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Finger prick vs spire/nuffield hospital for blue horizon blood tests

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THe DIY method is far far cheaper than going to a spire/nuffield hospital. However altho I wont question the validity of a finger prick test I think my GP would if anything was to come up. What does everyone else think? I don't mind paying extra but I will get so much more tests for a DIY job for less than half the price. Intermediate thyroid DIY is £60. It's £140 to have it done at spire. Thanks in advance

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I get 12 tests for DIY for the same price at a spire which is only 4 tests


Not all GPs will accept private tests, finger prick or venous. If a result is concerning your GP can always arrange his/her own test. There's no need to tell your GP whether it was finger prick microtainer test or venous draw in any case. If you do, and GP questions the validity, advise him/her that the lab is fully accredited and remind him/her that heel prick tests are done on new borns to screen for 9 conditions.

Hi thanks for your reply. What does that mean? Heel prick tests are done on new borns...?

If heel prick is standard procedure and accepted for babies why finger prick for adults was any different?

I have read that finger prick is more accurate as capillary blood contains less fluids so it is more stable. Not sure was it that in fluids hormones break down faster or just that concentration of hormones is more accurate.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to sassykate0000

See here:

Congenital hypothyroidism

About 1 in 3,000 babies born in the UK has congenital hypothyroidism. Babies with congenital hypothyroidism do not have enough of the hormone thyroxine. Without thyroxine, babies do not grow properly and can develop learning disabilities. Babies who have the condition can be treated early with thyroxine tablets, and this allows them to develop normally.


As Justiina said, I was making the point that a finger prick microtainer blood test should be as valid as a heel prick test used on infants.

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Have you asked Spire or Nuffield whether they would offer a phlebotomy only service? I remember using a BUPA hospital many years ago for that. I provided the blood tubes, they did the blood draw and I took the package to the post office (I think, if my memory serves me right).

I want to do a BH test fairly soon and can't get enough blood via the fingerprick test so need to get blood drawn but can't get it done at my GP surgery and the NHS hospital won't do it unless the GP requests it even though I said I'm happy to pay for the service. I noticed the vast difference in price between the fingerprick test and having a test done through Spire.

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Thanks Clutter I remember seeing that when it was first posted. Unfortunately nothing anywhere near me, I live in rural north Wales. It's 60 miles to both NHS and Spire hospitals but even that Spire isn't on the list.

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Treepie in reply to SeasideSusie

There is a BMI in Crewe which may be nearer.

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It's about 72 miles apparently from where I live to Crewe. Will give it a miss I think. I'm not too bothered at the moment.

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I asked my local bupa in chester if they could do this for me and they said I need a referal from a doctor??? I did explain it was only the blood collection needed but they said no. Your local one must be a lot better.

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It was about 15 years ago Hidden , things must have changed 😞. The NHS hospital that has refused to do a blood draw for private testing for me, even though I said I expected to pay, said they needed a referral from a doctor although they used to do it years ago, free of charge too. It makes it very difficult now for those of us who can't get to one of those BMI hospitals that BH has the phlebotomy arrangement with.

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Yes would be so much easier if they just offered it for a fee, silly considering hospitals have loads of people working for them that are able to actually do it. I was prepared to pay where I live also. It is cheaper than travelling miles away. Would have been less trouble also. It has made me think twice about using blue horizon again purely because of this.

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I find DIY blue horizon thyroid plus 11 is brilliant and very easy to do

finger prick doesn't hurt, and you can do test early in morning....apparently best time to get highest TSH (keeping GP happy!)

I find my GP is happy to accept my private test results, it saves his budget after all

I'll only show my GP if something comes up. I'll be like "I told you so!" ... still not sure about DIY?? I can get blood from my finger no problem. X

I find the finger prick tests really hard to do - I broke the lancets and had to use a kitchen knife to do the vit D tests - so i am happy to pay for the Spire blood draw - and you get a free drink (hot drink or water) or two!

I use Spire. I've never been offered a free drink! I think I will complain next time. ;)

Ours has one of those posh machines (free) in reception and the nurses always advise you to get a drink to rehydrate before you leave as well. When I looked a bit green one of them even fetched it for me too!

I just can't do finger pricks I am a total wuss! My kit came from blue horizon and just couldn't do it. I contacted them, paid more and got to book the appointment at the BMI hospital. Only problem is I am in chester and the bmi hospital is in crewe. I don't drive so it's going to cost more for the train, then the bmi hospital is at the other end of crewe. So thats extra money again for a taxi. By the time I am done the entire thing would have cost me at least 150 pounds...I would say go for the finger prick test if you can. I don't think there is much of a difference but they obviously draw more blood at the hospitals.

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