Need your opinions on blood results please

A month ago I wrote a post "Is it depression or a Thyroid Problem" relating to my brother who has numerous problems, and a typical underactive thyroid face! You were all very helpful and encouraging. I did , in the end, manage to persuade him to have private tests done, and today he sent me the following:-

TSH 1.560 (0.270 - 4.200) Free T4 14.43 (12 - 22) Free T 3 4.7 (3.1 - 6.8

Folate (serum) 6.4 (4.6 - 18.7) Ferritin 134.6 (30 - 400) B12 165 (191 - 663)

Vitamin D 15.5 Zinc 12.5 (11 - 14) Magnesium 0.87 (0.66 - 0.97)

Selenium (serum) 0.90 (0.89 - 1.65)

The pathology report States: B12 Very Low and a Marked severe deficiency. Antibodies were Negative

Not quite sure where we go from here as I just know he has a problem - it is all like history repeating itself (I was almost identical 10 years ago and had a hell of a fight to get put on Levothyroxine).

Would really welcome your views, and suggestions.

Also does anyone know of either a good endocrynologist or a sympathetic doctor who takes an interest in thyroid problems - my brother lives in West Yorkshire. He has never been tested for Thyroid before even though Thyroid problems run in both sides of our family!.

Many thanks


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  • Did you mean the anti-bodies for Intrinsic Factor were negative - or the thyroid anti-bodies ? It was written next to the B12 result. It sounds as if many of the symptoms your brother has could be linked to the LOW B12....

    Also VitD looks seriously low too.... Click onto Health Conditions at the top of the page....

    The above link shows you the dose required to be optimal with D. I am suspecting the D result was measured in nmol/L - so to convert to ng/L you have to divide the result by 2.5 giving a result of 6... it needs to be 60 as the chart illustrates.

    In both cases I am suggesting loading doses before going onto a maintenance dose. I have only learnt from others over the years - those that know more than me :-)

    You may find when those levels are optimal that the thyroid will work better. Am sure others will come along with good advice. The FT4 seems a little low but seems to be converting into the T3.

  • Thanks Marz,

    The antibodies were Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies - Negative.

    Will look at the B12 deficiency info. site. The thing that makes me believe he has an underactive thyroid is that his face has changed so drastically - very flushed, puffed up and very heavy eyes.

    Best wishes


  • With a B12 of under 500 you can suffer neurological damage - so it IS very important for him to be treated ASAP. Believe me - I am a sufferer so have experience of both Hashimotos and B12 deficiency. Didn't want to labour the point of the seriousness of B12 deficiency as you may have thought me negative. However others have mentioned the seriousness of it all. When these vitals are low in range the thyroid performance is affected....

    Once onto the B12 site take a good look round and watch the films detailed on the left side of the page....

    Almost every cell in the body has a receptor for VitD - so again a very serious part of our health. It is more than a vitamin - a steroidal pre-hormone and when LOW is implicated in many serious conditions. Look at the website I gave you - Grassroots Health - search around and look at the chart that explains the levels required to prevent various cancers and other chronic conditions....

    Please do look at the B12 site I gave you....the symptoms are very similar to being Hypo.....of course I am not a doctor - just a fellow sufferer of various conditions. ( See my edited profile by clicking onto my name ! )

  • Thanks again. Will do. Brenchleyxx

  • Sorry to jump in on this thread but wanted to thank you.

    On my tests my Vit D score was 47 so have been taking a 1000mg supplement - pretty sure that the tests were n/mol scores so actually I should be taking more than that!

  • ...yes you do need more - around 4000 IU's would be appropriate. Ensure you also take K2 to direct increased calcium into the bones :-)

  • Hi kk12 Make sure you do. Take care of yourself. Brenchley

  • Thank you :)

  • Agreed B12 , folate and vitamin D too low. Also keep an eye on ferritin as it is under half way through that very wide reference range.

    Otherwise, although TSH looks good, both FT4 and FT3 are too low. The FT4 is in the bottom half of the reference range. This was the position I was in, antibodies negative, TSH well within range (although in my case slowly rising), but FT4 and FT3 low in range. The NHS do not engage with this generally, as they are fixated on TSH, but my life has been completely changed by levoyroxine and then Thyroid S.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I thought the ferritin was a bit suspect. Also I myself have to be in the upper quarter of T4 and just below range for TSH. Just been speaking to my brother and told him I was expecting some very helpful replies. I have asked him to make a GP appointment as a matter of urgency. Thanks. Brenchley

  • Your brother's B12 status is by far the most urgent problem to deal with. Low B12 causes neurological damage. If left untreated it will become permanent. If treated promptly it may be reversed.

    Tell your brother to show his doctor the results he has and get him to ask for full testing for Pernicious Anaemia. And tell him to do this ASAP!

    Oh, and until he has been tested he shouldn't take B12 supplements.

  • Thanks humanbean. Will call him back and tell him not to take B12 supplements as you advise until he has been tested fully as a matter of urgency, Brenchley x

  • If your brother is reluctant to understand the urgency, send him this link - what happens with B12 deficiency when taken to extremes and left untreated for a long time :

  • Hi,

    Just watched this video - pretty scary! Passed this link on to him, and tomorrow he will be making dr. appointment. Thanks again.

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