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Help with blood results please

Hi, I was diagnosed wit Hashimotos 25 ish years ago and have been on 300 levothyroxine ever since. I only see GP annually. Over the last year I have felt progressively worse with all the usual symptoms, pains, aches, fatigue, intolerant of heat and cold etc. I have had to leave my role as a head of year in school due to illness. I had bloods done twice last year and again last week. I saw the GP (Who helpfully told me the internet is a dangerous place full of idiots) but he agreed to the blood test I requested just to get me out of there!

I have posted the results below (along with last two). He has asked for another test asap of B12 folate and intrinsic factor abs. As yet I don't really understand results so any help or advice would be brilliant.


Tsh >100miu/L (0.35-4.7)

Above high ref limit

FT4 6.4pmol/L (7.8-21)

Below low ref limit


Tsh 0.13miu/L (0.35 - 4.7)

Below low ref limit

FT4 19pmol/L (7.8-21)


Serum Thyroid peroxidase antibody con4 kU/L [0 – 75]

Serum TSH 0.13miu/L [0.35 – 4.7]

Serum Free triiodothyronine 7.8 pmol/L [0.35 – 6]

Free T4 19 pmol/L [3.8 – 21]

Hydroxy vit D level 25.8 nmol/L

[25 -50 nmol/L imply insuffiency

Serum Ferritin 108 ng/ml

Serum folate 3.8 ng/ml < 3ugl suggest insuffiency

Serum B12 143.67 ng/L [155.87 – 1355.4]

Immunoglobin A level 2.1 g/l [0.8 -4]

Tissue transglutaminase iga level <1 u/mL [0 – 14]

Many Thanks

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I'm not an expert on Hashimoto's so will have to leave that to those who have more knowledge than me, other than to say your FT3 is over range.

Your Vitamin D is pretty dire at 25.8. When I tested mine it was 15, supplementing with a loading dose of D3 (cholecalciferol) at 40,000iu daily for 2-3 weeks then reducing to 5,000iu daily brought it up to 200 in a couple of months. I now supplement 5,000iu Monday-Friday (weekends off) and it sits nicely at 150. You also should take vit K2 when supplementing D3 as they work in synergy. I'm not sure if your GP will offer you a D3 supplement, if not you can easily get it yourself.

B12 again is dreadfully low, below range. Needs to be around 900-1000. Is your doctor doing anything about that? You can supplement yourself with sublingual B12 lozenges (methylcobalamin). Jarrows and Solgar do them. When taking B12 you should also take a B Complex to balance the B vits.

Folate - not sure whether that is high, it depends on the range, do you have it? Should be approx half way through range. It looks as though your doctor is looking into this.

Ferritin looks good, but again what is the range?

Someone else will come along and comment and be more helpful than me.

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Thankyou, gp doesn't want to see me until repeat bloods so that's another 2 weeks - I won't supplement till then. No ranges were given or ferritin or folate


No, Don't supplement B12 before the tests, because you will skew the results. :)

Your folate is too low, even without the range. But your ferritin looks fine.


Hi. So what did your doctor say when your tsh was over 100 last year and our ft4 under range?

He should definitely be adressing you under range b12 now not waiting to retest in 2 weeks.

There are many very knowlegeable folk on here who will be along to advise you.

I wish you all the best.


Thank you for your reply. Gp more or less accused me of deliberately not taking my medication last year when tsh went to 100. I had been feeling progressively unwell but he dismissed me as making a mountain out of a molehill and trying to mislead him... as for b12 he doesn't want to see me until are repeat bloods so at least 2 more weeks to feel worse.


He sounds like a right moron. Can you change him for a human being?

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