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Feeling hypothyroid on NDT

I went from 50mcg levothyroxine and taking 3 tablets Nutri Thyroid a day late October to one grain Thiroyd from Thailand. Was feeling good, I learnt to multi dose which improved symptoms. I don't do a regular dose, just when I start to feel a bit low and then I take quarter grain. I have been increasing up to 1.25 grains per day but still started to feel hypo. I have recently increased to 1.5 grains and sleep better if I have a small amount before and during the night. But my symptoms are returning, weight gain 1 stone in a few months, constipation, hoarse voice, restless at night, a few aches and pains, skin and muscles of someone 20 years older than me, hair falling out. I did have thyroid Peroxidase AB at 195.8 (0-35) in May 2015, the doctor wont do any other tests. Test results in December 2015 after 6 weeks on one grain Thiroyd were T4 11.2 (12-22), TSH 0.04 (0.3-4.2), T3 5.4 (3.1-6.8) and ferritin 63 (12-230). Test results in Jan 2015 whilst on 50mcg levo and 3 tablets Nutri Thyroid were T4 14.4, TSH 1.73, T3 5.3 and ferritin 54.

I went for a walk yesterday and a few months ago I could walk up this hill a lot faster, yesterday I was out of breath. I have been having a lot of stress recently.

I do take B-100, vit D, K2, selenium, magnesium, zinc, Spatone iron, vit E, omega 369. I take the gellatin powder and D-Ribose. I am 58 years old.

I take the NDT first thing in the morning quarter grain with water normally about 6am, then a quarter grain mid morning, another early aft, another late aft, another evening and a small piece just before bed and if I wake during the night.

When I first went onto one grain, all in one go along with 3 Nutri Thyroid I did get a couple of short feelings of angina, after that I multi dosed and dropped the Nutri Thyroid.

Any ideas would be appreciated, I don't want my weight creeping back up again, I had lost 3 stone but gained one stone. I do have cravings for sweets, carbs in the evening, I just want to eat! I had been very good and didn't have this urge before.

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You are taking a low dose of thyroid meds so you may be under medicated. It is good you are dosing through the day as this can be effective if you have weaker adrenals.

Your FT3 looks ok and Ft4 is lower in range, but this seems common using NTH. I wonder if you could get the FT4 up to 14/15 and see how this feels.

Iron could also come up a bit more.

Why did you not go from the T4 to taking T3 with this. I find T4/T3 much more effective as you can mix and match to find your own ratio. Plus the NHS is happy to use the T4. So it just means you need to buy the T3 and it is cheap on the net.

Stress will inhibit thyroid function. If you make too much cortisol this can block thyroid absorption. Your Ft3 shows it is at a good level and is being used. If you get Ft3 levels in the high 6's and over this can indicate you are pooling the T3. It is important to consider the timing of the blood test and your taking of meds as well.


Dramlouie, You need a thyroid test to check whether the 1.5 grain dose is sufficient. It may be worth trying 1 grain in the morning and 1/2 grain 12 hours later rather than nibbling at 1/4 grain doses throughout the day which won't be fully absorbed if you are taking it close to food and drink and supplements.

Take NDT 1 hour before food and drink or 2 hours after, 2 hours away from other meds and supplements, and 4 hours away from vitD, iron, calcium and oestrogen.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks for your replies Clutter, you help tremendously. What if I took the Thiroyd sublingually, for instance, late this afternoon whilst out for a meal I felt hypo and took a quarter grain under my tongue, would this still be absorbed as I was eating at the time? I think this might be my issue.


Dramlouie, if you've been taking NDT with food and drink you are probably only absorbing half the dose. NDT is designed to be taken with water and absorbed via the gut. The molecules in T4 and T3 are too large to be absorbed sublingually.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks, will take note of that, its remembering all this and the brain fog doesn't help!


you are supposed to raise for symptom relief, not testing. This will stop you in your tracks..its why many don't get well. The doctors lower the meds due to labs.


I think I am wary of going too high. Having already had a heart attack I get anxiety with anything to do with the heart or any kind of chest pain. When I first started I took all the NDT and Nutri Thyroid in one session, I went for a walk and got angina a couple of times, scared me silly. If I hadn't had a heart attack it wouldn't be on my mind all the time. I have taken a slightly higher dose today, more in the morning and not so many doses either and away from meal times. My symptoms have improved today. Its difficult with a lifestyle of uncertain mealtimes and trying to take iron and supplements, busy kids, looking after my Mum with dementia, taxi service plays havoc with scheduled meal times. Will take all comments and put into action. Determined to get well again so will take your advice, thanks.


My life is really stressful too. i do understand and it makes thigs worse, flares up my symptoms. Life sucks right now!

Hypothyroid causes heart attacks more than going hyper on medication, i have no doubt. People with hashimotos, are more likely to get heart attacks because of inflammation and abnormal immune systems..

II could not tolerate any kind of made me have hyper symptoms at small doses..among other things, just worse.

Do you have hashi's?


never mind, the question..yes you do!

Please consider getting rid of your hashi's thru functional medicine..they say they can!

I signed up for Dr. Isabella Wentz emails and got started there. I am seeing a functional doctor to heal my immune system now. The problem is not our thyroids, they are being attacked by an immune system that is so screwed up, that it thinks our gland needs to be destroyed!! How bad is that?!!!


I have just looked at her page, it looks very interesting, I couldn't see that she has emails, but plenty of information on her site anyway. I try and go gluten free and avoid dairy but its difficult to be totally free of gluten, especially with two kids and scrummy pizza leftovers tempting me!! My doctor did the test, found my antibodies and said we all have antibodies anyway. They won't test again so don't know if improving the situation or if they are going up. I will definately be looking at Dr Wentz information, thanks for that. I took half a grain of NDT this morning early and felt a few very mild palpitations during the morning, more flutter than palpitations. With the immune system, I never get colds or anything else, is it that the immune system can be too strong?


i felt i had no choice other than follow the diet..i have been so ill.


my son is gluten free dairy free, no peanuts, no sunflower..we eat organic, no hormone meat vegs, fruit..mostly, when i can find it.

Your antibodies are over have Hashimotos Disease! I hope you will find another doctor.


I will look at her site more closely tomorrow. But been having peanuts, I think its the salt I crave, and started on goats milk as the almond milk I have been having is only 3% almonds. Is goats milk different to cow's milk? What with cooking for my Mother, then the odd child that comes through the door all at different times and myself my life seems to be forever doing food and can't stand cooking, its so boring! I have already changed doctor surgeries, will try another new doctor. Sorry to hear you have been ill, are you feeling better now on the diet?


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