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Hi. After seeing Dr P in November last year I've tried Nutri thyroid, adrenel supplements and all the usual B12, Vit C etc and restarting T4 50mcg. Then he advised T4 and T3 (50mcg and slowly starting T3 6.25mcg). I got to 12.5mcg T3 but Dr P advised me to come off it as the T3 was making me itch.

Now i am trying NDT (Nature-Throid). Its been my third week and I am on 1 grain. Dr P said one week on 1grain then up it to 2 grains. But I have read that the increase should be slower. The only improvement is no constipation and I feel calmer. My worst symptoms are extreme muscle weakness and extreme fatigue. I've been off work since November and I struggle coping with daily life. I know I'm probably being impatient but I was expecting more improvement. Can anyone please advise me how to go forward with dosage? x

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  • I'm on the same NDT and started off on my levo equivalent which was 1.5 grains.

    Two grains will be the same as taking a 130mcg of levo and (I'm not sure but look on your bottle of NDT) around 32mcg of t3.

    I'm following the STTM advice of in creasing by half a grain every two weeks. I'd be very reluctant to double a dose after a week because what if you end up in a hyper mess?

    It's up to you - he's obvously given you this advice because he's seen you and your results?

    Why don't you go back and just query the hike in your meds?

  • When Dr P suggested that I should go on NDT, he advised starting on 1 grain then increasing by 1/2 grain about every 10-14 days, depending on how I felt.

  • Hi Trixie64. I have no idea why Dr P advised the dosage the way he did. How are you feeling now on NDT? How long was it before you noticed an improvement? x

  • Hello lainey03,

    I had tried nutri-thyroid, then T3 only and although better than before, I still wasn't right. As soon as I started NDT I noticed a subtle difference in how I felt and continued to improve. Now I also take 25mcg T3 with the 3 grains of Nature-throid daily. I'm still not exactly right, but am working on it!

    Anyway, we're all different, so I hope you do well on NDT.

  • Hello, I was in the same situation, I was on 125mcg levo and switch on ndt(1/2 in the morning and 1/2 afternoon) and hit the wall(the same weakness and extreme fatigue throughout the day). Then I add some levo in the morning and it was easier to bear. I know the STTM theory with RT3 but for me it worked a while.

  • I can't split my doses - doesn't agree with me at all and even knocked me back a couple of days.

  • Try to split, even if your doc say no (he not sitting next to you to see)...and maybe you shoul mix some levo with your morning dose and see how you feel (of course you don' t have to into account from my opinion).

  • My doctor didn't say no, I just found it made me feel worse. In fact, I think it knocked my recovery back. Tbh. I could be wrong, I don't know why it would do that, but I went a bit down hill after splitting my dose.

    H x

  • Sorry for asking, but what you feel if you split, why do you feel worse.

  • Oh please don't be sorry - ask away! :0)

    I felt very tired and air-hungry afew hours after taking first split dose. I flopped again. I had been doing really well for a week. I don't know if this is normal or not when starting out on NDT - you know, two steps forwards; one step back.

    I'm too nervous to split dose again.

    H x

  • Hi. Thanks for your reply. How long did it take before you felt any improvement?

    E x

  • About two days...

    I've had a low day today but I'm having more goods days then bad (and by good days, I mean having energy! YAY!).

  • Good luck, lainey!


  • Thank you. Sorry for your bad day but good to hear you have good days. Some days its hard to have hope when you feel so rubbish but you have given me that hope even though I know we're all different. xx

  • Hi adin

    Thanks for your reply. How long before you noticed an improvement? x

  • Hi

    thanks for replies. I think I will increase half a grain and take that in the afternoon. How long before any of you ( HeirloomApple, adin and Trixie64 ) noticed an improvement if any?

  • I've recently started NDT on advice from Dr P. I felt quite sick for I think the first week, but after that was very improved.

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