, but your low libido could be high prolactin, which you've not mentioned.

I had hot flushes all day & night for 6 years, & couldn't cope. Foe two years, I've taken an HRT that my friend's gynae sister recommended, & it helps a lot. Just as big a boost, was starting NDT last year. Wish I'd had that in 1979!



Hi what is the HRT product out of interest

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It's supposed to be the safest brand on the market. I've felt good on it, & it even stopped my excruciating period pain, as well as 99% of my periods.

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My gp said there would have been no progesterone circulating in the body to affect my hormone levels so she can't understand why I'd feel so bad after mirena removal.

I'm no scientist, but I know I was awlful for 9months after I got it in and waited 2 yrs for a hospital appoint to have it removed since my gp surgery "didn't offer it"

Whereupon the gynae consultant said "why didn't you pull it out yourself"

I've had these bloods done by private endo as my gp said I didn't need hormones tested, and if she did do them, she wouldn't be prescribe me anything. I'm guess they didn't test prolactin ? Thank you for your reply, and yes I'd be interested to hear the HRT of your friends sister too.

Nearly 40yrs you've waited for NDT, shame on this medical training system for letting us down 🕵🏻


That doesn't sound good, nor does your GP!

You have no local GUM or women's health clinic to go to? There are a few drop in centres in the small town where I live, & at the nearest hospital.

A lot of women recommend progesterone cream, from wild yam, as being effective. I might give this a go, if I decide to come off HRT, but at the moment, I'd buy it if I had to, rather than go crazy(er).

Friends have gone loopy on cheap HRT. I only decided to try this one on recommendation, & it's been marvellous. It does contain synthetic progestin, which can have side effects, but none to report, as yet. My friend would tell me if anything better is available.

I have a pituitary adenoma, which causes secondary hypothyroidism. I've what I now know to be symptoms since 1978, but just thought I was cold, fat, depressed, & sluggish, etc, by nature. Blood tests for thyroid hormones are in normal range, but my prolactin was three times that which indicates a tumour. My son has just had an MRI as he's experiencing the same issues. he has private healthcare, so I hope he can get NDT if necessary.



At the gynae appoint today I asked about prolactin levels, the consultant said they'd be high if I was hypo, and not low, I said we don't know as I haven't had them tested. Needless to say he didn't offer to test. I've been told to take evening primrose, but I have investigated the progesterone cream so may try that. I hope your son gets treatment faster than the rest of us. Thank you


It's a bit like banging one's head against a wall! :(

Investigating would be too much effort...

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B12 excess is supposedly excreted but it does have some minor side effects including itching.You haventwice the amount recommended by the pa charity so reduce your intake.


Thank you,Treepie

I'm so glad the supplement is working, but hadn't it tested since last August When it was 302ng/L.


I cut the 5000 tablets in half when i started itching for a daily dose.Now take 2500 every other day when I remember.

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I'm liking the cutting of tablets idea 👍🏻


i would stop the b12 5000 and just take a b complex. I would lower the d3 5000 to 1000 or take it just on odd days. i would look into bio identical progesterone cream and black cohosh and maca...or macafem.....for better sleep....

your hormones are out of balance which is causing the night sweats, usually too little progesterone and too little estrogen but estrogen and progesterone out of balance. which means you need a little of both.....


Thank you jacrjacr, I showed my hormone results to gynae consultant today and he said they were OK, that I wasn't menopausal and that I should try evening primrose oil.they really don't care.

I will take your advise on the supplements and cream.

Many thanks


waking up at night is a sign of hormonal dont have to be menopausal to have a inbalance....evening primr oil capsule are good... may want a second opinion....i was waking mid night , waking up hot, or just feeling alot warmer than my husband....i was put on bio identical hormones that helped....but they are many things like maca that is suppose to help balance them naturally and that is over the can google it.....and it is worth a try......maca doesnt change your hormones, just balances them.....


hindsight i would have tried more maca and over the counter stuff b4 resorting to bio identicals hormones........


Thank you I'll have a look at the video. I'd not heard of Maca , I'm definitely more anxious, and like u waking when I really want to be sleeping, plus early mornin then no energy all day 😐


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