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blood results, please help

I asked for my blood results as suggested but what they have sent me does not looks anything like what I have seen other people have put on line. I will write it as it is on the slip of paper to see if anyone can understand it.

As yet all the Dr has said is come back in 6 months yet again for another test.

Free T4

Compensated hypothyroid TFT results.

Suggest repeat in 3-6 months

Serum free T4 level 11 pmol / L (11.0 - 23.0 ) SR

! Serum TSH level 13.23 mu/L (0.35 -5.50 ) SR

Thyroid Stim Hormone

Free T4 request added by lab

Notes: raised BP

Do you think I should be stamping my feet and insisting something is being done.

I am suffering so many symptoms but have been told for about 15 years that I am 'borderline'

I was tested about 20 years ago for problems with my pituitary gland but am not sure if this has anything to do with it.

I have though started to shrink quite quickly. I am 44 and have shrunk 3 inches in the last 10 years, the last 2 inches being int he last 2 years, but the Dr just thinks I am being stupid.

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Hi, I think you need to sort your GP out and quickly, I'd stamp both my feet and then his head! :-) If you're suffering symptoms and for such a long time he really should be treating you. Hopefully somebody knowledgeable will be along shortly to give advice, you must feel lousy. Good luck.


Thanks sazzyb, i have even changed Dr but still no luck so far. This one still no better! I have so many other health problems and looking at the symptoms of Hashimotos and also pituitary gland stuff I realise most of it could be down to these. But none of the doctors or specialists I have seen have even bothered. They just look at one thing at a time and send you home again. Its no wonder I am depressed, but even that is a symptom!


Your TSH reading looks far too high at over 13. I would be seriously ill with that level. If you are not on levo you need it and if you are taking levo it is not enough!!


The very fact that the LAB added the FT4 test says a lot. It says that they found the TSH so high that they thought they should do the FT4 test in order to find out why.

In my book, they have. Your FT4 is at the extreme bottom of range.

Anyone who has a low FT4 is likely to have a raised TSH. If the person continues to have a low FT4 for years, the TSH can continue to creep up and up.

It would be good if you could explain more about the pituitary issue(s).

If you still have the energy, stamp your feet.

PS: I was diagnosed with my TSH only the tiniest bit over 5. I strongly suspect that happened very largely because I knew something and the GP was a decent chap. I am glad I never experienced a TSH of 13 - or higher.



A TSH of 13 is not 'borderline'. It is way above the normal reference range and you should be on medication to relieve your symptoms. There is a little book by Dr Toft that you can get from some chemists or Amazon called Understanding Thyroid Disorders which you can take to the doctor, who obviously knows nothing about thyroid conditions. I think stamping is too good for them. I would take them to the cleaners, but you may not be feeling well enough. You can complain to the practice manager, report the GP to the GMC,or go to your local Clinical Commissioning Group who are responsible for providing gP services. But I do realise that energy is needed to do these things. Please pm me if I can help.


absolutely! You should be on 50mcg a day of Levothyroxine for starters (25mcg if you are over 65 (I think) or have a history of heart problems). Then another blood test after 8 weeks and probably a higher dose until your TSH gets down to 1 or below.


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