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Blue Horizon Press Release - New Test Profile - December only reduction

Blue Horizon Press Release - New Test Profile - December only reduction

New Private Blood Test Profile for Thyroid – The PLUS T

Introducing a new Thyroid Profile, the Advanced PLUS T, available at both Spire and Nuffield Hospitals throughout the UK.

We have been asked now for some time by our Thyroid patients for a new mid level thyroid profile, with more inclusions than the Advanced Profile ( Just TSH, FT3, FT4 and Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies), but not as expensive as our comprehensive thyroid test.

We are pleased to say that we have now got a suitable profile, of which the inclusions are below.

Private Thyroid Blood Test – Advanced PLUS T

TSH – Assists screening and Diagnosis of Thyroid Disorders.

FT4 – Used in conjunction with TSH to screen and diagnose thyroid disease.

FT3 – Helps to evaluate Thyroid Gland Function and monitor treatment.

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies – Helps diagnose autoimmune thyroid disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Thyroid Stimulating Receptor Antibodies – Useful for evaluating Grave’s Disease

Folate – Low folate status is linked to hypothyroidism.

Ferritin – Low Ferritin can give similar symptoms very similar to hypothyroidism

Vitamin B12 – Deficiency of this vitamin can be very low in primary hypothyroidism

Vitamin D – Good Vitamin D levels contribute to good thyroid function.

Zinc - Both Hypothyroidism AND Hyperthyroidism can result in Zinc deficiency

Magnesium – Levels are important as Magnesium is needed for conversion from T4 to T3.

Selenium – Selenium levels play a major role in thyroid hormone functions, including T4 to T3 conversion.

Full Price - £319.00


December offer price through our Spire website, £219.00 with coupon code thyroidspecial

December offer price through our Nuffield Website £269.00 with coupon code thyroidspecial

TDL Laboratory not yet participating, but hopefully some news very soon, so that would open it up to postal packs and attendance in London. Hoping for some good discounts here too!

Thyroid UK will receive a £10 donation for every test requested using the thyroidspecial discount code. We only have permission from the laboratory to do so many of these tests at this discount, so we are giving Thyroid UK members a chance first before doing a mailshot in the last half of the month.

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Paul from Blue Horizon posted results a few days ago without reference ranges,perhaps he added them later.

Mischievous thought : bearing in mind Dr Midgeley's lecture at the conference, how are their reference ranges established ? What is the sample size for the various tests and from what population I.e how do they select the sample ?


Very interesting question. I don't know but perhaps Paul does?


Hi Treepie,

I think I added them eventually , schoolboy error!

The reference ranges we use are dependent on the labs that give us the results - generally we will use either TDL for the private blood tests in London or the home blood test kits (vacutainer or microtainer), or Spire/Nuffield Laboratories for samples taken there using our private blood test websites (both dot uk and dot com).

The labs in turn will take the reference ranges from the manufacturer of the assay/machine/reagent - and they are a reference range for a "normal" person. Doctor SHOULD always take into account both the result/reference range AND symptoms, but as you already know this is often quite controversial in its application!



An Update,

I have spoken with TDL and we can do this private blood test profile at TDL in

London for £279 including phlebotomy with coupon code thyroidspecial

Or as a postal vacutainer kit for those wanting the thyroid blood test to be posted to you.

the postal kit would be £269

The advantage of both these TDL options is that the B12 is ACTIVE, and the magnesium,selenium, folate and zinc are red cell/whole blood as opposed to serum.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. The voucher codes will be released by email newsletter in the next few days and there are limited times the labs will do it so I wanted to give thyroid UK members/posters first dibs.



Paul - I've just tried to order the postal vacutainer kit via your link and it appears to only give the option of using a hospital, the price is also different to what you've quoted. Would appreciate your help please!

Thank you.


Hi CG,

pop the coupon code in, it's case sensitive it seems, so all lower case.

Then you get an extra 10% off also as part of our December promotion where everything is 10% off.

I make it £242.10.

Let me know how you go!

Paul. :-)


Paul - thanks for your reply. This isn't one where I can prick my own finger with a lancet is it?

Sorry, post-Xmas slowness from me!


It's a vacutainer option CG (Huge needle in the arm)

The profile is too large for a microtainer


Thanks Paul.


Hi Paul , With the NHS we get the tests they are prepared to give and according to Dr Midgeley labs ignore the machine manufacturers range and develop their own and may use a sample size as low as 20 to determine reference ranges which is statistically nonsense.

Paying around £300 for these tests is a significant sum for many folk on this site so it would be useful to have some idea of how the machine manufacturers constructed their reference ranges. Also which manufacturers machines are used. Dr Midgely said some were not as good as others and he mentioned the make that he had been informed was the worst.


Hi Treepie,

Happy to look into this for you. Can you let me know the analytes you would like me to look into, and which laboratories?



I will be having my tests done shortly so fingers crossed the ranges make sense and my endo doesn't reject them :)


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