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Two weeks ago I changed from levothyroxine 50mcg onto Thiroyd. I started at 25mcg and .5 grain Thiroyd. But by the afternoon I felt my voice getting raspy and deep and took another .5 grain which alleviated the low symptom. I felt good. But I started noticing that my raspy voice starting earlier during the day so then took another .5 grain. A few days later I dropped the 25mcg levo and just took the Thiroyd. I am now taking .5 grain on waking approx 7am, but by 10.30 feeling my deep voice return and take another .5 grain. Early afternoon again my voice goes deep so I take another .5 grain and again late afternoon. How come I have to take over 2 grains to feel normal instead of 50mcg? I also wonder what happens during the night when not taking the Thiroyd, does the T3 totally deplete? I did take .25 grain early evening then noticed my pulse was slightly raised and I didn't sleep well as I was listening to it. Are all the NDT's made up the same or are some weaker? I just wonder if Thiroyd from Thailand is weaker than others. I am feeling good but taking so many doses makes it difficult to eat and take vitamins without being near taking Thiroyd.

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  • Why don't you just take one daily dose? If you were already taking 50mcg of levo - take 1/2 NDTdose which is equal to approx 50mcg levo. 1 grain is approx equal to around 75/100mcg of levo. 50mcg is quite a low dose too but take your pulse/temp several times a day to judge how your body is reacting.

    When you take a sufficient single dose the T3 and T3 converted from the T4 should saturate your receptor cells and last between 1 to 3 days.

    "I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

  • Thanks, I was taking half probably because I was scared. I think I was feeling hypo before on 50mcg, the doctor told me to take 25mcg but I was really feeling bad so increased it myself. I haven't needed so much today, only taken 1 grain so far. Feeling good, air hunger and back pressure gone totally, sleeping better but still got ringing in ears which I don't know if due to thyroid. Brillliant stuff.

  • Can hypothyroid cause back pressure and air hunger - I didn't know that? I get those, and am thinking of switching from Levo (75mcg - doctor lowered it from 100mcg as last TSH result was out of range), to NDT (Thiroyd).

  • It was a weird feeling in my back, I even went to the physio about it. But now I am on NDT if I don't take my second dose by the afternoon it gradually comes back again, I just know I am low again. So it must have been a symptom of the low thyroid. I do have a very low TSH but feel better with it. As they say dose the symptoms not by the TSH. Go easy if changing. I suddenly came off the levo onto the Thiroyd but of course I still had the T4 in my system from the levo and I got a few twinges of angina when walking, so you have to reduce the levo and increase the NDT in increments as it takes several weeks I have heard for the levo to leave the system. Now I am fine and learning how to tweak the dosage to how I feel. Sometimes if I have some stress I feel low as I did yesterday and today, it might have been caused by the stress of Christmas Day! I am feeling so much better though and it is worth changing. You just have to multi dose maybe three doses throughout the day and evening, you get to know what your body is asking for.

  • Dramlouie, you've got to 2 grains very quickly and have effectively tripled the 50mcg Levothyroxine dose you were taking. Stick with 2 grains for 6 weeks and have an FT3 test before increasing further. Why not take 1 grain morning and the 2nd 1 grain dose 8-12 hours later to avoid interaction with food, drink and supplements.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Ok, got it now. Thanks, will take the 1 grain in the morning, will make it so much easier. Doctor said to get tested in 6 weeks. Thanks for your help. x

  • If you decide to take an afternoon dose, you will need to miss this if you are due a blood test next morning which should be the earliest appointment, fast also but you can drink water and take NDT after.

  • Thanks. This is what happened to my Mum, she went to the doctors for a routine blood test but she wasn't told why so took her thyroid before, it was an afternoon blood test. It turned out it included a thyroid test but she wasn't informed. The test showed top end of T4 and very low TSH so doctor cut her levo from 100mcg which she had been on for years to 75mcg. Mum kept falling asleep during the day, ached, was stiff and I increased it back to 100mcg and now her energy is back and no more daytime nodding off, she is 91. She has just had the results of another thyroid test and it is normal and she is back on 100mcg.

  • Thankfully for that - it's the worst thing doctors can do is to adjust meds according to the TSH. Your mother deserves good treatment and to be as healthy as possible.

  • I wonder how many old folk are living in care homes with hypothyroid making them sleep. Its very sad.

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