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Too much ndt?

Hi. I'd really appreciate any advice please. I've been on thiroyd for 4 months now and was feeling great on 2 grains. However, I had a blood test and came back with a tsh of 18. I increased by a quarter of a grain, and then after a few weeks by another quarter. I'm currently on 1 & a quarter in the morning and 1 & a quarter in the afternoon. However, I don't feel as good as I did on just the two grains. I often have a headache around the eyes & feel a bit more tired. I've been on this dose for 6 weeks now and don't feel any better. I know what the last blood test said,, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should listen to my body and not results.

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i would go by how i felt <3


I'd get another blood test, TSH ft3 and ft4 at least, early as possible, fasting and no NDT for 12 hours before. Make sure you don't take anything with biotin in it for a couple of days before. It may well be that the feeling great on 2 grains was a temporary thing as t3 was starting to get to cells. Going by how you feel is always an option its just I doubt you would continue to feel great with a TSH that high and believe you should check bloods to see what's going on now and I'd bet you need to raise again. I felt better than I had for years on 1 grain for a few weeks but it didn't last and after finding out about biotin can give false low TSH and false high ft3 ft4 I finally got to see blood tests results that matched how I 'felt'... now on 2 1/4 grains daily.



TSH 18 indicates you were very undermedicated on 2 grains. I doubt increasing to 2.5 grains will have made much of an improvement. I would increase in 1/2 grain increments at 2-4 week intervals until you are taking 3.5 - 4 grains. Hold for 6 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 before increasing further.

Most people on NDT are optimally dosed when TSH is <1.0 with FT3 in the upper third of range.


I agree...tsh of 18 is very hypo which mean you are not enough medicine instead of too much so that is why when you lowered dosage u felt bad....we shoot for a tsh of around 1 and anything above 2 means you are hypo and undermedicated.....if that helps.

clutter is right so listen to her


That's what I think too, but I've come back down to two grains and I feel great again. It's very confusing.


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