Feeling hypo on NDT after stressful day

I have had a very stressful few days with all sorts of things going wrong, next day delivery taking 5 days so far and other life stresses. I have been on NDT for 3 months now from 50 mcg levothyroxine and now taking 1.25 grains Thiroyd throughout the day in quarters. But been feeling more and more hypo as the day went on and this evening my old hypo symptoms returning. I take Rhodiola and Ashwagandha and they seem to keep me on a good even path but I am wondering if having a stressful situation lowers the thyroid hormones. I am not feeling the immediate stress or anger but just a general stressful 6 days. For the last 3 nights I have been taking 5HTP and sleeping really well, better than ever before and I even had a dream last night that Poldark was cuddling me!! It was amazing. I wondered if 5HTP had anything to do with the low thyroid symptoms?

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  • Dramlouie, you're going to get grief from Pettals for copping off with her toy boy ;)

    I don't know whether 5HTP or stress lowers thyroid levels but stress certainly makes me feel that my T3 has been stolen.

    Have you had a FT3 test since being on 1.25 grains?


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  • LOL about Pettals, oh my, I shall have to hide our secret!! We have to laugh though. Interesting that you find the same happens to you, perhaps we use up the T3 with stressful energy rather like exercise which lowers our T3 energy and the conversion from T4 cannot keep up or runs out. I have increased slightly with an added quarter in the evening, I am finding I am sleeping better. I haven't been tested for FT3 since I was on one grain two months ago.

  • I am the same getting more hypo symptoms. I think it may be the cold weather as well as stress. How I wish I could dream about Poldark at night I only daydream in the day about him lol.

  • Its very interesting, I am seeing Dr P tomorrow with my Mum so will ask him if weather stress affects thyroid. Will let you know if my brain fog allows! Poldark wasn't there last night :(

  • Thank you. I am sure it is in his book that weather affects the thyroid function. You are supposed to reduce your meds if you go to very hot countries. Unfortunately someone borrowed my book and hasn't returned it yet. Let me know. Thanks. If you get this before you see him can you ask if he is doing a clinic in Malvern in the near future. Thanks.

  • Shame about Poldark I should have added. :)

  • It was great to see Dr P. He said my Mum has weak adrenals and isn't converting her levo properly and its giving her toxicity, so taking some of my NDT as well. Just after having a bit of my NDT this afternoon Mum didn't repeat anything at all and didn't want to go to bed when we got back and watched tv and had dinner. Amazing. I asked about stress and he said that thyroid needs to be increased very slightly as the adrenals suffer with stress and then go back to the original dose. Makes sense. Sorry I didn't get to ask him about Malvern, I had to leave early this morning without looking at my emails. I shall take 5 HTP again tonight as I had bad cramp last night in my leg when I went to bed, it was soooooo painful I was crawling around my bedroom in agony. So getting to bed early tonight, Poldark here I come! ;)

  • Did you see that Aiden Turner won best impact /TV moment at TV awards last night oh yes! Shame Poldark didn't win best drama.

  • I saw it on the News this morning, made me laugh! Helped my adrenals though LOL.

  • I missed it haven't managed to find it on the web to watch yet. Might have to watch lunchtime news or catch up tonight, don't really want to watch the whold programme though just him! :)

  • good luck

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