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Would like Feedback on Recent Blood Test Results


Still feeling anxious, insomnia (take 1 to 3 mg Melatonin before bedtime), body aches nearly everyday. (tested for RA, Lymes disease came back negative.), when I exert myself need a day to recover, feel drained of energy constantly.

My Recent blood test results are:

Thyroid Peroxidase AUTOab - 329 Range (<35) IU/mL

TSH - 0.75 range (0.35-4.00) uIU/mL

FT3 - 3.17 (2.30-4.20) pg/mL

FT4 - 1.02 (0.89-1.76) ng/dL

Iron - 65 (40-180) ug/dL

Magnesium - 2.2 (1.4-2.2)

Vitamin D, 25 OH, Total - 29 (30-100)ng/mL

Glucose - 93 (65-99) mg/dL

Calcium 9.6 (8.5-10.1) mg/dL

Currently taking Synthroid alternating each day between 100mcg and 112 mcg.

Currently supplementing: 1000 IU Vitamin D; Adrenal support containing Vitamin B's and dessicated bovine adrenal.

Endo had told me my Iron and Ferritin levels were good. But even with TSH in "normal" range I am still feeling this lack of energy. What do you think about Iron should I supplement? If so, what kind, how much each day?

Thank you in advance for any feedback. Appreciate it.

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The last time my ferritin was tested it was 21.000 range (10-291) ng/mL.

Does it matter what kind of iron I supplement with?

Thanks for your response. Will try your suggestions.


You might find this document of some interest:


I think you need an increase in Synthroid. Both your Frees are below mid-range, when most people need them up near the top of the range to feel well. Plus your nutritional deficiencies, it's hardly surprising that you feel bad. :(

I was increased from 100 to 112 mcg Synthroid but I was having heart palpatations really bad. So Dr. Told me to alternate the 100/112 and this is where I am at with this recent bloodtest.

That's probably due to your nutritional deficiencies. I dare say it will be easier to increase when you get those sorted out.

Are you gluten free?


No I am not. Thanks for the link.

May be worth a trial, can make a big difference to symptoms of fatigue. Can also enhance absorption of nutrients and lower antibodies.

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But consider having a test for celiac before u go g free.

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