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New User of NDT dosing and timing issues

I started on Thiroyd from Thailand a few days ago. Feeling fine, air hunger gone and sleeping better. I was on 50mcg levothyroxine and now I take 25mcg levothyroxine and half a grain Thiroyd an hour before breakfast. It was recommended to take one grain but I began to get hypo symtoms around 1pm. I read somewhere its best to spread the dosage. But I am also feeling a bit hypo late afternoon after taking two lots of half grains. I don't want to overdose but I wonder if its ok to take another half dose late afternoon which would give me in total 25mcg levothyroxine and 1.5 grains instead of my 50mcg levothyroxine. I wonder if Thiroyd is weaker than levothyroxine and gets used up faster. I also notice that it has 60mg, that is mg and not mcg on the tub of Thiroyd, is this correct as levo is in mcg? I also have a question regarding what to do if one becomes ill and is sick, what happens to the thiroyd taking? I would have thought that one would become very hypothyroid. Best to know what to do just in case get the flu or something this winter? I do feel a lot better now I am on NDT, just a few niggles but nothing in comparison to how I was even a week ago. I am also seeing a new doctor on Tuesday. I also have antibodies of 198.

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So, if you were on 25 of Levo and now you are on 25 levo plus 30 Of NDT, you have effectively tripled your dose as 1 grain (60 mg) of NDT is equal to 75 to 100 of levo.

Fading out in the afternoons rather suggests poor adrenal function. It could be that taking a larger dose of medication has effectively taxed your adrenals... if so, taking more NDT will probably make you feel worse.

Have you any idea if your adrenals are stable? You can check with a saliva test for about £75 or you can plot your temperatures on a chart for nothing. Plotting temps is a bit dull, but it's a brilliant tool for working out whether you have thyroid or adrenal issues.




Is an alternative to take the NDT at night on an empty stomach and then the C in the morning? I've been taking NT at night in order to avoid waiting an hour before drinking my beloved Paleo coffee in the morning. Night time dosing has not kept me awake


Given the experience of 5 members of my family all on NDT

NDT is IMHO far better than levo and you should continue to improve

So long as you space out taking 1/2 grains through the day you should be able to judge for yourself how you respond

Only increase your total dosage by 1/2grain every 3 weeks and stop the levo

Do not try to rush increases

If you get a fine tremor in your hands when you hold your arms out fwd that is the time to drop back a dose because that is then your sweet point

It can take at least a year or more on the right dose of NDT to feel really well

On no account push yourself or try to do too much as damaged tissues take time to heal

Do remember to always take a really good multi vitamin plus 2000mg Vit C before bedtime


Thanks for your experience, its these tips that make such a difference. I take 2000mg vit c at breakfast as I thought it gave energy. I have changed to taking my multi vit in the evening and I am sleeping so much better and deeper. So when you are out you take NDT with you? When do you stop taking NDT? ie do you take some in the evening or before bed, I am just a bit confused as Levo had a long life and you wouldn't just run out of T4 during the night, doesn't the T4 or T3 in NDT drop too much in the 8 hours of sleep?


My understanding is you should take NDT or Levo, certainly not both. This could be reason you are feeling unwell.

You may want to consider getting your B12, Vit D, iron & cortisol checked. NDT tends to show up other deficiencies rather quickly. Patient experience shows that you need to split your dose usually starting at 1grain, hold for 10 days & increase the dose again by 1/2 to 1 grain, then hold again. We have to allow our bodies to get used to the change & start to use NDT effectively. It takes time & we have to be patient often easier said than done.


I have been taking 5000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin B12 for a year now along with 5000iu vit D3, my cortisol needs testing and I am now supplementing my iron with Spatone every day. I am actually feeling a lot better but I think its teething issues, as you say my body has to get used to using the NDT effectively, I shall take it easy and not go mad. I haven't had my bad cramps in my legs or feet as soon as I get into bed since taking the NDT. Wow, amazing stuff. Thanks for your help. Will ask to get levels tested when at doctors on Tuesday, my first appointment with a new woman doctor, I shall certainly praise NDT, how can a doctor not be interested in NDT.


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